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What To Mix With Blue Flame Moonshine?

  • Here are the best things to mix with moonshine. Moonshine is whiskey, so the classic combination of whiskey and Coke works whether that whiskey has spent time in a barrel or not. Some of the sweeter, corn-heavy moonshines actually have some cola notes, which bridges the gap between the two ingredients.

What is good with blue flame moonshine?


  • 2 oz grenadine.
  • 6 oz lemon lime soda.
  • 1 oz Ole Smoky Blue Flame Moonshine.
  • ice for shaking and serving.
  • maraschino cherries for serving.

What flavor is blue flame moonshine?

The flavor is simple and full-bodied: thick, buttery sweet corn, but more bit sweeter than any sweet corn I’ve had. It’s not like sugar-added, but just more intense. The finish finally brings the corn husk out, but it’s quite smooth and understated. It’s warm, but not hot and with no bite at all.

How do you drink flavored moonshine?

To highlight moonshine’s distinct flavor, combine moonshine with ginger ale and enjoy with your pals while camping or around a bonfire. Adding ginger ale to flavored moonshines is also a great choice. For a quick cocktail, try it with our apple pie moonshine, in a 2:1 ratio of ginger ale to moonshine.

Is Ole Smoky moonshine strong?

Made on the doorstep of the Great Smoky Mountains, Ole Smoky’s line of moonshine liquors are the most widely available in the U.S. This 100-proof corn whiskey is pretty strong, but smooth and pretty far from being the rocket fuel of legend.

Can moonshine really make you go blind?

If you’re drinking moonshine, yes. Today the most common cause of blindness from drinking is methanol. Methanol, otherwise known as methyl alcohol or wood alcohol, can damage the optic nerve and even kill you in high concentrations.

Why do you shake a jar of moonshine?

“When shiners shake a jar of moonshine to check the proof, they’re observing the size of the resulting bubbles and how long they take to dissipate,” a video on the topic explains. “When low-proof alcohol is put to the shake test, the bubbles are small and linger on the surface for a longer period of time.

What color flame should moonshine burn?

Folklore tells us one way to test the purity of moonshine is to pour some in a metal spoon and set it on fire. 6 If it burns with a blue flame it is safe, but if it burns with a yellow or red flame, it contains lead, prompting the old saying, “Lead burns red and makes you dead.”

Does moonshine get you drunk?

The alcohol in moonshine is the same as that of beer, wine, gin, etc. Pick your poison, and it’s the same alcohol. It is called ethyl alcohol, or ethanol, and it’ ll get you drunk –some faster, some slower.

What is the highest proof moonshine you can buy?

What Is The Highest Proof Moonshine. The highest proof moonshine you can make using distillation will be 191 proof (95.5% ABV).

What to add to moonshine to make it taste better?

But you can subdue its potent taste by flavoring it with almost any fruit, including watermelon, peach, strawberry, raspberry, apple, lime or lemon. Just remember to add your fruit of choice while making the moonshine in order to avoid reducing the alcohol content.

Do you drink moonshine cold or warm?

Either way—it depends on your preference and the type of drink. For example, you might drink straight moonshine at room temperature. Or, warm up some apple pie moonshine for a toasty, comforting drink on a cold fall or winter night. You can also drink it as a chilled cocktail with ginger ale or iced tea.

Do you refrigerate moonshine?

Moonshine doesn’t require refrigeration for storage but storing your moonshine in a fridge won’t damage your spirits. The only elements that can change your moonshine are light, heat, and oxygen if your bottle is opened. If your moonshine is exposed to any of these elements, the flavor can be affected.

What can I mix with moonshine?

What to Mix with Moonshine

  • Coke. Moonshine is whiskey, so the classic combination of whiskey and Coke works whether that whiskey has spent time in a barrel or not.
  • Grapefruit Juice. Flavorwise, this is sort of the poor American cousin of the Paloma.
  • Ginger Ale.
  • Sweet Vermouth.
  • Lemonade.
  • Iced Tea.

What is the best flavor for moonshine?

While everyone has their favorite, here are the top 5 flavors guaranteed to give you the full moonshine experience.

