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What Is Midnight Moonshine?

I’m not sure what this is. Midnight Moon Moonshine Original is a transparent, white whiskey that has a distinct flavor. It is made entirely from the best American maize and high-quality water that has been filtered through five stages, making it extremely pure and delicate to the touch. Midnight Moon Original has a smooth, somewhat sweet flavor that is quite pleasant to drink.

Is midnight moonshine a whiskey?

Description: Produced at a tiny distillery in North Carolina (with a staff of seven people), this whiskey is a legal version of moonshine (a straight up unflavored moonshine).

What alcohol is in moonshine?

How Much Alcohol Is in a Bottle of Moonshine? The majority of specialists agree that moonshine is a type of homebrew whiskey that has not been matured. Because of the clear hue, this may come as a surprise, but the distillation method and the components utilized are clear indications that it is whiskey.

Is Midnight Moon moonshine?

Description of the product. It’s the same as the original moonshine, but it’s a little more polished. Midnight Moon Original, which was inspired by Junior Johnson’s famed formula, is 80 proof and distilled from American maize. It is somewhat sweet, ultra-smooth, and clean tasting, and it is made in small batches. That’s one delectable legacy to leave behind.

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Can you buy 100 proof moonshine?

Made from American maize, it is produced in small batches and triple distilled to provide a clean-tasting 100 Proof (50 percent ALC/VOL) spirit with a crisp finish. Please choose a store from which to do online buying.

How strong is 100 proof moonshine?

If you compare a 100 percent proof to today’s standard measure of alcohol, that equates to around 57.1 percent by volume of alcohol.

What is the highest proof moonshine you can make?

In terms of proof, what is the highest proof moonshine? The maximum proof moonshine you can create with distillation will be 191 proof, according to the manufacturer (95.5 percent ABV). This is due to the fact that alcohol begins to absorb moisture from the air at concentrations more than 96 percent ABV, resulting in the dilution of your moonshine quickly.

Is moonshine a vodka?

While vodka is lawful in the majority of nations, moonshine is a word used to denote distilled spirits with extraordinarily high proof levels that are not recognized by the majority of jurisdictions. Because it has a greater alcohol-proof than vodka, moonshine is considered to be stronger than vodka based on its alcohol content.

Is moonshine illegal in the US?

The manufacturing of moonshine — or, for that matter, any spirit — without a license is strictly banned by the United States government and is thus considered criminal. Although you may come across the term ″moonshine″ on the shelves of your local liquor shop, it is not the most appropriate term to use for a bottled brand of whiskey.

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What’s the strongest drinkable alcohol?

  1. Here are 14 of the world’s most potent alcoholic beverages. Spirytus Vodka is a vodka produced by Spirytus. Drinking alcohol at 192 proof (96 percent alcohol by volume)
  2. Everclear 190. In addition to Golden Grain 190 (which has 95 percent alcohol by volume), there is also Hapsburg Absinthe X.C., Pincer Shanghai Strength, Balkan 176 Vodka, Sunset Very Strong Rum, and Bruichladdich X4 Quadrupled Whiskey (which contains 95 percent alcohol by volume).

How long does Midnight Moon moonshine last?

Finally, a few words In the event that you have properly preserved your bottle of pure moonshine and obtained it from a trustworthy vendor, the shelf life of the alcohol is virtually limitless. Storage of flavored moonshine in the same manner will result in a shelf life of around two to three years.

Is Midnight Moon moonshine strong?

Midnight Moon does not have the harsh, thick maize flavor that many people associate with illegal moonshine. Midnight Moon does not contain any alcohol. The maize-infused spirit is then combined with ultra-clean water that has gone through a five-step filtering process, producing a very smooth spirit with a delicate sweetness from the corn.

How long does midnight moon last?

Midnight Moon contains a form of rennet that is not derived from animals. Wheels that have not been cut have an ideal storage life of 12 months uncut, and 1 lb wedges purchased from our online store have an optimal shelf life of 150 days (*please note that this is based on the date the wedges were cut rather than the date they were distributed).

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Where is midnight moonshine made?

After years of experimentation, Midnight Moon is currently distilled in tiny amounts in North Carolina, where Junior Johnson may still be seen working on the project from time to time.

What proof is Everclear?

Everclear 190-proof is well-known for its quality. A neutral grain liquor with more than double the strength of ordinary vodka, this high-octane neutral grain spirit is outlawed in 11 states and is known as the ″bartender’s equivalent of jet fuel.″

What proof is white lightning moonshine?

100.7% ABV / 750mL Firefly White Lightning Moonshine by Firefly Distillery.

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