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What To Mix With Apple Pie Moonshine? (Best solution)

What is the best spice for Apple Pie?

  • Cinnamon is by far the strongest flavor in apple pie spice and is what most people want from an apple pie. In fact, there are some apple pie recipes that have cinnamon as the only spice. Cinnamon works well in most desserts and is thus an excellent alternative to an apple pie spice blend.


What is moonshine good to mix with?

Here are the best things to mix with moonshine.

  • Coke. Moonshine is whiskey, so the classic combination of whiskey and Coke works whether that whiskey has spent time in a barrel or not.
  • Grapefruit Juice. Flavorwise, this is sort of the poor American cousin of the Paloma.
  • Ginger Ale.
  • Sweet Vermouth.
  • Lemonade.
  • Iced Tea.

Does Apple Pie Moonshine get stronger the longer it sits?

The Apple Pie Moonshine is ready to drink. It’s that simple. However, I recommend letting it sit in the refrigerator for about a month. The longer it sits, the better it gets.

How do you serve flavored moonshine?

Put a shot of any flavor of moonshine into a highball glass with ice. Then, pour 12 oz (335 mL) of ginger ale into the glass over the ice. Taste the drink to see if it’s acceptable, and add more ginger ale until you reach a suitable taste.

Do you have to refrigerate apple pie moonshine?

Properly sealed jars of moonshine do not need to be stored in the refrigerator until they are opened. Some people even store their moonshine in the freezer. There, it can last 2 – 3 years.

What Soda Goes good with moonshine?

Combining moonshine with ginger ale is as close to drinking moonshine neat as you’re going to get. The sweetness from ginger ale will just help it go down a little smoother. To highlight moonshine’s distinct flavor, combine moonshine with ginger ale and enjoy with your pals while camping or around a bonfire.

Can a shot of moonshine get you drunk?

You’ll feel mildly drunk until you get used to it and then it’ll just be a warm feeling as it goes down. As long as you stick to the one shot glass a day, and don’t let it creep up into pints, you’re fine. The quality of the moonshine.

Why was moonshine made illegal?

So why is moonshine still illegal? Because the liquor is worth more to the government than beer or wine. Uncle Sam takes an excise tax of $2.14 for each 750-milliliter bottle of 80-proof spirits, compared with 21 cents for a bottle of wine (of 14 percent alcohol or less) and 5 cents for a can of beer.

Should moonshine be refrigerated?

Moonshine doesn’t require refrigeration for storage but storing your moonshine in a fridge won’t damage your spirits. The only elements that can change your moonshine are light, heat, and oxygen if your bottle is opened. If your moonshine is exposed to any of these elements, the flavor can be affected.

Does homemade moonshine go bad?

Although different sources will say different things, the answer for whether moonshine can go bad or not is clear – a bottle of unflavored moonshine, much like other plain spirits, has an indefinite shelf life.

Can you drink flavored moonshine straight?

“We always drink it straight from the jar, but encourage you to get creative by mixin’ your own recipe. A Southern classic is our Front Porch Peach Tea, which is 2 parts Ole Smoky Peach Moonshine, 1 part sweet tea and 1 part Lemonade, with peach and mint for garnish.”

What to add to moonshine to make it taste better?

But you can subdue its potent taste by flavoring it with almost any fruit, including watermelon, peach, strawberry, raspberry, apple, lime or lemon. Just remember to add your fruit of choice while making the moonshine in order to avoid reducing the alcohol content.

How drunk does moonshine get you?

9. Moonshine: 0-100 Real Quick Drunk. You will be fine one second, then, very shortly after drinking, you’ll be HAMMERED. You’ll feel yourself soaring above the legal limit as you begin to move less like a sober person and more like a marionette controlled by the jerky-handed puppet master known as moonshine.

Does Apple Pie Moonshine get better with age?

Once mixture has cooled, add moonshine and stir well to combine. Place a cinnamon stick in each sterile Mason jar and pour into jars. Tightly secure with lids and refrigerate. Tip: This apple pie moonshine tastes better with age and can be refrigerated for up to 6 months.

Is Apple Pie Moonshine better cold?

Once the mixture is completely cool, add in the alcohol. Transfer to sterile mason jars. The apple pie is ready for consumption! {though, it gets better if you let it “mellow” for a couple of weeks} It can be served warm or cold.

What can you mix with Everclear?

Pour everclear over 1/4 of a glass of crushed ice. Add lemon-lime soda, orange juice, a wedge of lemon or lime, and serve.

In a cocktail form, one of autumn’s favorite sweets is included. It tastes just like apple pie a la mode, thanks to this apple pie moonshine cocktail recipe. The unofficial start of fall has here, and I couldn’t be more excited! Summer is wonderful, but there’s something unique about the fall season as well. Perhaps it’s the bright colors, the impending holiday season, or simply my desire to stock up on school supplies while they’re on sale. Some aspect of this time of year is particularly memorable! And if we were in a warmer climate, I’d be sharing something in a cup right now as well.

However, fall doesn’t really arrive in the Deep South until you’re just about ready to put up your Christmas decorations. In this case, we make the necessary adjustments since it is the wise decision. Celebrate each season as it arrives, and *now* is the time to get all of the fall decorations out of the attic (pretty much).

So let’s raise a glass and make a moonshine cocktail!

In case you haven’t heard, moonshine is experiencing a renaissance right now. While on vacation, the Godfather and I passed across a restaurant that served only moonshine cocktails, which we thought was interesting. On one of our visits, we tasted this apple pie moonshine drink, which was delicious. We were dining at Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ restaurant in Orlando, and we split one of the appetizers. To be honest with you, I had to recreate it for you. You’ll understand why after just one drink. The best thing is that there are no difficult ingredients to prepare this dish.

There’s nothing complicated about this drink. Furthermore, it is quite simple to scale up or down. Make a cocktail, or a pitcher for a get-together! It’s best to keep things simple. Please keep in mind that any guests who may be required to drive should be accommodated in your planning. As with any alcoholic beverage, serve only to individuals who are of legal drinking age, and don’t allow anybody to drive while under the influence.

What ingredients will I need?

  • Apple pie moonshine is the most important element in creating an apple pie moonshine drink.
  • Moonshine tasting like apple pie may be found at your local liquor shop or online.
  • In most cases, I’ve discovered it near the vodkas.
  • Besides vanilla vodka, apple cider, and simple syrup, the following components are also included.
  • The vanilla vodka gives the cocktail a “a la mode” taste since it contains vanilla extract.
  • If you don’t want to spend the money on vanilla vodka, you may substitute a splash of vanilla extract for it, which will provide a taste profile that is quite comparable.

Apple cider may be found at any grocery shop or liquor store. Cider may be found in the refrigerated juice area near the vegetable section at my store. When the apple harvest season begins, many orchards and farmers begin selling apple cider, making this a fantastic time to support small businesses.

If you want to have a little fun with it and give the kids their own little “fancy cider,” you may serve them apple cider in a jar with the garnishes but without the liquor for them to enjoy. You’ll just need to create the simple syrup, and that’s all.

What is simple syrup? How do I make simple syrup?

Water and granulated sugar are combined to make simple syrup, which is nothing more than a 1:1 combination. That’s all there is to it! In a small saucepan, heat a cup of water and a cup of sugar until the sugar dissolves completely. Over medium heat, whisk constantly until the sugar has completely dissolved, then transfer to a heatproof container to cool. Keep it refrigerated until you’re ready to use it. Sweeteners such as simple syrup are used to enhance the flavor of cocktails and mocktails, as well as iced tea, coffee, and hot tea. whichever beverage you choose!

