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Where To Buy Climax Moonshine In Louisiana? (Perfect answer)

How much is a bottle of climax moonshine?

  • Tim Smith’s Climax Moonshine 4.8 (4 Reviews) White Whiskey / Moonshine / 45 % ABV / Virginia, United States 750.0ml bottle – from $29.99 375.0ml bottle – from $17.29


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Does Tim Smith own climax moonshine?

Prost Beverage Co. LLC released Tim Smith’s Climax Moonshine in Georgia and South Carolina. Climax Moonshine is pot-distilled from an original family recipe using corn, rye and barley malt mash, resulting in a 90-proof spirit.

Who makes climax liquor?

Climax Spirits | Tim Smith Spirits. The original recipe is distilled from corn, rye, and barley malt.

Where is Tim Smith’s climax moonshine made?

Products are made at Belmont Farm Distillery in Culpeper, Virginia and Asheville Distillery in North Carolina, and were also previously distilled at Limestone Branch Distillery in Lebanon, Kentucky.

Who is the richest moonshiner?

Moonshiners Tim Smith net worth: Tim Smith is an American moonshiner and reality television personality who has a net worth of $150 thousand dollars.

Is climax real moonshine?

Climax Moonshine is crafted from corn, rye and barley malt mash. The result is a clean, natural-tasting alcoholic beverage with a subtle sweetness that boldly defies convention.

What distillery does Tim own?

Tim Smith’s Climax | belmont-farm.

Who died from moonshiners?

Lance Waldroup, one of the bootleggers featured in Discovery’s reality series “Moonshiners,” died on Feb. 25 in North Carolina. He was 30. The network confirmed Waldroup’s death in a Facebook post earlier this week.

What happened to Tim Smith OTH?

Tim Smith later returned and was now working as a pizza delivery man in order to care for his toddler son. He and Nathan Scott grew apart since Nathan was hanging out and being friends with Lucas, Mouth and Skills. They stopped being friends in the middle of season 1 since Nathan started to change.

How do you drink Climax Moonshine?

For anyone who’s not familiar with Liquor 43, it’s a sweet Spanish liquor that’s made up of 43 different flavors with citrus and vanilla standing out the most. You can drink it neat, on ice or use it in a variety of different cocktails.

Is Popcorn Sutton moonshine still available?

Is Popcorn Sutton Moonshine Still Available? You can no longer buy moonshine produced by the original Popcorn Sutton because he died in 2009 after committing suicide to avoid jail and because of his cancer diagnosis.

What is Tim Smith’s net worth?

Tim Smith net worth: Tim Smith is an American moonshiner and reality television personality who has a net worth of $300 thousand. Tim Smith is based in Southwestern Virginia, and grew up in a family of moonshiners and bootleggers.

Where is Josh on moonshiners?

Currently, he’s selling custom merchandise online in an attempt to help pay for his medical bills, like engraved mini stills and apparel. Although his injuries were gnarly and caused several other problems for him down the road, like back problems and other mobility issues, Josh seems to be doing much better now.

Tim Smith’s Climax Moonshine Now Legal in 50 States

BeardwoodCo. is assisting in bringing a moonshine brand into the mainstream. NEW YORK, NY – January 6, 2013 – The New York Times has published an article titled Climax Moonshine, created by Tim Smith, is officially legal. Smith, who is one of the stars of the Discovery Channel show “Moonshiners,” has been brewing illicit moonshine in the backwoods of Virginia since the show’s premiere (in a town called Climax). The drink is pot-distilled from a family recipe that includes maize, rye, and barley malt mash, producing in a 90-proof spirit that may be enjoyed by anyone.

has licensed the rights to develop a (legal) moonshine brand, and Beardwood Co., a brand and innovation firm based in New York, has been enlisted to assist in developing a differentiated line of flavors that will appeal to both men and women between the ages of 21 and 45, according to the company.

“We started by making Camo, Tim’s real-life dog, the mascot for the company.

