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Why Did Josh And Bill’s Moonshine Turn Blue?

While it may not happen all the time, moonshiners with copper stills may experience a blue batch every once in a while. Basically, this is caused by the alcohol vapor corroding the copper metal. As the copper is literally eaten away, fragments transfer into the moonshine batch, which ultimately gives it a bluish tint.

Why does moonshine have a blue tint to it?

  • As the copper is literally eaten away, fragments transfer into the moonshine batch, which ultimately gives it a bluish tint. It’s important to note that moonshine made with fruit is more likely to turn out blue.


What causes blue liquor?

It is naturally colorless but is often given artificial coloring, most commonly blue or orange, which confers an exotic appearance to cocktails and other mixed drinks. The blue color is achieved by adding a food colorant, most often E133 brilliant blue.

What happened to Josh and Bill’s underground still site?

Josh and Bill’s above-ground still malfunctions, ending their season, but they find that their underground site is now mold-free and ready to use during the winter.

Why is my shine blue?

After distillation the shine had a light blue tint and smelled like ammonia. After researching on the internet I have discovered that the cause was from accidentally adding too much nutrients to the wash. I ran it back through and the color and the smell is gone.

Is the show moonshiners fake?

The fact that the show is based on the production of moonshine has had many viewers asking whether it is actually illegal, therefore making the show seem ‘fake’. According to “Magilla may not be the gold standard for keeping the “reality” in reality TV, or even the cubic zirconium standard. “

How can you tell if moonshine is poisonous?

How to Test for Purity. Folklore tells us one way to test the purity of moonshine is to pour some in a metal spoon and set it on fire. 6 If it burns with a blue flame it is safe, but if it burns with a yellow or red flame, it contains lead, prompting the old saying, “Lead burns red and makes you dead.”

Can you drink the heads of moonshine?

These contain the most volatile alcohols and should not be ingested, as they contain methanol and other undesirables. Commercial distillers always discard the foreshots and never consume them.

Did Mark and Jerry get caught on Moonshiners?

There are no reports of Mike and Jerry from ‘Moonshiners’ getting busted. Some moonshiners have gotten busted in the past — most famously, Popcorn Sutton, who took his own life a few years before Moonshiners was produced, though his legacy lives on.

Why did Chico leave Moonshiners?

It is possible that the pair wanted to focus on their family and decided to step away from the show. Despite this, Chico is still mentioned in the cast section on Discovery Channel’s website. His description reads: “Kentucky outlaw moonshiner Chico is a man always on the lookout for opportunity.

What happened to the married couple on Moonshiners?

While the pair seem to have decided to step away from reality television to focus on their family, the couple did not give up brewing whisky. “Well, I finally got down to trying to make sure to leave my family something when I leave this ol world,” Chico posted on his personal Facebook page in 2016.

Why does moonshine smell like alcohol?

Methanol or not, the first stuff to come off the still tastes and smells like rubbing alcohol. It’s by far the worst stuff in the entire production run and it isn’t going to impress anyone. A commercial distiller would never drink or sell the first stuff produced by a still.

Why do they shake the jar of moonshine?

“When shiners shake a jar of moonshine to check the proof, they’re observing the size of the resulting bubbles and how long they take to dissipate,” a video on the topic explains. “When low-proof alcohol is put to the shake test, the bubbles are small and linger on the surface for a longer period of time.

Are Mark and Digger real moonshiners?

Are Mark and Digger real moonshiners? “It’s authentic,” Mark told WHSV TV in 2017. It’s worth noting that Digger and Mark work with a legal moonshine distilling company called Sugarland’s Distilling Company, which is located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

What is Tim Smith’s net worth?

Tim Smith net worth: Tim Smith is an American moonshiner and reality television personality who has a net worth of $300 thousand. Tim Smith is based in Southwestern Virginia, and grew up in a family of moonshiners and bootleggers.

Are Mark and diggers legal?

“It’s authentic,” Mark told WHSV TV in 2017. “What we do, we can’t permit ourselves to be found by the law because it is very much against the law.” It’s worth noting that Digger and Mark work with a legal moonshine distilling company called Sugarland’s Distilling Company, which is located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Why Did My Moonshine Come Out Blue? on

Apple pie moonshine has a brown tint to it. Once it has been properly distilled, moonshine should have a crystal clear look, similar to that of plain old water. Colored moonshine, whether it’s brown (as depicted to the right), orange, or blue, is typically an indicator that something is amiss with the system. The color blue, in particular, may be unsettling, as most people link the color with toxic substances. So should you throw out your batch of blue shine and start over with a new batch in your still, or should you just keep trying?