  1. Blackberry. A classic straight from the old timers.
  2. Dill Pickle. This one’s for me.
  3. Peppermint.
  4. Cherry.
  5. Apple Pie.
  6. 1 thought on “5 must-try flavors guaranteed to give you the full moonshine experience”
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What is proof in moonshine?

Alcohol proof in the United States is defined as twice the percentage of alcohol by volume. For Example If moonshine has a proof of 160, it contains 80% alcohol by volume.

Fabulous Firework Cocktails with Moonshine Cherries : Cookbookies

Don’t be fooled by the appearance of this drink, which seems more like a melting glacier than a fireworks display. Firework Cocktails with Moonshine Cherries, made with Ole Smoky Tennessee Blue Flame Moonshine, will have you feeling like a firework by the time you’ve finished sipping it! Ole Smoky Tennessee Blue Flame Moonshine is a high proof moonshine (a whopping 128 percent!) made in the state of Tennessee. Don’t overpour the beverages of your visitors, and always consume them with a mixer. This summer, try these delicious Firework Cocktails with Moonshine Cherries to celebrate the Fourth of July!

Blue Flame Moonshine Y’all!

While there are a variety of thoughts that you may have in your mind when it comes to moonshine, it is readily available in most liquor stores nowadays. Making it at home, on the other hand, is still prohibited. Don’t even think about it. A excellent grade moonshine, it was believed, would flame blue when lighted from a spoon, according to historical records. However, it was believed that poisoned moonshine would burn with a yellow tint. We strongly warn against playing with fire, so please do not attempt this at home!

  • Check out our Blue Flame Moonshine Dirty Shirley Cocktail, The Watermelon Crawler, Fresh Squeezed Lemon Drops, and The Ashley recipes, all of which are delicious!
  • 1 gallon Hawaiian Punch Polar Blast chilled
  • 1 gallon Lemon Lime Soda chilled
  • 4 ounces rum cooled Tennessee, ol’ Smoky, Tennessee Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine Cherries cold
  • Blue Flame Moonshine served chilled
  • Blue Flame Moonshine served chilly
  • Prepare three cups of Hawaiian Punch, three cups of Lemon Lime Soda, and one cup of Ole Smoky Tennessee Blue Flame Moonshine for each serving. Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine Cherries are used as a garnish. Alternatively, serve over ice if preferred.
    Drink to your heart’s content

374 calories | 60 grams of carbohydrates | 334 milligrams of sodium | 1 milligram of potassium | 57 grams of sugar

Drink Review: Ole Smoky Blue Flame Moonshine

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  4. Blue Flame is a high-strength moonshine produced by Ole Smoky.
  5. This is a pure and clean spirit, bottled at 64 percent alcohol by volume.
  6. The trademark drink is a mixture of one part ginger ale and two parts soda water.

Ole Smoky Blue Flame Moonshine:

Notes on the taste: Aesthetics: The alcohol is clear, and there is no residue on the edges of the glass. Nose: fresh, sweet, and clean. Palate: Sweet, grainy, with just a trace of woodiness on the finish Finishing touch: clean and crisp In the American South, moonshine has a rich and varied history, but it has almost completely gone as a result of its negative connotations. As a refresher, moonshine is distinct from bourbon, Scotch, or vodka in that it has its own definition and should be viewed more as a beer with high-proof alcohol base rather than a distilled spirit, according to those unfamiliar with the term.

Ole Smoky’s Blue Flame is a classic that is ideally adapted to contemporary tastes.

  1. The characteristic burn that most people associate with moonshine is not here.

This difficult-to-find moonshine is simple to consume, whether plain or chilled — simply pour it over ice and sip it.

Chefs can also infuse it with other ingredients to give it a more nuanced flavor.

Ole Smoky Blue Flame Moonshine Review 1:

  • My favorite Ole Smoky’s products are their Silver Dollar and Blackberry Moonshine, all of which are outstanding, so I was very interested to sample their Blue Flame.
  • It’s named after the torch that burns in the distillation tower, and it’s the strongest of the Ole Smoky moonshines, according to what I’ve heard.
  • This unaged spirit is bottled at 64 percent alcohol by volume and is designed to be drank neat or on the rocks with tonic water.
  • When it comes to the Blue Flame, Ole Smoky has a few options, like mixing it with Coke or using it as a base for a gin cocktail.