With an etching of Camo clearly displayed over the bottle’s surface and constructed of natural, kraft paper, the label is affixed slightly askew, expressing the artisanal nature of the moonshining technique, while the text pays homage to past “wanted” posters.

According to Loren Clapp, Design Director at Beardwood Company, “We also created original, panoramic images for the inside of each label that expose several vistas from Tim’s world, as well as Camo, showing her at work alongside Tim and his famed moonshine business.” A custom-perforated shipper box transforms into a product display when it is sold at retail.

  • “This was my opportunity to demonstrate to the world what true moonshine should taste like.” It is understood by the Beardwood Co.
  • Tim Smith, Founder of Tim Smith’s Climax Moonshine, explained that the packaging “shows what makes my Moonshine distinctive — my history, my community, and my dog Camo.” Tim Smith’s Climax Moonshine is made in the United States.
  • It was initially used in George and South Carolina, and it is currently being implemented across the country.
  • Beardwood Co.
  • With a team of strategists motivated by creative potential and designers inspired by human insights, Beardwood Co.

is a branding, insight, advertising, and innovation agency focused on brand, insight, and advertising. Coca-Cola, Westin Hotels, BathBody Works, Colgate-Palmolive, and Sperry Top-Sider are just a few of the long-term clients that have benefited from the team’s expertise.

Tim Smiths Climax Moonshine

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Written on the 8th of December, 2021 It’s a great firm to work for.

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Tim Smith’s Climax Moonshine

Tim Smith, star of the Discovery Channel’s Moonshiners series, shares his Climax Moonshine recipe with us. The item is back in stock! Tim Smith’s Climax Moonshine is available for $26.99. The Original Recipe is a blend of maize, rye, and barley malt that is distilled. Clean and natural in flavor, with a hint of sweetness and a strong sense of resistance. Tim Smith is a writer who lives in the United Kingdom. Tim Smith, a moonshiner from Climax, Virginia, is adamant about not being told what he can and cannot do.

  1. Despite his inherent disdain for authority, Tim has grown into a respected figure in his own right.
  2. Tim Smith and his Climax Moonshine may be legitimate, but make no mistake about it: they are the genuine thing.
  3. From the time he was a kid in the backwoods of Virginia, where she kept watch while he mastered his formula for his world-famous moonshine, she has been Tim’s sidekick and constant friend.
  4. Camo dogs are a one-of-a-kind breed of dog.
  5. Camo was born on the 2nd of May in the year 2011.
  6. Her distinctive hue makes her an excellent candidate for hiding in the woods.
  7. The Huffington Post published an article titled Taste Test: The Best Legal Moonshine.
  8. Tim Smith’s Climax Moonshine (90 proof, distilled from maize, malted barley, and rye) “Spicy flavor, surprisingly mild finish, though,” says one taster.
  9. Smooth and not very hot.” “It has a mild nose and is agreeable.” “Sweet and cheesy at the same time.

Tim Smith Climax Moonshine Recipe

Climax Moonshine, created by Tim Smith, is officially legal. Smith, who is one of the stars of the Discovery Channel show “Moonshiners,” has been brewing illicit moonshine in the backwoods of Virginia since the show’s premiere (in a town called Climax). The drink is pot-distilled from a family recipe that includes maize, rye, and barley malt mash, producing in a 90-proof spirit that may be enjoyed by anyone. Despite his inherent disdain for authority, Tim has grown into a respected figure in his own right.

Tim Smith and his Climax Moonshine may be legitimate, but make no mistake about it: they are the genuine thing.

What kind of whiskey is Tim Smith Moonshine?

Corn, rye, and barley malt are used in the original recipe, which is distilled. Clean and natural in flavor, with a mild sweetness and a strong sense of resistance.

Not your typical American bourbon-style whiskey; this is Tim Smith’s century-old moonshines recipe, aged and filtered with toasted oak and maple wood, which imparts color and revolutionary tastes while imparting color and revolutionary aromas.