It just takes a few minutes to prepare and keeps for up to a month in the refrigerator. There’s plenty of time to make some lemonade. My darlings, I hope you appreciate this apple pie moonshine cocktail recipe as much as I did. We may enjoy the upcoming change of seasons even if we are only wearing shorts. I’ll set out a spot on the front porch for you with a jar of honey. We’ll have a drink and speak about how we can only decorate with artificial pumpkins since the real ones can’t hold up to the high temperatures. Cheers!


  • 1.5 ounces vanilla vodka (or ordinary vodka)
  • 1.5 ounces apple pie moonshine
  • 1 tablespoon simple syrup
    Apple slices and a cinnamon stick can be used as garnishes (if desired).

Simple Syrup:

  1. To create the simple syrup, boil 1 cup granulated sugar and 1 cup water in a small saucepan over medium heat until the sugar is completely dissolved. Transfer the mixture to a heatproof container after stirring regularly until the sugar has almost completely dissolved. Cool and store in the refrigerator until you’re ready to use it. It is possible to prepare the dish a week ahead of time.
    Fill a highball glass or a pint-sized mason jar halfway with ice before beginning to mix your drink. If you’re using apple slices, add them now.
    Combine the vanilla vodka, apple pie moonshine, and simple syrup in a mixing glass.
    Pour in the apple cider and stir well. Garnish with a cinnamon stick, if you want.
    Take pleasure in moderation


To create a pitcher, follow these steps: For every 3 cups of apple cider, add 2/3 cup vodka, 2/3 cup apple pie moonshine, and 1/4 cup simple syrup to your pitcher, stirring constantly. Taste and adjust as needed. Pour into glasses filled with ice and more apple slices and serve immediately.

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Apple Pie Moonshine Tasting Notes

Swede Hill Apple Pie Moonshine (about 2 oz.) 1-ounce Caramel Vodka (optional) 6-8 ounces of hot apple cider Serve while still warm, with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Spiced Apple Sour

  • Swede Hill Apple Pie Moonshine (about 2 oz.
  • ) Rum with spices, 2 oz.
  • 1 oz.
  • Lemon Juice (from a fresh squeeze) 1 ounce of Simple Syrup (equal parts sugar and water) 1 egg white (optional) provides the drink a lot of substance and creates a lovely foam layer on top.
  • Shake vigorously all of the ingredients in an ice-filled shaker until well combined.
  • Pour into a cocktail glass that has been chilled.
  • If you’re using egg white, you may add a few drops of Angostura bitters to the foam to give it a fragrant finish.

Caramel Apple Tini

Swede Hill Apple Pie Moonshine, 12 oz. Swede Hill Apple Pie Moonshine 1-ounce Caramel Vodka (optional) 12 oz. Whipped Cream Vodka (optional) 1 oz. Ginger Ale (optional) Mix ingredients in a shaker filled with ice and shake lightly. Strain into a chilled martini glass rimmed with Apple Pie Moonshine and crumbled graham crackers and serve immediately.

Apple Mojito

10 sprigs of mint, freshly picked 12 limes, peeled and cut into wedges 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar 2-3 Granny Smith Apple Wedges Combine all of the ingredients in a large mixing bowl and stir well. Add 1 12 oz. Swede Hill Apple Pie Moonshine. 12 ounces of Apple Pucker Shake everything together in a shaker and pour into a glass. Add 1 cup ice cubes and 12 cup club soda to a mixing glass.

Apple Pie on the Rocks

Swede Hill Apple Pie should be served warm.

Pour the moonshine over ice and serve immediately.

Cran-Apple Pie

  • Swede Hill Apple Pie Moonshine (about 2 oz.
  • ) Juice from 4 oz.
  • cranberries or cranberries with raspberries Lime Soda with a Splash of Lemon On the rocks is the way to go.
  • Depending on your preference, garnish with a maraschino cherry and an apple slice.

Spiced Pear Martini

Swede Hill Apple Pie (serves 2) Moonshine 1 ounce of Pear Vodka 12 ounces of Simple Syrup 12 ounces of Cranberry Juice 2 lemons, sliced into wedges and muddled together Shake all of the ingredients together and pour into a martini glass to serve.

Spiced Apple Cider

Swede Hill Apple Pie Moonshine (one ounce) One-and-a-half ounces of Swede Hill American Whiskey Apple Cider Fill the glass halfway with ice. Fill the remainder of the way with apple cider once you’ve poured in the shots. Serve with a cinnamon stick as a garnish.

Try These Additional Recipes

  1. Swede Hill Apple Pie Moonshine (about 2 oz.
  2. ) 3 ounces of bourbon Add all of the ingredients to a shaker filled with ice and shake gently.
  3. Serve in an old-fashioned glass with a cinnamon stick as an embellishment Variation: To make an Apple Pie bourbon cocktail, pour the ingredients into a coffee cup and microwave for 30 seconds.

The Big Apple

Swede Hill Apple Pie Moonshine (about 3/4 oz.) 2 ounces of brandy (or Bourbon) 12 oz. Dash of Sweet Vermouth Angostura bitters are a kind of bitter. In an old-fashioned glass, combine all of the ingredients with ice. Stir in the garnishes.

Apple Margarita

Swede Hill Apple Pie Moonshine (about 2 oz.) Premium Margarita Mix (4-6 ounces) On the rocks is the way to go. If desired, garnish the rim of the glass with sugar or salt.

Apple Tart

  • Swede Hill Apple Pie (serves 2) Moonshine 1 ounce of brandy 1 oz.
  • Irish Cream (optional) Shake all of the ingredients vigorously with ice.
  • Pour into a cocktail glass that has been chilled.
  • Freshly grated cinnamon and nutmeg can be sprinkled on top before serving.

Apple Pie with a Cherry on Top

Swede Hill Apple Pie (three ounces) Moonshine 3 ounces of Apple Cider 1 ounce of Amaretto Combine all of the ingredients in a coffee mug and microwave for 45 seconds. Garnish with whipped cream, cinnamon, and a maraschino cherry for extra flavor.

An Apple A Day

1 ounce of Swede Hill Apple Pie Moonshine is a delicious alcoholic beverage. 1 oz. Bourbon Dash (optional) Angostura bitters are a kind of bitter. a slice of lemon Ginger Ale is a popular beverage in the United States. In a Collins glass filled with ice, blend the Apple Pie Moonshine, bitters, and bourbon until well-mixed. Squeeze a lemon wedge into the glass and set aside. Make a thorough stir. Finish with a splash of ginger ale.

Hot Buttered Apple Pie

  1. Swede Hill Apple Pie Moonshine (about 2 oz.
  2. ) hot buttered rum mix (around 2 tablespoons) 4 oz.
  3. Apple Juice or Apple Cider 2 oz.
  4. boiling water Combine together and serve warm.

Caramel Apple Pie

Swede Hill Apple Pie, 12 oz. Swede Hill Apple Pie Moonshine 1 cup Toffee Liqueur 3 oz. 12 oz. Chocolate Liqueur (optional) Add all of the ingredients to a shaker filled with ice and mix lightly before straining into a chilled martini glass. Finish with a sprinkle of chopped nuts.

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Apple Pie A La Mode

Swede Hill Apple Pie Moonshine, 3 oz.

Swede Hill Apple Pie Moonshine 1 tablespoon of peanut butter Ice cream in the form of three generous scoops of vanilla Blend all of the ingredients in a blender and pour into a chilled glass.

Hot Apple Pie

Swede Hill Apple Pie Moonshine, 3 oz. Swede Hill Apple Pie Moonshine 12 – 1 oz. Fireball Whiskey (optional) Shake vigorously the ingredients in an ice-filled shaker until well combined. Pour into a cocktail glass that has been chilled.