With no discernible scents on the nose, the spirit itself is clear and colorless.

I can see why they would recommend combining it with other things.

  • I used mine as a foundation for some homemade moonshine, which turned out rather well.

It’s really fascinating stuff, but it’s not something you’d want to drink straight from the bottle, which is why they recommend combining it with other drinks instead.

Ole Smoky Blue Flame Moonshine Review 2:

The following are the introduction and tasting notes: Clear and colorless in appearance The smell is fresh and clean. Taste: pleasant, with no burning sensation, and very simple to drink What it goes well with: Gin Martini, Gin and Tonic, and other similar drinks. Yes, it’s delicious when eaten straight from the bottle. A few quick observations: I found the Blue Flame to be far more enjoyable than I had anticipated. It’s a pretty smooth drink that’s simple to sip. I might have easily had two glasses of wine and not even realized it.

  • Proof: 64 percent alcohol by volume (ABV), 100 proof Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, and Virginia are among the states with availability.

Nose: fresh, sweet, and clean.

Finishing touch: clean and crisp 64 percent – Ole Smoky Blue Flame is a good choice.

  1. This liqueur is designed for adults above the age of twenty-one.

Make a meal out of it.

Ole Smoky Blue Flame Moonshine Review 3:

Color: Transparent Aroma: Ultra-pure alcohol with no discernible aroma. Taste: A sweet sugar blast that hits you right away, followed by a drying finish with a whiff of smoke. Finish: There is a sweet aftertaste.

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What to Mix with Moonshine

In the United States, moonshine, sometimes known as unaged whiskey, has earned a reputation as a rebellious spirit. Throughout the United States, from the hollows of Kentucky and West Virginia to the tenements of New York City, it was illegally produced and consumed. The once-illicit spirit failed to achieve widespread acceptance in the bartending community since its earthy flavor and distinctive burn did not make it the most pleasant bottle to deal with.

When making a basic two-ingredient drink, those characteristics still provide some distinct obstacles, but there are still plenty of mixers available that give drinkable results in a short time.


When whiskey is used to make moonshine, the standard combination of whiskey and Coke works regardless of whether the whiskey has been aged in a barrel. There are cola undertones in some of the sweeter, corn-heavy moonshines, which helps to bridge the gap between the two components.

Grapefruit Juice

  • In terms of flavor, this is somewhat of like the Paloma’s poorer relative in the United States.
  • You can certainly taste the differences between the two components: the moonshine has a strong, earthy undertone, and the grapefruit juice is bright and lemony, with a layer of bright, zesty grapefruit juice on top.

Ginger Ale

No matter which mixer you choose, you will never be able to replicate the distinct and strong flavor of moonshine completely. To get this effect, however, ginger ale should be mixed in with the vodka. Please keep in mind that we are not discussing ginger beer here. In a Highball, the sweeter ginger ale aids in the smoothest possible passage of the moonshine.

Sweet Vermouth

If you want to make your moonshine a powerful, stirred drink, this is the method to use. It’s not exactly a Manhattan, but it’s close enough. You may make a Manhattan with the classic 2:1 whiskey to vermouth ratio, but we prefer a 50/50 split even better. It’s important to mix it down well with plenty of ice because you want some dilution to mellow all of the tastes.


  • Moonshine helps to balance out the sweetness of bottled lemonade, resulting in a drink that is far superior than the sum of its parts.
  • Simply combine these two ingredients in a pint glass filled with ice for the ideal summer picnic beverage.

Iced Tea

A bottled iced tea, like some of the other mixers that work well with moonshine, produces a more pleasant end product than the more strong versions that you may brew from yourself. However, if you’re experimenting with this one, keep in mind that it’s easy to go overboard. We discovered that adding an ounce of whiskey for every three ounces of iced tea gives the drink the right punch it needs to be a refreshing alternative to a more traditional beverage.

Review: Ole Smoky Blue Flame Moonshine

  1. Ole Smoky Blue Flame Moonshine (also known as “Old Smoky Blue Flame”) is a type of moonshine made from blue flames.
  2. It is not every spirit that we get that has a fascinating backstory, and many of our readers have requested that we attempt to cover more goods that come across our desk.
  3. In order to do this, we are experimenting with a shorter form review.
  4. This will not take the place of our in-depth, analytical assessments of milestone items, but it should allow us to cover more territory and provide you with more insight on a greater number of products.