What’s the best way to make climax moonshine?

Fill a cocktail shaker halfway with ice and add the moonshine, pineapple juice, lime juice, and grenadine. Shake well. Shake well before pouring into a glass filled with ice. Finish with a splash of lemon-lime soda and a cherry on top. Four out of five stars. Check out what others are saying about Tim Smith’s Climax Moonshine Original Recipe. This action will take you to the reviews page.

Who are the moonshiners in climax, VA?

Originally from Climax, Virginia, moonshiner Tim Smith doesn’t care for being told what he can and cannot do. So, despite the fact that many said he would never go legal, he did it anyhow. Despite his inherent disdain for authority, Tim has grown into a respected figure in his own right.

Why did Tim Smith make climax moonshine legal?

Even though many told him he couldn’t go straight, and that such a disreputable booze could never become popular, Smith’s contempt for authority only fueled his determination to make his old-fashioned moonshine lawful. And, to be quite honest, we couldn’t be more grateful since this stuff is the real deal!

Tim Smith’s Moonshine Recipe

Tim Smith claims that he makes his “Tim Smith Moonshine” using fresh strawberries, while another of them claims that his multi-generational family corn recipe is made with malted corn and no yeast, and that old Jim Tom’s formula is a well guarded secret. As a third-generation moonshiner, Tim Smith is best known for his starring role in the Discovery Channel’s “Moonshiners,” as well as for his critically acclaimed Tim Smith’s Original Climax Moonshine. Tim Smith has managed to keep his family’s 100-year-old moonshine recipe secret while building it into a major national brand.

  • Climax Moonshine is available for purchase in 750-ml bottles for around $29.99.
  • Climax Moonshine’s Original Recipe may be found here.
  • It has a clean and all-natural flavor, with a delicate sweetness and a strong sense of resistance in the background.
  • It has been aged and filtered with roasted oak and maple woods, among other things.
  • The alcohol sector is home to Tim Smith, who owns two enterprises, including Climax Whiskey Moonshine and Tim Smith Southern Reserve American Whiskey.

Tim Smith’s Climax Moonshine Original Recipe

A family recipe for Climax Moonshine is made from maize, rye, and barley malt mash, which is pot-distilled to create the whiskey. At 90 proof, it has a clear and natural taste to it, as well as a slight sweetness. Two flavored moonshines, Grape and Peach Lightning, will be released soon by Smith Distilling Company. These moonshines are manufactured the hard way, by distilling genuine fruit rather of adding fruit later, as is done with other’shines. Tim Smith’s moonshine, on the other hand, is the real deal.

  • And Tim’s Grape and Peach Lightning are manufactured the hard way, by distilling genuine fruit rather than adding fruit later, as is done by others in the industry.
  • 7th of October, 2018 – Wendy Glennon’s board “Tim Smith” on Pinterest is a great place to start.
  • Tim Smith’s Climax Original Moonshine is a unique blend of rye whiskey and agave nectar.
  • $ 24.95 is the price.
  • Tim Smith’s Climax Moonshine, a legal white lightning that is accessible in 40 states, including Virginia, was Smith’s debut liquor when he began manufacturing and selling the product in 2013.

Tim Smith’s Climax Moonshine: Fire No. 32, which was released in December 2015, was the first of these products to hit the market.

Tim Smiths Moonshine Mash Recipes

According to Miller, the highest proof moonshine created using ethanol derived from maize cultivated at Belmont is 110 proof, which is found in the Virginia Lightening and Tim Smith’s Climax, respectively. One holistic sort of hand sanitizer is infused with CBD and aloe vera, which the distiller claims they can’t keep on the shelf. Moonshine: Moonshiners are those who make moonshine. Climax Moonshine by Tim Smiths is the original. Corn, rye, and barley malt are used in the original recipe, which is distilled.