Please Enjoy Our Spirits Responsibly

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This apple pie moonshine drink has tastes that are eerily similar to those of apple pie. The beverage has a silky texture and is extremely simple to consume. Goodbye, Summer Pimm’s Cup and Stone Fruit Sangria; it’s all about apples from here on out! This weekend, I’m really looking forward to going apple picking. You might be asking, where in the world do you go apple picking in Los Angeles, to begin with. Apple orchards may be found around 90 minutes east of Los Angeles. You’ll have plenty of options in Oak Glen and Yucaipa, as there are several orchards in the area.

My favorite apple orchard in Oak Glen serves you the most wonderful freshly pressed apple cider, as well as the most delectable little apple cider doughnuts you’ve ever tasted. In the event that I am able to go this Saturday, I will be sure to post images on Instagram! In the meantime, I’ll be sipping on this apple pie moonshine drink to keep myself entertained.

Apple Pie Cocktail

  • Are you looking forward to it?
  • You have every right to be.
  • APPLE PIE moonshine drink with a twist.
  • This is one out-of-this-world cocktail.
  • It has a distinct apple pie flavor to it.
  • Even though I didn’t think it was possible, Junior’s Midnight Moon’s apple pie moonshine is the real deal.
  • This is the type of drink in which the alcohol is completely undetectable.
  • The tastes of this moonshine drink are quite similar to those of apple pie.
  • The beverage has a silky texture and is extremely simple to consume.
  • That beautiful, delectable fragrance of freshly cooked pie fills the air.

The addition of cinnamon simple syrup enhances the tastes of the season’s harvest. Additionally, if you produce a large amount of cinnamon simple syrup, you may use it to sweeten coffee or tea.

Ingredients Needed

There are many different kinds of apple pie moonshine available these days. Junior’s Midnight Moon was the inspiration for this dish. Costco occasionally carries it in stock.

Make use of plain old apple juice instead. It can be fresh, from a juice box, bottled, or any combination thereof. Apple cider that has been pressed is also a terrific alternative. Another wonderful option is sparkling apple cider, which is non-alcoholic.

  • Simple syrup is made by boiling equal parts water and sugar until they become a liquid.
  • In this recipe, cinnamon sticks are steeped in simple syrup to create a delectable infused simple syrup.
  • Aside from being a terrific addition to drinks, cinnamon simple syrup is also excellent for sweetening coffee, tea, and porridge.

The greatest tasting lemon juice is freshly squeezed. I would avoid buying the pre-packaged bottled lemon juice that is available in supermarkets if I were you. This drink is delicious served cold, but it would be equally as delicious served heated with fresh apple cider. You could even top it off with a dollop of cinnamon whipped cream to make this drink even more delectable. And if you really want to get into the spirit of things, add a splash of bourbon to the mix.

Just make sure to keep this beverage away from children. Apple pie overpowers the scent, and the alcohol does not reach you until it is much too late to stop the bleeding. Cheers! Friends, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Apple Pie Moonshine Cocktail

This apple pie moonshine drink has tastes that are eerily similar to those of apple pie. The beverage has a silky texture and is extremely simple to consume. It will serve two people; repeat as necessary.

  • *Apple pie moonshine*, 4 oz apple juice, 2 oz cinnamon simple syrup (recipe follows), 1 oz freshly squeezed lemon juice, apple slices for garnish, and a cinnamon stick for garnish are all you need to make this drink.

Cinnamon Simple Syrup:

  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 cup molasses
  • Combine the apple pie moonshine, apple juice, cinnamon simple syrup, and lemon juice in a cocktail shaker and shake well. Shake the shaker until it is two-thirds full of ice. Stir the drink for 10-15 seconds to cool it. Using a strainer, remove the ice. Serve the drink over fresh ice. Serve with cut apples and cinnamon sticks for garnish.

Cinnamon Simple Syrup:

  • Add the water, sugar, and cinnamon sticks to a medium sauce pot and bring to a boil. Bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring constantly. Remove the pan from the heat. Cover the pot and let it aside for 30 minutes to steep. Remove the cinnamon sticks using a strainer. Allow the cinnamon simple syrup to cool to room temperature before using it again. Remove from the heat and transfer to an airtight container. Refrigerate until ready to use. Keeps for up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator.

Alternatively, if an apple pie cocktail isn’t your thing, check out my apple pie recipe!

For autumn nights or as a Thanksgiving drink, try this EASY Apple Pie Moonshine Cocktail recipe! It just requires TWO ingredients and can be prepared in a matter of minutes for a large group of people! I personally adore summer cocktails, but as soon as the trees begin to change color and the air becomes crisp, I am ready for fall-inspired concoctions of all kinds! Recipe for Moonshine Apple Cider, a delicious and easy beverage to make during the fall season.

This simple TWO-ingredient recipe combines fresh apple cider with the *just-right* quantity of apple pie moonshine to create a smooth sipping cocktail that will give you a terrific kick in the pants! This drink is perfect for times when I don’t want to put up much effort to prepare a cocktail because it is ready in under a minute. POST CONNECTED WITH THIS: Apple Cider Bourbon Cocktail

What is Moonshine?

Moonshine is a high-proof, corn-based liquor that is most known for its “secretive” production on reality television series such as The Real World and The Bachelor. Even the name “moonshine” derives from the fact that it is generated in the dark when no one can see it. However, there are a plethora of moonshine producers that are entirely legal and produce excellent tasting varieties of the spirit. Apple Pie moonshine is one of the various kinds of moonshine that can be found at any liquor store that sells booze.

In order to modify the flavor of moonshine, which is typically high proof and mild in flavor, several distilleries add fruit and other flavors to the basic spirit. I really enjoy the fruit-flavored ones as well as those with fall tastes. I’ve even been able to locate pineapple moonshine in my area! However, be cautious when using moonshine as a foundation for drinks because it may be quite potent! A little moonshine goes a long way in this situation.

Apple Pie Moonshine Cocktail Recipe

  • Give the recipe a shot (or even just tell me what you think about moonshine in general!
  • ) and let me know what you think in the comments section below!
  • Enjoy!
  • The following ingredients are optional: 1.5 oz Apple Pie Moonshine (any brand you prefer)
  • 5 oz Apple Cider
  • Ice
  • A cinnamon stick for garnishing the drink (optional)
  • Apple slices for garnishing the drink.
  • Fill an 8-ounce glass halfway with ice
  • Fill your glass halfway with 1 12 ounces of apple pie moonshine
  • Pour 5 ounces of apple cider on top to finish.
    Make a thorough stir.
    A cinnamon stick for stirring and apple slices for garnishing, if preferred, should be included with the dish.

Make a note of this image on your favorite Fall, Thanksgiving, or cocktail board so you don’t forget about it later!

  • A festive cocktail that is packed with flavor, this Apple Pie Moonshine is made with grain liquor and flavored vodka as well as apple cider and spices.
  • The taste of this spiced moonshine is similar to that of sipping liquid apple pie.
  • We enjoy sending this drink as a gift in mason jars, along with some homemade apple pie spice, caramel sauce, and homemade caramels to our friends and family.
  • What a delectable bundle of sweets!

Easy Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe

This Apple Pie Moonshine is easy to drink while yet packing a punch! By combining high-proof grain liquor with ingredients such as apple cider, apple juice, cinnamon, and flavored vodka, you can create a cocktail that will keep you warm from the inside out all winter long. It’s also a fantastic dish to serve during holiday gatherings. This moonshine improves with age, as do many fine things in this world. I recommend cooking this at least two weeks before you want to consume it so that you can really appreciate the flavor.

That extra time helps the apple cider to really integrate into each and every drop, and the longer it rests, the less you will be able to detect the presence of alcohol. Just remember to take it gently since, despite the fact that it tastes sweet and comfortable, it is a powerful beverage! Instead of using simply apple cider, apple juice, and grain liquor, I went for a sweeter approach, turning this into A La Mode Apple Pie Moonshine with the addition of caramel vodka and vanilla vodka. The addition of vanilla and caramel is a delectable surprise.