It has made its premiere at the Ole Smoky Distillery and will be available throughout the country by the middle of this year.

Ole Smoky now has a product that is intended to deliver on the moonshine promise.

  • Ole Smoky Blue Flame Moonshine (64 percent ABV, 128 proof, $34.
  • 95) – This is a sugar wash moonshine, which means that the leftover corn mash from corn whiskey has sugar added to it before it is fermented and distilled, similar to corn whiskey.

This proof has less edges on the nose than you might anticipate for its age.

Throughout the middle of the palate, white and black pepper, as well as a strong dash of spice, are present.

  • The finish is long and satisfying.

Ole Smoky is now selling its Blue Flame in their Gatlinburg, Tennessee store “The Holler,” with intentions to expand their distribution nationwide by the middle of 2015.

In addition to demonstrating that the moonshine industry will continue to develop and prosper, it also demonstrates that there is potential for creativity outside of the flavored moonshine area.

5 Delicious Cocktails You Can Make With Moonshine

Moonshine has been known by a variety of nicknames over the years, including White Lightning. Mountain Dew is a refreshing beverage. Tennessee white whiskey is a kind of whiskey produced in Tennessee. Hooch. In the meantime, contemporary moonshine has gone a long way from the days when it was a danger to the eyes of Appalachian imbibers in the 1800s. You may now purchase “moonshine” (a phrase that mainly refers to unaged white whiskey) online and at a handful of restaurants around the nation, thanks to changed liquor legislation and a resurgent interest in artisanal and locally produced products.

Despite the fact that genuine connoisseurs will tell you that moonshine is best taken by itself, the liquor nonetheless carries a powerful punch.

  • *** Bee Sting Cocktail: The Loveless Cafe, a Tennessee restaurant, is happy to show off their assortment of moonshine beverages, which includes the Bee Sting Cocktail.

This is a real delight for the people of the South.

Shirley Temple (interviewer): Ole Smoky Distillery produces moonshine in a variety of tastes, but the Smoky Tennessee Moonshine Cherries produced by the firm are a must-try.

  • Photograph courtesy of Richard Moross It’s all about blending everything you have on hand, so why not include some moonshine in your Jungle Juice as well.

That’s the end of your memories!

Made with moonshine, orange liqueur, raspberries, egg whites, and seltzer water, this cocktail is a refreshing treat.

  • Strain through a strainer and top with seltzer water.
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Using good ol’ fashioned moonshine, give the traditional summer Mint Julep beverage a new twist for the fall and winter seasons.

Take caution, though, since this is going to knock you off your feet.

12 Moonshine Cocktail Recipes to Make Your Next Tailgate Memorable

Apple Pie Moonshine Cocktail

Tailgating generally conjures up images of autumnal cuisine such as pumpkin and cider, so this cocktail is perfect for you. Apple cider, apple pie moonshine, cinnamon simple syrup, and lemon juice will be needed to make this concoction come together. (Image courtesy of The Little Epicurean)

Chocolate Moonshine

  • Shots of booze that taste like chocolate milk, anyone?
  • Please include us in your plans!
  • This homemade moonshine is made by combining Everclear, cream, and high-quality dark chocolate to create a mixture that tastes as bit as sinister as it seems.
  • (Image courtesy of Souffle Bombay)

Dreamsicle Moonshine

Unless you’ve tried it before, we’re willing to wager that you’ve never had coffee creamer in your drink before. It is composed consisting of orange juice, moonshine, vanilla extract, sugar, and powdered French vanilla coffee creamer, which gives it the flavor of a dreamsicle. It is only after you have tried it that you will believe it. (Image courtesy of The Moonshine Recipe Library)

Peach Cobbler Moonshine

You may rest guaranteed that this delicious peach cobbler moonshine will be passed around like wildfire at your tailgate. Make it a couple of days ahead of time to enable the flavors to meld and blend together. (Source: Call Me PMC)

Sex in the Woods

  1. You can be sure that this delicious peach cobbler moonshine will be passed around like crazy at your tailgate.
  2. Make it a couple of days ahead of time to let the flavors to meld and blend together more effectively.
  3. (Image courtesy of Call Me PMC).
  4. .
  5. .