  • ILABACA LAW, PLLC is the world’s largest marketplace for premium spirits!
  • She is a Louisiana-bred Catahoula Leopard dog, which means she is a leopard.
  • Camo enjoys going for rides on her four-wheeler in her spare time.
  • Camo enjoys being a representative (her daddys) Tim Smith is a writer who lives in the United Kingdom.
  • The Original Recipe is a blend of maize, rye, and barley malt that is distilled.
  • The total number of items cannot exceed 100.
  • Tim Smith employs a century-old moonshine formula that has been aged and filtered with roasted oak and maple wood, giving it a rich russet color and smokey flavor that is unique to Tim Smith.
  • Please choose a store from which to do online buying.
  • Those who are fans of reality television may be familiar with the history of Climax, which is owned and run by Tim Smith, who was a cast member on the hit television series Moonshiners, among other things.

Tim Smith’s Climax Moonshine

I had never heard of the program or its performer, Tim Smith, before being invited to write about Climax Moonshine, and I was fascinated by the prospect of writing about it. Even though white whiskey isn’t something I drink on a regular basis, it’s something I enjoy trying every now and then since it’s a terrific opportunity to learn about the origins of some of the world’s most celebrated whiskeys. Tim Smith is a writer who lives in the United Kingdom. Recipe for Climax Moonshine Climax Moonshine Fire 32 is a song written by Tim Smith.

  1. 32 in Tim Smith’s Climax Fire series Moonshine with cinnamon and spices.
  2. Rod S Liquors is an American specialty food company that manufactures gourmet foods in the United States.
  3. Facebook is the most wanted person in America.
  4. Tim Smith’s Climax Moonshine, a 90-proof bourbon whiskey.
  5. The name, on the other hand, appears to speak for itself.
  6. This particular brand of moonshine has been tried and tested by me.
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The Climax Moonshine – Wood-Fired Whiskey by Tim Smiths Not your typical American bourbon type whiskey; this is Tim Smith’s century-old moonshines recipe, aged and filtered with toasted oak and maple wood, which imparts color and revolutionary tastes while adding color and revolutionary aromas.

“It kind of placed Climax on the map, I believe,” he added of the victory. Several distilleries in Culpeper, Lebanon, Ky., and Asheville, N.C., are bottling Smith’s backwoods formula, which was passed down from his late father.

Tim Smith’s Climax

Because to Tim Smith’s appearance in the television program Moonshiners, many people identify climax moonshine with the show Moonshiners. Smith claims to be a legitimate moonshiner at this point. Smith claims to be a legitimate moonshiner at this point. As a result, Climax Moonshine has established distilleries in Asheville, North Carolina, and Culpepper, Virginia, in order to meet the expanding demand. 9th of April, 2015 – In Lebanon, Kentucky, Tim Smith will open the Limestone Branch Distillery where he will produce his legally produced moonshine under the Climax Moonshine brand.

  • White Lightning Original Moonshine is 90 proof, Grape Lightning and Peach Lightning are 79 proof, and all three flavors are available.
  • The moonshine that we utilize in our drink has a proof of 90 percent.
  • It is, of course, legal as well!
  • It’s Tim Smith’s Original Climax Moonshine, and it’s delicious.
  • Some of his best-selling goods include Climax spirits such as Climax moonshine and whiskey, as well as Tim Smith Southern Reserve Whiskeys, which are among his most popular.
  • Moonshine is the genuine article.
  • Tim Smith’s moonshine, on the other hand, is the real deal.
  • Tim manufactures it the same way he has for years in the woods near Climax, Virginia — the traditional moonshine manner.

Tim Smith Moonshine

Tim Smith’s Climax Fire No.32 Cinnamon Spice Moonshine (750mL) is a cinnamon spice moonshine made with cinnamon and spices. Image of the product Image of the product 2. Tim Smith’s Climax Fire No.32 Cinnamon Spice Moonshine, 750mL. Price at regular intervals Price reduction to $37.00 from $32.99. *SHIPPING NOTICE- If at all feasible, please ship to a business address to avoid delays. Description. Tim Smith’s original pot-distilled recipe for Cinnamon Spice Moonshine is used to make this drink.