There’s always a potential that the color was generated by some sort of organic reaction in the environment, but there’s also a chance that it was caused by a buildup of poisonous chemicals and/or heavy minerals in the environment.

Pour the blue moonshine down the drain and start again with a new batch of ingredients.

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No matter if they are not poisoned, it is just not worth the risk to eat them.

  • What is it that causes certain moonshine to have a blue tint when distilled?
  • Copper stills, for example, are well-known for their ability to react with salts and other contaminants.
  • Copper is the metal of choice for moonshine stills, but you must still properly clean them before each usage to ensure that there are no impurities or pollutants left in the still after it has been used.
  • Instead of wiping down your still with an old towel and calling it a day, use white apple cider vinegar to thoroughly clean each and every component of your still.
  • If you use it instead of bleach or other harsh chemicals, you won’t have to worry about your still becoming contaminated.
  • Perhaps a clean still will do the work, keeping the pristine aspect of the photograph.
  • We’d be interested in hearing your perspectives on the issue.

15 Dark Behind-The-Scenes Secrets You Didn’t Know About Moonshiners

The reality television program Moonshiners is undoubtedly familiar to you if you enjoy docudrama-style reality television series. The illegal production of moonshine in areas such as Tennessee, Virginia, and Louisiana has drawn the attention of millions of people who have tuned in to witness the process live on television. Whether they are interested in learning more about the history and culture of moonshine or are just delighted by the interactions that the cast members have with one another, the viewership of Moonshinershas been fairly consistent throughout the years.

Even a program that purports to be about people who are continuously on the run from the law does not want to get into too much problems with the authorities.

Which members of the cast have run afoul of the law in the past? What do you think? Is the program as authentic as it promises to be? Find out with these 15 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets About Moonshiners That You Didn’t Know Before.

15Law enforcement threatened Tim off-camera

Throughout the show, the producers want viewers to believe they are getting a genuine glimpse into the lives of illicit moonshiners. When law enforcement officers approach the characters on the show while the cameras are filming, they are detained and questioned. They are nearly always able to walk (or drive) away from the situation, but it does provide a good moment of tension over the course of the program. TheMoonshinerscameras, on the other hand, do not record every contact with police enforcement.

In order to “prove” that he had been moonshining illegally, they took stills from the performance with them.

14Special Agent Jesse Tate was misled about the show

Show creators hope that viewers will believe they are receiving a genuine glimpse into the lives of illicit moonshiners. Occasionally, while the cameras are rolling, the show’s personalities are approached by police authorities. They are nearly always permitted to walk (or drive) away from the situation, but it does provide a good moment of suspense over the course of the performance. TheMoonshinerscameras, on the other hand, do not record every encounter with police enforcement. Extra tape shows Tim Smith admitting that police officers attempted to approach him over his participation in the show one evening when he was at home.

Fortunately, Tim remained composed and just invited them to come in and seat down because he was ready to serve supper..

13Virginia authorities condemned the show as fake

Virginia officials chastised Discovery for running a fraudulent and deceptive show in the same news release in which they claimed to have been misled about the nature of the show they were criticizing. After viewers repeatedly inquired as to why the state was permitting a crime to take place, Virginia clarified that the show was not depicting illegal moonshine production, but rather was a dramatization of the situation. After requesting that Discovery Channel include a disclaimer, they were told that their request had “gone unnoticed.” The show’s cast members, on the other hand, continue to maintain the opposite position.

Because authorities would have to capture the group in the act of brewing illicit moonshine in order to establish a case – which they haven’t done yet – they may continue to produce the program.

12Tim’s day job as a Fire Chief caused problems

When you appear on a reality television show, you open yourself up to a certain level of scrutiny in your personal life. Once viewers saw what Tim was up to throughout the day, he soon recognized what he needed to do. Tim’s money from illegal moonshining wasn’t his sole source of income. When he wasn’t escaping police offers to run hidden stills, he was working as the Fire Chief of the Climax Volunteer Fire Department in Virginia, where he met his wife. Most people consider firefighters to be upstanding members of society, therefore several viewers were troubled by Tim’s transition from one on-the-ground position to operating something that may be potentially hazardous to others.

While his audience appears to be unconcerned with his activities throughout the day, they do seem to care that he continues to promote the television program.