This actually does taste like a slice of apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, in my humble opinion! This recipe makes a lot of moonshine, so make sure to use an extra-large stockpot or divide the ingredients between two big stockpots when you prepare this.

Making this in the early months of the fall and giving it as Christmas gifts a few months later is one of my favorite things to do. This recipe yields just enough to store a few jars at home while also giving out many more as holiday gifts. However, you may simply reduce the recipe by half as well.

What kind of liquor goes into moonshine?

  1. Moonshine is a type of whiskey that is manufactured at home and is not matured.
  2. According to the docuseries Moonshiners on Discovery Channel, it is famed for being illegally distilled and trafficked over state borders, and with good reason.
  3. The fact why moonshine is prohibited is owing to laws prohibiting the distillation of alcoholic beverages at home.

In other words, when people talk about flavored moonshine, such as this Apple Pie Moonshine, they’re talking about a drink that’s produced using the closest thing you can purchase to true moonshine, which is a high-proof grain alcoholic beverage. Even though it can be difficult to get in some locations, 190 proof Everclear is the most frequent and widely used choice among consumers. Any grain alcohol between 80 and 151 proof will work, or you may use the highest proof vodka you can locate to make this cocktail.

What You’ll Need

Using only a few simple ingredients, including three different types of alcohol, you can create this alcoholic apple pie cocktail. (See the printable recipe card for further information and measurements; scroll down to the bottom of this page.)

  • Apple cider: Make careful you use pure apple cider (preferably from a local source if possible), not apple cider vinegar.
    Apple juice: It adds sweetness to the drink while also increasing the apple flavor.
    Sugar is made up of an equal mixture of granulated sugar and brown sugar. Sugar is required to counteract the effects of the cider and alcohol. If you remove these components, the drink will be considerably too powerful and bitter
  • Otherwise, add them in.
    Apple pie spice: This flavored moonshine has the flavor of apple pie in a glass because of the use of this spice.
    Apple juice is cooked with half of the cinnamon sticks while the other half is put to the jars just before sealing.
    Grain alcohol: You may use any grain alcohol between 80 and 151 proof (such as Everclear®), depending on how strong you prefer your cocktail. If you are unable to get grain alcohol, you can use the highest proof vodka that you can locate.
    Spiced Vodka: To prepare this apple pie moonshine a la mode, we combine both caramel and vanilla flavored vodkas.

How to Make Apple Pie Moonshine

Making flavored moonshine is simple, but if you want the greatest flavor and the smoothest drink possible, start preparing it many weeks ahead of time. Here’s a quick rundown of what happened: (For more information, see the printable recipe card in its entirety, which may be found below.)

  • Cook the non-alcohol items for a few minutes. In a large stockpot, combine all of the ingredients except the liquor and bring to a rolling boil. Reduce the heat to low and cook for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove from the heat and set aside to cool fully. Remove the cinnamon sticks and place the alcohol in the bowl. Stir in the grain alcohol and vodkas once the apple cider mixture has been allowed to cool fully before transferring to mason jars. Fill the mason jars halfway with fresh cinnamon sticks. Distribute the moonshine among the jars in a fair amount. Place lids on securely and store until ready to serve. The flavor of this moonshine is great shortly after it is prepared, but it is even better after it has mellowed for several weeks. As far as is practicable, store the jars in a cold, dry, and dark location for several weeks.

Tips for Success

  • If this is your first time producing moonshine, there are a few things you should bear in mind before getting started.
  • To ensure that the apple cider mixture is absolutely cold, set it aside. It is important not to add your alcohol until the mixture has cooled completely, as the alcohol will begin to disperse. Also, avoid adding the alcohol near an open flame or heat source. Alcohol, particularly grain alcohol, has a high flammability rating. Another reason to wait until the mixture has cooled fully before adding the alcohol is to avoid burning your fingers.
    Before opening, give it a good shake. The residue from the cinnamon stick may still be present, in which case simply shake the container before opening. It is possible to filter the liquid through cheesecloth if it is really bothersome to you.
    How to properly seal your canning jars. Because of the alcohol component, the jars do not require a tight vacuum seal as you would for other types of preserving or canning, but you should still apply a tight closure on them. The lid tops are boiled for a few minutes, then wiped dry and placed on top of the jar, which is my preferred method. To finish, add the ring and tighten it until it is “finger snug.” Without having to bother about boiling the jars, you may create a miniature vacuum-like seal with a heated lid, saving time and money.
    Make the necessary adjustments to the alcohol. You may modify the flavor of the moonshine after you’ve opened it to consume it by adding more alcohol to make it stronger or additional apple cider to make it softer. The sweetness of the apple cider and apple juice might vary depending on the variety. The amount of alcohol you use will determine how sweet the drink will be

Serving Suggestions

Because this apple pie moonshine recipe calls for Everclear as well as two flavored vodkas, it delivers a powerful punch in terms of alcohol content — the longer it sits, the less alcohol you will be able to detect. When you drink it for a long period of time, it might taste like drinking spiced apple juice and nothing more. Consequently, the most essential thing to remember while serving this is to sip carefully and responsibly. Pour the moonshine into a cocktail glass or a shot glass depending on your preference for serving. If you’re making a drink, you may garnish with apple slices if you want to seem fancy. Pour the contents from a few mason jars into a big serving pitcher and let visitors to serve themselves as they choose. This is very useful for gatherings. If you’re going to do this, I recommend putting out tiny glasses first. The fact that this recipe produces a big amount of moonshine means that it makes an excellent Christmas present for friends and neighbors. If I’m presenting it as a gift, I prefer to pour it into smaller mason jars and then tie a ribbon around the jar and include a letter.

How to Store

  • How long does moonshine keep its potency? The beautiful thing about creating moonshine is that it will keep for a long period of time in the bottle. Once opened, it will keep for up to 3 months at the back of the fridge before becoming stale. However, if it is not opened and stored in a cold, dry environment, it can survive up to three years.
    Is it necessary to keep moonshine refrigerated? Moonshine jars that have been opened should be refrigerated. Jars that have not been opened should not be refrigerated, but should be stored in a cool, dry location.
    Is it possible to freeze moonshine? Your moonshine may be stored in the freezer, that’s correct! When frozen, it has a shelf life of up to 2 years. Make sure to allow enough of headroom at the top of the jars since liquid expands when it’s stored in the freezer. If the drink is particularly powerful, it may freeze solid, turn into a slushy, or not freeze at all, depending on the temperature. In the event that it does freeze, it will thaw fast and it is quite great served chilled as a slushy.
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More Holiday Drink Recipes:

  • The Apple Cider Moscow Mule, the Brandy Alexander Milkshake, the Jack Frost Winter Cocktail, the White Russian, and the Easy Holiday Punch are all excellent options.

I hope you enjoy this tasty and simple meal – please rate it in the comments section below! Do not forget to follow Belly Full on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube for the latest updates!

Apple Pie Moonshine

A festive cocktail that is packed with flavor, this Apple Pie Moonshine is made with grain liquor and flavored vodka as well as apple cider and spices.