  • Tim produced this moonshine as a dedication to firefighters all throughout the country while serving as a volunteer fire chief in Climax, Virginia.
  • Recipe for Tim Smith’s Climax Moonshine in its original form (750mL).
  • There have been 34 reviews.
  • Pick up is available if the item is in stock.
  • Add this item to your cart.
  • 4.5 out of 5 stars for this product.
  • $20.99.
  • There is a delivery option available.
  • Lemonade with a Ryder Cup twist from Sugarlands Shine 750ml.
  • Tim Smith’s Climax Southern Reserve Rye Whiskey is alcoholic, and as a result, it should be eaten in moderation, despite the fact that it contains little carbohydrates.
  • Excessive drinking may have a negative impact on fat burning and lead to weight gain.

He is a third-generation moonshiner who has successfully transformed his family’s century-old moonshine formula into a significant national brand despite the fact that they have kept the recipe a well guarded secret.

Moonshiners Recipies

The item is now available for purchase. Claim the Climax Moonshine by Tim Smith (750ml). $32.99 $37.00 $32.99 $37.00 The item is now available for purchase. Whiskey from Tim Smith’s Climax wood-fired distillery, 750ml. $32.99 $37.00 $32.99 $37.00 The item is now available for purchase. Tim Smith’s Climax Fire No.32 Cinnamon Spice Moonshine (750mL) is a cinnamon spice moonshine made with cinnamon and spices. $32.99 $37.00 $32.99 $37.00 The Top 10 (Legal) Moonshine Brands in the United States Hudson New York Corn Whiskey is a kind of whiskey made from corn.

Tennessee Moonshine with a hint of smokiness.

TroySons Platinum is a prestigious award.

Moonshine made by Bill Elliott.

15 Dark Behind-The-Scenes Secrets You Didn’t Know About Moonshiners

The reality television program Moonshiners is undoubtedly familiar to you if you enjoy docudrama-style reality television series. The illegal production of moonshine in areas such as Tennessee, Virginia, and Louisiana has drawn the attention of millions of people who have tuned in to witness the process live on television. Whether they are interested in learning more about the history and culture of moonshine or are just delighted by the interactions that the cast members have with one another, the viewership of Moonshinershas been fairly consistent throughout the years.

Even a program that purports to be about people who are continuously on the run from the law does not want to get into too much problems with the authorities.

Which members of the cast have run afoul of the law in the past?

Is the program as authentic as it promises to be?

15Law enforcement threatened Tim off-camera

Throughout the show, the producers want viewers to believe they are getting a genuine glimpse into the lives of illicit moonshiners. When law enforcement officers approach the characters on the show while the cameras are filming, they are detained and questioned. They are nearly always able to walk (or drive) away from the situation, but it does provide a good moment of tension over the course of the program. TheMoonshinerscameras, on the other hand, do not record every contact with police enforcement.

In order to “prove” that he had been moonshining illegally, they took stills from the performance with them. Tim, on the other hand, maintained his composure and just welcomed them to come in and sit down because he was ready to serve dinner.

14Special Agent Jesse Tate was misled about the show

If you watched the first season of Moonshiners, you’re definitely familiar with special agent Jesse Tate from the show. He was employed at the Virginia ABC Bureau and appeared on the show on a regular basis during the first season. If you pay attention, though, you will see that he never truly interacts with characters such as Tim and Tickle, who are two of the series’ central characters. Why? It comes out that Tate had been mislead about the nature of the show prior to its airing. He had no notion that it was going to be a documentary about the history of moonshine production and distribution in the state; the Bureau had assumed that Discovery was creating a show about the history of moonshine production and distribution throughout the state.

Tate was also never seen on the show again after that.