11Popcorn Sutton was arrested in 2008

The infrequent appearance of Popcorn Sutton is likely to be remembered by those who have been watching the show since the first season began. Sutton was one of the most well-known moonshiners in the world, so well-known that he was the subject of several films on him. (One of them was nominated for an Emmy.) While Sutton managed to dodge the police for decades, he was apprehended by an undercover officer who discovered that he had over nine hundred gallons of illicit moonshine that he was preparing to sell.

He was charged with unlawful distillation of spirits (surprise!) as well as possession of a firearm while a convicted felon.

10Virginia denied Tim a legal moonshine license

As long-time watchers of the show are aware, Tim is no longer required to conceal his moonshining activities. The ability to legally sell his moonshine, which he believes will benefit him in his efforts to maintain the customs and culture around moonshine, has finally been granted to him with pride. Climax moonshine is made in Virginia, but it almost didn’t make it there in the first place. As Tim was getting ready to open his distillery, rumors spread that the Virginia ABC was on the verge of denying him a license to lawfully brew moonshine.

We will never know for sure.

9Tickle had political aspirations

The president isn’t the first reality television star who has set his sights on a career in politics. During the episode, Stephen Tickle, a fan favorite on the show, also stated that he had contemplated entering politics – long before Donald Trump entered the race for president. In an interview with a local newspaper in 2013, Tickle stated that he was considering running for a state position in the southern Virginia region of the state. He understood that the program was providing him with a broader platform, and he wanted to use that platform to effect positive change in his community.

His failure to complete it was due to a multitude of factors that prevented him from completing the task at hand.

8Chico was allegedly arrested for a DUI

In addition to unlawful moonshining, Popcorn Sutton was not the only member of the Moonshiners who had been into trouble with the authorities for reasons other than illegal moonshining, for which the group is well-known. Chico was allegedly arrested for driving under the influence in Knott County in 2015. According to the report, he drove his vehicle into a crowd, prompting the officer to administer a field sobriety test, which he failed. Although no one was injured, the officer stated that Chico shouldn’t have been driving and ordered him to appear in court the next day.

Chico, on the other hand, was not sentenced to prison time, unlike Popcorn Sutton. His attorney was able to work with him to ensure that he only had to pay a fine and court fees. Perhaps the charm that has aided Chico in his journey thus far has also served him well in court?

7Josh Owens lost his trailer in a fire

Former professional motorcycle and motocross racer Josh Owens was a moonshiner prior to becoming a street hustler. On the episode, he continues to ride his motorcycle while walking his dog, Cutie Pie. To be honest, Cutie Pie could be a better fit for the audience than Josh is. He still enjoys motorbikes, and he was returning from a motorcycle event in August of last year when he noticed that his trailer had caught fire and he had to put it out. Because of the damage to his vehicle and trailer, it didn’t appear that he would be able to reclaim the trailer or anything else he had left behind.

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Our hopes are that Josh’s fellow moonshiners were able to assist him in getting back on his feet after that incident had place.

6The show was supposed to be about legal moonshine

After seeing an episode of Moonshiners, practically everyone is left with one question: how on earth do they manage to avoid being apprehended? It appears that if you are caught on camera brewing illicit moonshine, you will almost certainly face legal consequences. According to the producers, they had the same idea, and the show was originally intended to be about legal moonshine manufacturing. Putting on a performance on illicit moonshine manufacturing and without getting everyone involved in trouble seemed like too much of a risk.

There was only one problem: they quickly recognized that it was going to be tedious.

The addition of Tim, who was able to take the cameras into the woods and provide an inside look at something that had previously been kept a closely guarded secret, was what truly elevated the show to a new level.

5Moonshiners’ production company is known for creating deceptive content

There are some people who are still not sure that what they see onMoonshinersis true. According to the production credits, one possible cause for this might be due to the production company’s involvement. Moonshiners is a television series created by Magilla Entertainment, a New York-based production firm. In addition to being responsible for many successful reality television series presently dominating the airwaves, they’re also responsible for a large number of deceptive “scripted reality” shows.

Aside from that, Magilla creates shows such as Lakefront Bargain Hunt, in which some of the contestants really purchased their homes years before the show was shot, and Southie Rules, which was a brutally staged reality show.