The taste of this spiced moonshine is similar to that of sipping liquid apple pie. This item is ideal for Christmas gift-giving! ten minutes for preparation Preparation time: 30 minutes Time allotted: 40 minutes 24 cups total servings (6 quarts total)

  • 64 ounces apple cider (1/2 gallon, pure apple cider, not apple cider vinegar)
  • 64 ounces apple juice (1/2 gallon)
  • 64 ounces sugar (1/2 gallon)
  • 64 ounces water (1/2 gallon)
  • One-half cup granulated sugar
  • One-half cup brown sugar
  • One teaspoon apple pie spice
  • Twelve cinnamon sticks, split
    3 cups grain alcohol (such as Everclear®) ranging in strength from 80 to 151 proof, depending on how strong you want it. (Alternatively, use the strongest vodka you can find.)
  • 1-1/2-cup caramel vodka and 1-1/2-cup vanilla vodka
  • In an extra-large stockpot, combine the apple cider, apple juice, both sugars, apple pie spice, and 6 cinnamon sticks and bring to a boil over medium-high heat. Reduce the heat to medium-low and gently simmer for 30 minutes, stirring periodically, until the vegetables are tender. Remove the pan from the heat and allow it to COOL COMPLETELY to room temperature before serving. Remove the cinnamon sticks and set them aside.
    Add the grain alcohol, caramel vodka, and vanilla vodka to the chilled liquid and stir until well combined.
    6 fresh cinnamon sticks should be divided among 6 32-ounce mason jars.
    Fill the jars halfway with moonshine. Close the jars securely with lids
  • This is great immediately after it is produced, but it is really potent. The jars should be let to mature for several weeks (the longer the better!) before opening and serving to allow the flavors to meld together before serving. Enjoy it all winter long, serve it to guests, or pour it into little jars and give it away as gifts! DRINK CAREFULLY AND RESPONSIBLY, AND BE AWARE OF YOUR LIMITATIONS. NOTE: This article has a plethora of useful information, advice, serving options, and storage information, all of which are included below. Don’t let them pass you by
  1. Calories: 257 kilocalories • Nutritional Information: | Carbohydrates: 36 g | Protein: g | Fat: 1 g | Saturated Fat: g | Polyunsaturated Fat: g | Monounsaturated Fat: g | Sodium: 9 mg | Potassium: 174 mg | Fiber: 1 g | Sugar: 32 g • Vitamin A: 7 IU | Vitamin C: 1 mg | Calcium: 38 mg | Iron: 1 mg Although the nutritional information provided is an algorithmic estimate, the actual value may differ depending on the specific goods you use and any modifications to the recipe.
  2. For those of you who place a high value on these figures, I propose that you calculate them yourself.

Other Notes

Drinks are on the menu, and the cuisine is American. Recipe for apple pie drink, flavored moonshine, and homemade apple pie moonshine are some of the keywords to keep in mind.

Incorporate apple pie moonshine into your favorite sangria recipe for a festive twist. Sugarlands Distilling Company provided the image. Sugarlands Distilling Co. is a distillery in Sugar Land, Texas. Everything You Need to Know About Moonshine We can’t talk about moonshine without bringing up the topic of its rather controversial past. Producing moonshine became popular after the Revolutionary Fight when the federal government decided to tax whiskey in order to help pay for the war. Not surprisingly, no one wanted to pay the tax, therefore moonshining was carried out secretly (and usually at night, hence the name). Much of the attraction stemmed from the fact that it was very inexpensive to produce; all you needed was maize, sugar, yeast, and water, and it didn’t require aging in barrels like whiskey. Despite official efforts to put a stop to production, moonshine was still being produced surreptitiously for more than a century, particularly in the South. Cars designed for speed were utilized for bootlegging, which resulted in racing on back roads, which eventually led to the formation of NASCAR in the 1950s. I told you moonshine was a uniquely American beverage. So, it’s now officially legal? The manufacturing of moonshine is still controlled, despite the fact that it is currently lawful as long as you obtain a permission. There are valid reasons for this regulation. If it’s produced incorrectly, the myths are truly true: drinking it can cause blindness or even lead poisoning if it’s made incorrectly. To put it another way, it is unlawful to distill alcohol in any form on your own property (though making wine and beer at home in small amounts is okay). However, as higher-end, tax-paying distilleries take the risk out of the process, moonshine is becoming more regulated and more popular (at least in the eyes of the government) than it has ever been. It’s Time to Mix It Up Now that you’ve learned that you may indulge in the delights of moonshine without fear of being arrested (or becoming blind), it’s time to find your new favorite alcoholic beverage. Instead of drinking directly from the jar, you may include moonshine into any cocktail that calls for whiskey — or vodka, or rum, or any other alcohol for that matter — as a base. Make apple pie-flavored moonshine sangria with sliced apples, lemons, and herbs, as well as other ingredients. Make your lemonade more flavorful by adding your favorite flavoring. Combine it with fresh mint in a mojito for a refreshing drink.

Make your appletini a little less lame, if you will. Rumor has it that a Bloody Mary is much better when made with moonshine rather than vodka. Apart from the fact that the options are unlimited, it’s also a whole lot more enjoyable to indulge in what was formerly outlawed.

Originally published: Updated: by It is possible that this content contains affiliate links. You may prepare this apple pie moonshine for your holiday gatherings as a beverage, or you can give it away to your favorite people as a present. It has a flavor that is identical to apple pie and does not hold back on anything. This moonshine recipe simply gets better with time, which is the greatest part!

Is This Real Moonshine? What Is Moonshine?

This isn’t the illicit moonshine manufactured in bathtubs that you’re used to seeing on the news. High-proof distilled alcohol made “under the radar” is referred to as moonshine in slang. The term comes from the fact that it was generally created late at night in order to avoid being discovered by authorities. It’s really been allowed in the United States since 2010, and its definition is straightforward: it’s whiskey that hasn’t been matured. This recipe does not call for genuine moonshine, but rather Everclear, which is simpler to get by and has the same proof range as true moonshine.

How do I Make Apple Pie Moonshine?

  • Making apple pie moonshine is a cinch, and the results are delicious.
  • And because it produces so much, it will last you for quite some time.
  1. Begin by heating our cider, juice, sugar, and spices to a near-boiling temperature in a large pot
  2. Allow about an hour of simmering at a low temperature
  3. Bring the temperature down to a simmer
  4. Allow the mixture to cool fully before using it.
    In a large mason jar or other airtight container, combine the ingredients and keep in the refrigerator.

Even though you can drain out the spices, I recommend keeping at least one stick of cinnamon in each mason jar for added flavor and aroma. If you like, you may omit the cinnamon and instead use around 12 cup of Fireball to give the dish a strong cinnamon flavor.

What Can I Use Instead of Everclear?

If you don’t have access to Everclear or any 190 proof grain alcohol, you may substitute any other high proof grain alcohol you can get your hands on. There are even higher proof vodkas available that you may experiment with. Brands such as Smirnoff have even gone so far as to market higher proof versions of their vodka.

What Does Apple Pie Moonshine Taste Like?

  • In contrast to most recipes for apple pie moonshine, ours creates a smaller amount and uses predominantly apple cider rather than an equal blend of cider and apple juice.
  • As a result, it has a stronger apple flavor and is thicker in texture than usual.
  • Because of all of the spices we utilize, it has a flavor that is similar to apple pie in a glass.
  • Because we utilize Everclear, a little amount of vodka, and a small amount of spiced rum, it also carries a significant amount of alcohol.
  • Fortunately, the longer the apple pie moonshine is allowed to rest, the less alcohol it contains.
  • However, there is still a lot of booze available, so drink slowly and wisely.
  • This moonshine is delicious shortly after it is created, but it gets much better the longer it is allowed to sit in the bottle.
  • This apple moonshine should be made ahead of time and let to rest in the back of your refrigerator for at least 2 – 3 weeks before tasting it.
  • You will understand why it is such a popular holiday dish!
  • In the same vein.
  • .
  • .

How Long Does Flavored Moonshine Last?

It all depends on how you choose to preserve your apple pie moonshine, of course. Keeping it in an airtight container will allow it to survive 3 to 4 months in the back of your refrigerator. If you correctly seal your jars in your mason jars, they can survive for up to three years in storage. Moonshine jars that have been properly sealed do not need to be kept in the refrigerated until they are ready to be used.