13Virginia authorities condemned the show as fake

Virginia officials chastised Discovery for running a fraudulent and deceptive show in the same news release in which they claimed to have been misled about the nature of the show they were criticizing. After viewers repeatedly inquired as to why the state was permitting a crime to take place, Virginia clarified that the show was not depicting illegal moonshine production, but rather was a dramatization of the situation. After requesting that Discovery Channel include a disclaimer, they were told that their request had “gone unnoticed.” The show’s cast members, on the other hand, continue to maintain the opposite position.

Because authorities would have to capture the group in the act of brewing illicit moonshine in order to establish a case – which they haven’t done yet – they may continue to produce the program.

12Tim’s day job as a Fire Chief caused problems

When you appear on a reality television show, you open yourself up to a certain level of scrutiny in your personal life. Once viewers saw what Tim was up to throughout the day, he soon recognized what he needed to do. Tim’s money from illegal moonshining wasn’t his sole source of income. When he wasn’t escaping police offers to run hidden stills, he was working as the Fire Chief of the Climax Volunteer Fire Department in Virginia, where he met his wife. Most people consider firefighters to be upstanding members of society, therefore several viewers were troubled by Tim’s transition from one on-the-ground position to operating something that may be potentially hazardous to others.

11Popcorn Sutton was arrested in 2008

The infrequent appearance of Popcorn Sutton is likely to be remembered by those who have been watching the show since the first season began. Sutton was one of the most well-known moonshiners in the world, so well-known that he was the subject of several films on him. (One of them was nominated for an Emmy.) While Sutton managed to dodge the police for decades, he was apprehended by an undercover officer who discovered that he had over nine hundred gallons of illicit moonshine that he was preparing to sell.

He was charged with unlawful distillation of spirits (surprise!) as well as possession of a firearm while a convicted felon. After pleading guilty and being sentenced to eighteen months in jail the following January, Sutton was released from prison.

10Virginia denied Tim a legal moonshine license

As long-time watchers of the show are aware, Tim is no longer required to conceal his moonshining activities. The ability to legally sell his moonshine, which he believes will benefit him in his efforts to maintain the customs and culture around moonshine, has finally been granted to him with pride. Climax moonshine is made in Virginia, but it almost didn’t make it there in the first place. As Tim was getting ready to open his distillery, rumors spread that the Virginia ABC was on the verge of denying him a license to lawfully brew moonshine.

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We will never know for sure.

9Tickle had political aspirations

The president isn’t the first reality television star who has set his sights on a career in politics. During the episode, Stephen Tickle, a fan favorite on the show, also stated that he had contemplated entering politics – long before Donald Trump entered the race for president. Back in 2013, Tickle indicated in an interview with a local publication that he was considering running for a state post in southern Virginia. He understood that the program was providing him with a broader platform, and he wanted to use that platform to effect positive change in his community.

He never did get around to it, though, as there were a number of things that came in his way.

8Chico was allegedly arrested for a DUI

In addition to unlawful moonshining, Popcorn Sutton was not the only member of the Moonshiners who had been into trouble with the authorities for reasons other than illegal moonshining, for which the group is well-known. Chico was allegedly arrested for driving under the influence in Knott County in 2015. According to the report, he drove his vehicle into a crowd, prompting the officer to administer a field sobriety test, which he failed. Although no one was injured, the officer stated that Chico shouldn’t have been driving and ordered him to appear in court the next day.

His attorney was able to work with him to ensure that he only had to pay a fine and court fees.

7Josh Owens lost his trailer in a fire

Former professional motorcycle and motocross racer Josh Owens was a moonshiner prior to becoming a street hustler. On the episode, he continues to ride his motorcycle while walking his dog, Cutie Pie. To be honest, Cutie Pie could be a better fit for the audience than Josh is. He still enjoys motorbikes, and he was returning from a motorcycle event in August of last year when he noticed that his trailer had caught fire and he had to put it out. Because of the damage to his vehicle and trailer, it didn’t appear that he would be able to reclaim the trailer or anything else he had left behind.