Strawberry and Moonshine Jam Cocktail

If you haven’t tried making a drink with jam yet, you’re missing out on a great experience. If you follow these steps, you will not require the expertise of an experienced bartender or mixologist in order to produce a delicious drink, such as this one made with strawberry jam and moonshine. (Image courtesy of Dessert for Two) Paige Johnson is a young woman who lives in the United States. Originally from Louisville, Ky., Paige is a blogger, food writer, and culinary maestro who lives in New York City.

When she isn’t working on her blog, My Modern Cookery, you can find her binge-watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

  1. She also has a passion for cooking and baking.

Ole Smoky Blue Flame Moonshine Review

Richard Thomas contributed to this article. B+ is the grade. ‘Old Smoky Blue Flame’ is a slang term for a blue flame that is smoky and blue. Moonshine (Photo courtesy of Richard Thomas) Moonshine has earned the reputation of being a powerful rocket fuel. When it comes down to it, clandestine moonshine is frequently made with high-octane alcohol for reasonable economic reasons. Despite the fact that legends of white lightning being distilled to such a high proof that it can be used to power a car are typically just that: fiction, the proof is often high since it is simpler to transport and sell stronger things.

  1. It’s bottled at 128 proof (64 percent ABV), so it’s not for the faint of heart.

Apparently, this legal, Gatlinburg-produced booze is a maize and sugar shine, though I wasn’t able to confirm it at the time of publication.

Despite the fact that the liquid is a bright blue in the jar, it appears clear in the glass.

  • There is no corn husk or grassiness to the fragrance at all, and it is quite smooth, especially considering that it has a 64 percent alcohol by volume (ABV).

The flavor is straightforward and robust: rich, buttery sweet corn that is somewhat sweeter than any other sweet corn I’ve tried before.

The end brings out the corn husk flavor for the first time, but it’s a smooth and subdued finish.

  • Once again, this comes as a pleasant surprise for a spirit that is both powerful and young.

Try it plain or on ice; you’ll be surprised at how good it is.

According to my investigation of internet sellers, this was selling for between $18 and $27 per jar.

Ole Smoky Blue Flame Moonshine

A high-octane 128 proof bottle of Blue Flame Moonshine, this spirit is pure and transparent, according to moonshine standards, which state that “if it burns blue, it’s real.” The year 2009 was the year when the state of Tennessee made the decision to amend its regulations, enabling for the first time in more than a century the production of moonshine. Ole Smoky was co-founded by Joe Baker in Tennessee, and the company has developed a wide range of products, including twenty-seven different flavored Moonshines and dozens of different Whiskies.

They make their whiskeys in the traditional manner, using centuries-old whiskey-making techniques.

  1. Their product selection includes their Original Unaged Corn Whiskey, White Lightning, Moonshine Cherries, Blackberry, Our World Famous “Apple Pie,” Strawberry, Peach, and Lemon Drop, as well as other flavors.

Ole Smoky Blue Flame Moonshine is bottled at a proof of 128 proof, and the spirit is crystal clear and pure in appearance.

The color of the flame is the best indicator of the quality and strength of our high proof moonshine — if it burns blue, it’s authentic” (producer).

More Information

Proof 128 (64% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name Ole Smoky Distillery
Size 750mL
  1. There are notes of maize, cracked pepper, and a hint of wild raspberry on the scent, which is sweet and overflowing with flavor.
  2. The tastes of vanilla, maize, and other ingredients are powerful on the palette.
  3. Baked items are available.
  4. The finish is warm, with additional maize flavors coming through.
  5. California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia;
  6. Florida;
  7. Georgia;
  8. Illinois;
  9. Indiana;
  10. Kansas;
  11. Kentucky;
  12. Louisiana;
  13. Nebraska;
  14. Nevada;
  15. New Hampshire;
  16. New Mexico;
  17. North Carolina;
  18. North Dakota;
  19. Pennsylvania;
  20. Rhode Island;
  21. South Carolina;
  22. Texas;
  23. Washington;
  24. Wisconsin;
  25. and Wyoming.

Note: This item is not eligible for a refund.

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