Some folks even keep their moonshine in the freezer to keep it fresh. There, it might endure for two to three years. As a result, I like to give away a few little mason jars of moonshine to neighbors and friends, so that the moonshine doesn’t survive more than a few months at my house!

If You Loved This Moonshine, Try These Drinks:

  • Apple Cider Sangria
  • Blackberry Prosecco Mojito
  • Strawberry Champagne Mojito

Apple Pie Moonshine

Amanda Powell is a writer who lives in New York City. Apple pie moonshine that is both tasty and festive. Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 1 hour and 20 minutes 1 hour and 30 minutes is the total time. Drinks and Cuisine throughout the course of the day Servings in the United States a total of 128 14 cup servings 54 calories per kilocalorie

  • 1 gallon apple cider
  • 12 gallon apple juice
  • 2 cups brown sugar
  • 5 cinnamon sticks
  • 2 tablespoons apple pie spice
  • Optional: 2 tablespoons vanilla extract
  • 1 gallon apple cider
  • 1 gallon apple juice
  • 1 gall
    6 750 mL Everclear or high-proof vodka
  • 1 1 2 pints vodka high-proof or vanilla
  • 2 cups spiced rum
  • 1 pint vodka high-proof or vanilla
  • Cook over high heat until the apple cider, juice, sugar, cinnamon, and apple pie spice are bubbling vigorously
  • Remove from heat.
    Reduce the heat to a low setting and bring the mixture to a simmer. Simmer for one hour, stirring regularly
  • Remove from heat.
    Remove from heat and let aside to cool fully. If preferred, strain the cinnamon out of the mixture.
    Pour in the vanilla, Everclear, vodka, and rum, stirring constantly. To blend, stir the ingredients together.
    Fill the jars with your apple pie moonshine. If you aren’t going to seal it, put it at the back of your refrigerator.
    Enjoyable immediately, however it’s best if you wait a few weeks in the fridge.

Because of the potency of this apple pie moonshine, it is best consumed in tiny quantities or as shots rather than as a cocktail. 1 g of protein per serving Calories: 54 kilocalories 8 grams of carbohydrates Sodium: 3 milligrams 7 g of sugar Apple pie and moonshine are the keywords here. Please include a link to your Instagram account. @acookienameddesire acookienameddesire

About Amanda Powell

  • A Cookie Named Desire is the brainchild of A Cookie Named Desire, a baker, photographer, and occasionally global traveler.
  • Obsessed with assisting people in living life to the fullest by providing wonderful cuisine to share with the significant people in their lives and helping them create lasting memories.

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Apple Pie Moonshine, anyone? An apple-flavored, fall-spiked adult drink made with apple cider juice and a combination of unflavored and vanilla vodka is served up! Whether cold or heated, this dish is delicious! This is also a wonderful present to give to others throughout the holiday season.

Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe

  • Alan and I were successful!
  • We are now officially the parents of children who are in their twenties!
  • Our kid, who turned twenty years old yesterday, has officially outgrown his adolescent years.
  • 🙂 Whoop-Whoop.
  • AND we both have a full head of hair to show for it.
  • Isn’t this something that screams for a congratulatory cocktail for the parents?
  • YES!
  • And I’ve got the ideal party cocktail, thanks to my sister, that I’m sharing with you!

Easy Homemade Moonshine

So allow me to clarify something for a second. I’m not showing you anything that is against the law. When you hear the term moonshine, also known as hooch, you may immediately think of lawbreakers who make their own whiskey in their garages or basements. You would have broken the law if you were distilling your own alcohol in the 18th century, whether it was to avoid paying taxes or sell your concoction. Well, we all have a little rebel in us, so I thought it would be fun to bring back a simple moonshine recipe that wouldn’t get us in jail this time around. If you REALLY want some powerful alcohol, like that created by home distillers, Everclear grain alcohol is the closest thing you can get to homemade moonshine that you can buy (provided it is legal where you reside).

Ingredients For Apple Pie Moonshine:

  • Trader Joe’s sells spiced apple cider throughout the Christmas season, and you may find it there over the holidays. Aside from that, the brand R.W. Knudsen Cider Spice is one of my favorites.
    Apple juice — preferably fresh apple juice from a nearby apple orchard if at all feasible. Simply Apple Juice is another favorite of mine.
    It is not necessary to add any sugar because the apple cider and apple juice are already sweet, but it is nice to have a little more sweetness in the mix if desired
  • Sugar (granulated and brown)
    Sticks of cinnamon are used in this recipe.
    A blend of vanilla-flavored and plain vodka (40 percent alcohol) was utilized in this recipe. It doesn’t have to be pricey
  • Just a brand that you enjoy is sufficient. For a stronger form of moonshine, use Everclear brand vodka (94.5 percent alcohol by volume).

Moonshine Recipes Are Potent!

I believe that any vodka, when combined with sweet apple juice and cider, will provide us with all of the kick we need in this drink. This is one of those eerily silent yet lethal concoctions. Your typical sugary mixture, which is simple to drink because the alcohol is hidden by the sweetness of the concoction. However, it is very delicious!! If you are hosting an autumn celebration, this is a lovely drink to serve. Just remember to remind your visitor that, even though it’s a smooth drink, they should sip it slowly.

Serve it immediately once it has finished simmering to keep you warm and toasty throughout the holidays, or bottle it and store it in the refrigerator for a refreshing drink. When everything is finished, it tastes just like apple pie!

Can This Be Made In A Crock Pot?

Yes! If you want to prepare it in a slow cooker instead of on the stovetop, combine all of the ingredients and cook on high for 3 hours.

How To Store Apple Pie Moonshine

  • It is possible to keep moonshine fresh for several weeks if it is stored in an airtight container such as a mason jar in the refrigerator.
  • If you prefer to freeze it, you may follow the instructions in my post on how to create limoncello.
  • This will be fresh for up to two years if it is frozen.
  • Despite the fact that I am sure it will be long gone by then, especially if you share!
  • Give it a few days to mix all of the tastes together when you’ve finished making it, and you’ll have the greatest tasting moonshine possible.
  • In order to accommodate this, moonshine is one of my favorite beverages to present as holiday gifts throughout the autumn season.
  • When sharing with a friend, hairstylist, or as a hostess present during the holiday party season, a tiny jar filled with apple pie moonshine is always welcomed and appreciated.

What To Serve With Homemade Moonshine

When serving moonshine, make sure to provide a substantial dinner to keep everyone satisfied. Here are a few mouthwatering suggestions:

  • A recipe for Slow Cooked Sirloin Tips with Mushrooms from The Foodie Affair
  • A quick beef chili recipe from Southern Living
  • A recipe for White Bean Chili from The Foodie Affair
  • A recipe for French Dip Sandwich from Pioneer Woman
  • And more.

More Party Drinks To Try

Make sure to check out these recipes if you’re searching for some more festive holiday party cocktails to try. Slow Cooker Winter Sangria with Apple Cider, Margarita, and Coquito Cocktail Recipe Originally published in September 2014, I have since revised it with fresh photographs and extra text, which will be published in September 2020.