Investigators were baffled as to what had sparked the blaze. Our hopes are that Josh’s fellow moonshiners were able to assist him in getting back on his feet after that incident had place.

6The show was supposed to be about legal moonshine

After seeing an episode of Moonshiners, practically everyone is left with one question: how on earth do they manage to avoid being apprehended? It appears that if you are caught on camera brewing illicit moonshine, you will almost certainly face legal consequences. According to the producers, they had the same idea, and the show was originally intended to be about legal moonshine manufacturing. Putting on a performance on illicit moonshine manufacturing and without getting everyone involved in trouble seemed like too much of a risk.

There was only one problem: they quickly recognized that it was going to be tedious.

The addition of Tim, who was able to take the cameras into the woods and provide an inside look at something that had previously been kept a closely guarded secret, was what truly elevated the show to a new level.

5Moonshiners’ production company is known for creating deceptive content

There are some people who are still not sure that what they see onMoonshinersis true. According to the production credits, one possible cause for this might be due to the production company’s involvement. Moonshiners is a television series created by Magilla Entertainment, a New York-based production firm. In addition to being responsible for many successful reality television series presently dominating the airwaves, they’re also responsible for a large number of deceptive “scripted reality” shows.

Aside from that, Magilla creates shows such as Lakefront Bargain Hunt, in which some of the contestants really purchased their homes years before the show was shot, and Southie Rules, which was a brutally staged reality show.

4Tickle has been arrested at least three times

Tickle hasn’t been able to catch a break in a long time. He has not only been arrested once, but at least three times in the past year. First and foremost, he was detained for public drunkenness. When a police officer discovered a sawed-off pistol in the front seat of his car, he was detained and charged with possessing a prohibited weapon. Following that, he was detained for a second time for violating his probation, following which he acknowledged to drug usage. In July 2016, he was sentenced to three years probation with a three-year suspension for possessing a shotgun.

After his five-month probation period ended, he was sentenced to twelve months of probation and was ordered to maintain “good behavior” for the following five years.

3Tim experienced his first raid at five years old

In spite of his best efforts, Tickle has not been successful. Not only once, but at least three times has he been arrested. He was first detained for public drunkenness, which led to his subsequent detention. A police officer discovered a sawed-off pistol in the front seat of his car and arrested him for possession of a sawed-off weapon. His arrest for probation violation followed shortly after, and he confessed to drug usage while being detained again. After being convicted of the shotgun crime in July 2016, he was sentenced to three years probation.

His five-month sentence was followed by twelve months of probation, during which he was required to maintain “excellent behavior” for the following five years. Hope he is successful in staying on the right track.

2Sutton ended his life before the show premiered

Popcorn Sutton was sentenced to months in jail, but he was never able to complete his term. It’s possible that casual viewers were unaware that he committed himself years before the first episode of Moonshiners aired. The footage that is used in the presentation comes from a 2002 documentary that solidified his reputation as a bootlegging icon. Sutton had no intention of spending any time in prison. According to his daughter, he had stated that he would want to die before the incident occurred.

While some people are outraged that the program is exploiting Sutton’s picture while he was plainly not present to grant consent, others believe that it is only fair that he be featured given his prominence in the moonshining world.

1Discovery won’t say whether the show is true or not

Is everything we see on Moonshiners true, or is part of it staged for the cameras? Is there a way to find out? Discovery is deafeningly silent. In the credits, those who are intrigued about what they’ve just witnessed may notice a disclaimer in small text, which says, in essence, that everything is not what it appears to be. Despite their efforts, they were unable to uncover anything since Discovery refused to include a disclaimer in the credits. The cast, for the most part, isn’t going to say anything, primarily because they can’t.

It is possible that certain situations on the program are staged, and they will discuss how the show might get away with depicting illegal activities, or that they are all illegal moonshiners in real life, but they will not explicitly confirm or deny that any scenes are set.

Is Moonshiners a true portrayal of moonshining, or is it just a dramatization of the practice?

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