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  • 1/2 cup Brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup Granulated sugar
  • 4 cinnamon sticks
  • 750 mL (24.5 ounces) Vodka


  1. Add the apple cider, apple juice, brown and granulated sugar, and cinnamon sticks to a large stock pot and bring to a boil.
    Bring to a gentle boil, then turn down the heat to a simmer. Cover and cook for 30-45 minutes on low heat.
    Remove the pan from the heat and mix in the vodka. Take out the cinnamon sticks
  2. Enjoy warm or cold, and store leftovers in airtight containers in the refrigerator
  3. Or
Nutrition Information:
  • 58 servings per recipe 1/4 cup is the serving size.
  • The following is the amount of food per serving: Calories in a serving: 21 0 g of total fat 0 g of saturated fat 0 g of Trans Fat 0 g of unsaturated fat Cholesterol: 0 milligrams Sodium: 6 milligrams 5 g of carbohydrates 0g of dietary fiber 5 g of sugar 0 g of protein Remember that the nutritional information supplied is only a guideline and may vary depending on the brand of items that are utilized.
  • Use the recipe calculators on My Fitness Pal or Verywell Fit to find recipes that meet your individual nutritional needs.
  • There is no intent or recommendation for medical diagnosis or treatment in any information on this site, and it should not be regarded a substitute for professional medical competence.

Moonshine is not for the faint of heart, especially for those who have never tried it before. Unaged corn whiskey that is 100 proof, which implies it contains 50% alcohol by volume. Having never been deterred by a powerful spirit, we’ve decided to make our own for the holidays by diluting moonshine to 25 percent with a reduction of apple cider, apple juice, and warm apple pie spices such as cinnamon and clove. It’s both sweet and boozy, and it’ll keep you toasty all fall long. This apple pie moonshine may be enjoyed straight up or mixed with hard apple cider to make it last a bit longer and have a stronger fall taste.

More information may be found in the book ” Harvest Moon.” Recipe courtesy of the Tasting Table’s Test Cooking Kitchen. Preparation time: 15 minutes + an overnight steeping period. Preparation time: 2 hours Duration: 2 hours and 15 minutes, with an additional night of steeping


8 quarts of apple cider 4 cups freshly squeezed apple juice 1 cup granulated sugar (optional) 1 cup molasses (or dark brown sugar) 4 sticks of cinnamon 2 full cloves of garlic 1 / 2 nutmeg (whole) One bottle of moonshine (750 milliliters) (100-proof unaged corn whiskey) Core and cut into wedges 1 pound Granny Smith apples, peeled and cored


  • Pour the ingredients into a big saucepan and bring to a boil over high heat.
  • 2.
  • Stir constantly until the cider is bubbling and the apple juice is clear.
  • Prepare a quick simmer and cook until the liquid is reduced to 4 cups, approximately 2 hours.
  • Allow for thorough cooling.
  • 2.
  • Add the rest of the ingredients to the saucepan and whisk to mix everything.
  • Wrap the dish in plastic wrap and place it in the refrigerator overnight.
  • 3.
  • The following day, strain the apple pie moonshine through a fine mesh strainer, removing all solids save the cinnamon sticks.
  • Divide the moonshine and cinnamon sticks between two mason jars and place them somewhere safe to keep them.
  • If you want to drink it immediately, you may store it in the refrigerator for up to 3 months.

Exceptional Recipes I did make a few modifications, though, including adding an additional 1 cup of grain alcohol and an extra. Each jar is filled with 5 cups of vodka (we like it rather strong). I also placed one cinnamon stick and half of a vanilla bean in each jar before bottling. Another advantage of having such a high alcohol content is that they may be stored at ambient temperature. Thank you for a fantastic recipe; everyone who has tried it has raved about it. More information can be found at

Most helpful critical review

  1. I followed the instructions exactly.
  2. If it hadn’t been for the overwhelming alcohol flavor, I would have given it a better rating.
  3. When it comes to booze, I’m probably a light weight as well.
  4. It has a wonderful aroma and a flavor that is reminiscent of apple pie.
  5. More information can be found at http://www.
  6. nytimes.
  7. com/news/business/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/ 207 people have given their opinions.
  • 5 star ratings totaled 187
  • 4 star values totaled 15
  • 3 star values totaled 4
  • 2 star values totaled 1
  • 1 star values totaled 0.

Exceptional Recipes I did make a few modifications, though, including adding an additional 1 cup of grain alcohol and an extra. 5 liters of vodka (WE LIKE IT REALLY STRONG) Before bottling, I also added a cinnamon stick and half of a vanilla bean to each jar to flavor it. Another advantage of having such a high alcohol content is that they may be stored at ambient temperature. Thank you for a fantastic recipe; everyone who has tried it has raved about it. More information can be found at Wow. This is quite tasty. Please consume alcoholic beverages slowly and sensibly. It has the same same flavor of apple pie. More information can be found at OUTSTANDING DRINK! I used crushed cloves and a whipped cream vodka instead of the traditional, but the result was still fantastic. It was also a fantastic Christmas present for the man in your life. I used around 6 standard-sized mason jars. More information can be found at Advertisement Making apple pie has been a part of my life for almost 5 years now. I like to use applied cider rather than apple juice, but that is simply personal preference. I’ve done things like slice apples and put them in mason jars as I’m filling them…like it’s eating a tequila worm because of the high alcohol content…not it’s recommended. Lol Also, as a few people have said, because to the high alcohol concentration, you do not need to refrigerate the product; nonetheless, I would not recommend it. If you open a jar and don’t finish it, you should store it in the refrigerator or it will go bad. It has been my experience that the longer something is left to sit, the better it gets. I let mine remain in my storage room for a minimum of three months before drinking it, but it might be longer. I have a handful that are just over a year old that I still have and I opened one the other day and it was like, “Holy cow!” Very good flavor, and it’s well-aged…delicious! This season, the season of harvest I’m going to get one of those 30qt turkey fryers for use outside, and I’m going to experiment with producing enormous portions of food and expanding my knowledge. When I bottle, I add 1-2 sticks of butter in there, as well as some sliced apples every now and again. There are filters and strainers available that will assist in filtering out the “floaties.” You might also try this: instead of putting all of the alcohol in one pot, pour some into the jars first, and then pour the cooled cider into the remaining jars. Instead of having to estimate how much alcohol is in your jars, you will be able to determine exactly how much is in them. It’s best to experiment with different levels and intensities until you discover your sweet spot. I hope this is of assistance to a large number of individuals. More information can be found at This stuff is nothing short of spectacular. This has been shown to knock you on your keister despite the sinfully wonderful taste it has to offer. More information can be found at This dish was created by my husband, Mitch! We only rated it four stars since we didn’t use white sugar in the recipe! We were concerned that it would make it far too sweet for our liking. We didn’t even notice it was there! It was fantastic! This dish may be served either hot or cold! We tried both and found that it is excellent as a hot toddy when sick with the flu! Simply reheat it up a little before bed, sip it, and enjoy a restful night’s sleep!;) Continue Reading Advertisement Excellent sense of taste The perfect companion for a cold fall day or evening. More information can be found at This is very amazing! Because a 750 mL bottle of Everclear yields little more than 3 cups of liquid, I simply used the entire bottle. Aside than that, I followed the recipe perfectly and it turned out delicious! With a 30% alcohol content and scarcely detectable alcohol flavor, I could experiment with a bit extra Everclear to up the percentage to 40% and give it a little more kick. More information can be found at My favorite beverage to sip throughout the Fall season. I really adore this product! More information can be found at If I had prepared it exactly as instructed, I would have given it a better rating, but the alcohol flavor was just too overpowering for me. When it comes to booze, I’m probably a light weight as well. It has a wonderful aroma and a flavor that is reminiscent of apple pie. More information can be found at

  1. Anonymous Rather of using white sugar, I only use brown sugar, and instead of vodka, I use 151 spiced rum to make this cocktail.
  2. I also use a lot more cinnamon sticks (which I get from Sam’s Club since they are roughly half as long as regular cinnamon sticks) and place one in each 16 oz.
  3. mason jar that I use to make the recipe.
  4. Made it for Christmas last year and it was a huge hit with the audience.
  5. It was a resounding success.
  6. More information can be found at http://www.
  7. nytimes.
  8. com/news/business/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/ These didn’t taste like apple pie moonshine, which is what they should have tasted like.
  9. Despite the fact that it has a nice taste, it may benefit from additional Everclear and a hint of something else.
  10. The vodka may be reduced because it was overpowering, but other than that, this is a great Christmas treat, especially for people who enjoy giving homemade gifts in mason jars:).
  11. It is important to note that the state of California does not offer 190 proof whiskey, but only 151 proof.
  12. More information can be found at http://www.
  13. nytimes.
  14. com/news/business/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/ It’s not as good as grandma’s moonshine, but it’s not awful either.
  15. It’s simple to put together.
  16. Furthermore, in California, 190 proof is exclusively available on military sites.
  17. More information can be found at http://www.
  18. nytimes.
  19. com/news/business/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/ Advertisement Almost everyone makes their own version of this, and I used the following for simple sipping, no strong alcohol flavor, and relaxation after half of the container: 1 a half gallon of apple cider Half-Gallon of Apple Juice 3 Cups Brown Sugar (optional) 1 cup granulated sugar 6 cinnamon sticks (optional) Boil for 10 minutes, then remove from heat and add 1 750ml Everclear 190 grain alcohol.
  20. 1 cup Cpt Morgan Spiced Rum (optional).
  21. Fill Mason jars with 1 cinnamon stick each jar and set aside.
  22. Refrigerate until ready to serve.
  23. More information can be found at http://www.
  24. nytimes.
  25. com/news/business/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/ Using spiced rum and apple vodka in one batch and spiced rum with caramel vodka in another, I created two different variations of this cocktail.
  26. It was such a hit over Christmas that I’ve already received requests for more from two different people.
  27. This evening, we’re going to try making it, and I’m thinking I’ll decrease the sugar in half and see how it tastes without it being too sugary.
  28. It’s a really simple and enjoyable present to give!
  29. More information can be found at http://www.
  30. nytimes.
  31. com/news/business/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/ I prepare this cocktail twice a year, using the same recipe as before, but adding 1 bottle vanilla vodka, 1 bottle caramel vodka, 1 bottle fireball, and 1 bottle butterschnapps to the mix each time.
  32. More information can be found at http://www.
  33. nytimes.
  34. com/news/business/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/ Advertisement I reduced the amount of white sugar by half.
  35. Definitely a step up!
  36. More information can be found at http://www.
  37. nytimes.
  38. com/news/business/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/ This is something I truly adore.
  39. This was something I made the other day.
  40. I used two separate vodkas, one that was 80 proof and the other that was vanilla flavored.
  41. I do believe that there is far too much sugar in this.
  42. It has a really pleasant taste.
  43. I’m going to try cutting the sugar in half next time and see how it turns out.
  44. I am quite pleased with this outcome.
  45. Apple pie with vanilla ice cream is exactly what it sounds like in taste.
  46. A portion of this will be distributed to my family.
  47. =) I’ve noticed that if you leave the cinnamon stick in, the cinnamon flavor becomes really intense.
  48. If you don’t care for a strong cinnamon flavor, remove the cinnamon stick from the jars before serving.
  49. More information can be found at http://www.
  50. nytimes.
  51. com/news/business/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/ I recently prepared this and found it to be lacking in alcohol and cinnamon.
  52. I would consider reducing the amount of cinnamon used.
  53. More information can be found at http://www.
  54. nytimes.
  55. com/news/business/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/business-news/

It is possible that this content contains affiliate links. For additional information, please see my disclosure policy, which may be found here. This simple Apple Pie Moonshine recipe makes a delectable beverage that anybody can make. This quick moonshine recipe is always the talk of the party, and everyone raves about how delicious it is. Furthermore, you will not believe how simple it is to prepare! Preparation time: 5 minutes 1 hour to prepare 1 hour and 5 minutes in total This simple Apple Pie Moonshine recipe makes a delectable beverage that anybody can make. This quick moonshine recipe is always the talk of the party, and everyone raves about how delicious it is. Furthermore, you will not believe how simple it is to prepare!

Why This Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe Works

  • To see step-by-step lessons of your favorite It Is a Keeper recipes, subscribe to my YouTube channel!
  • This Apple Pie Moonshine recipe is very delicious!
  • It is really easy to take, yet it has a powerful punch to it.
  • It’s a simple formula that doesn’t necessitate the use of a moonshine still or other sophisticated procedures.
  • This is more of a flavored moonshine recipe than anything else.
  • If you’ve ever wondered how to manufacture moonshine, you can see how to produce moonshine here — the old-fashioned way, with a still – by following along with the instructions.
  • This moonshine recipe is a flavored moonshine recipe, thus it has a distinct flavor.
  • It is rather simple to create because it makes use of grain alcohol that can be purchased.
  • Please be sure you prepare it at least a few weeks before you want to consume it.
  • Before you can appreciate it, it has to be given some time to settle and mellow down.
  • I normally create a large number of batches at the same time.
  • The most difficult step is locating the grain alcohol.
  • For each batch, I use a complete bottle of Everclear 190 proof (190 proof alcohol).
  • Grain alcohol with a proof of 190 can be difficult to come by.
  • Some states do not allow the sale of it.
  • If you can’t locate it, you can easily substitute a lesser proof vodka or moonshine (151 proof grain alcohol is considerably simpler to get by) that you can purchase from a liquor shop instead.
  • This thing is quite strong, but it is oh, so delicious!
  • Apple Pie Moonshine is without a doubt the greatest Apple Pie Moonshine recipe you will ever taste.
  • It’s important to remember to let it rest and mellow.
  • If you try to drink this moonshine too soon, it will feel like you’re ingesting rocket fuel.
  • I’m thinking this is what rocket fuel would taste like, because I’ve never had it before.
  • It’s something I’ve never really tried.

Expert Tips for Making Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe

A large number of flavored moonshine recipes have been collected by me throughout the years. You may find them all in my eBook, How to Make Flavored Moonshine, which is available for purchase.

How to produce moonshine will be demonstrated with 16 simple flavored moonshine recipes that include step-by-step directions and images, as well as 34 cocktail recipes that can be made with the flavored moonshines. More information on my ebook may be found here.

Looking for More Homemade Moonshine Recipes

  • Moonshine recipes include peach moonshine, mojito moonshine, cranberry moonshine, and pumpkin pie moonshine.

Are you looking for something else? Visit It Is a Keeper for a complete listing of all of the Homemade Moonshine Recipes.

Items You Need to Make Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe

  • 3 cups sugar
  • 14 cinnamon sticks split
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 750 mL of 190 percent Everclear grain alcohol or the highest strength vodka you can find
  • 64 oz apple juice
  • 64 oz apple cider
  • Cook over medium-high heat until the apple juice and cider are bubbling, adding sugar, nutmeg, ground cinnamon, and 8 cinnamon sticks as needed.
    For 1 hour, cover and cook over low heat.
    Remove the pan from the heat and allow it to cool to room temperature.
    Toss in the booze to the mixture. **USE CAUTION: Do not add alcohol in close proximity to a flame or a heat source! It has a high flammability. Before adding the alcohol, make sure the liquid has totally cooled.
    Remove the cinnamon sticks from the liquid and pour it into jars.
    the remaining 6 cinnamon sticks should be divided evenly among the jars
  • Place the lids on the jars and set them aside in a cool, dry location for 8 weeks before using them.
    Please take pleasure in moderation.

Calories: 409 kilocalories The following nutrients are included in this serving: | Carbohydrates (106 g), Sodium (0.1 mg), Potassium (35 mg), Fiber (4.0 g), Sugar (100 g), Vitamin A (25 IU), Vitamin C (0.3 mg), Calcium (84 g), and Iron (0.7 g). All of the nutritional information presented is based on best-guess calculations. See policies/ for more information on how I compute this information.

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