4Tickle has been arrested at least three times

The reality of anything that they see onMoonshiners hasn’t been proven to everyone yet. According to the production credits, one possible cause for this might be due to the production company’s involvement. Located in New York, Magilla Entertainment is behind the production of Moonshiners. Several famous reality television series are presently dominating the airwaves, but they’re also responsible for a large number of false “scripted reality” programs. Every time the term “Long Island Medium” is introduced, it is lambasted as a fraud.

It’s no surprise that people are wary of Moonshiners when they have such a track record.

3Tim experienced his first raid at five years old

While actor Tim Smith has been fortunate enough to avoid having a criminal record, he is no stranger to law enforcement raids and arrests in his professional life. He soon discovered the ramifications of being apprehended too soon. When he was five years old, he was subjected to his first police raid, which occurred when authorities were investigating his father. During an interview, Smith claimed that when the police arrived, he was forced to conceal the illicit moonshine from the officers. To throw that kind of responsibility on a five-year-old child was a significant enough shock to him that he continues to speak about it to this day.

2Sutton ended his life before the show premiered

Popcorn Sutton was sentenced to months in jail, but he was never able to complete his term. It’s possible that casual viewers were unaware that he committed himself years before the first episode of Moonshiners aired. The footage that is used in the presentation comes from a 2002 documentary that solidified his reputation as a bootlegging icon. Sutton had no intention of spending any time in prison. According to his daughter, he had stated that he would want to die before the incident occurred.

While some people are outraged that the program is exploiting Sutton’s picture while he was plainly not present to grant consent, others believe that it is only fair that he be featured given his prominence in the moonshining world.

1Discovery won’t say whether the show is true or not

Is everything we see on Moonshiners true, or is part of it staged for the cameras? Is there a way to find out? Discovery is deafeningly silent. In the credits, those who are intrigued about what they’ve just witnessed may notice a disclaimer in small text, which says, in essence, that everything is not what it appears to be. Despite their efforts, they were unable to uncover anything since Discovery refused to include a disclaimer in the credits. The cast, for the most part, isn’t going to say anything, primarily because they can’t.

  • It is possible that certain situations on the program are staged, and they will discuss how the show might get away with depicting illegal activities, or that they are all illegal moonshiners in real life, but they will not explicitly confirm or deny that any scenes are set.
  • Is Moonshiners a true portrayal of moonshining, or is it just a dramatization of the practice?
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  • Lauren graduated from college with a B.A.
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MOONSHINERS: Blue Strawberry Brandy Final Gasp for Josh & Bill’s Backwoods Liquor Career?

“OnJoshamp; Bill on MOONSHINERS,” says the author. Following the production of blue strawberry brandy, Joshamp; Bill’s days of producing their own shine may be numbered; will they be able to turn to bootlegging instead? data-medium-file=” data-large-file=” data-small-file=” alt=”Josh “Bill Concerning MOONSHINERS” src=” h=168″ width=”300″ height=”168″ src=” h=168″ width=”300″ height=”168″ srcset=” h=168 300w, h=336 598w, h=84 150w” srcset=” h=168 300w, h=336 598w, h=84 150w” Josh and Bill simply can’t seem to get it together, no matter how hard they try; will blue strawberry brandy be the final straw for them?

  • Josh and Bill had been having difficulties from the beginning of their moonshine-making endeavors, but it appeared last week that they had finally won the jackpot with their strawberry brandy run—that is, until it turned blue.
  • BLUE!
  • Josh and Bill are forced to return to their day jobs once their shine turns blue, according to Discovery Channel.” Chico, who is experiencing financial difficulties, makes a difficult decision that might cost him everything.
  • Mark and Jeff are relocating their liquor.” Fans like Tickle, but did anybody have any doubts that he would have difficulties this season as he attempted to make it on his own?
  • Will he come to regret ever having met Wayne before it’s all said and done?
  • Find out on tonight’s episode of MOONSHINERS.
  • and 8 p.m.
  • It’s simple to receive TVRuckus sent to your inbox!
  • Image courtesy of the Discovery Channel on Facebook.
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Josh’s ‘Moonshiners’ Suffered a Horrible Back Injury, but How Did It Happen?

My perception of motorbikes as a child was that they were the coolest things on the face of the planet. My enthusiasm for riding the two-wheeled death machines began to wane once I accidentally came upon footage of a crash. So when I heard that Josh Owens, star of the famous reality television seriesMoonshiners, had had a back injury, I instantly began to put two and two together in my head.

How did Josh from Moonshiners break his back?

The rest of the article is below the advertisement. You can tell he’s a bit of a gearhead if you look at his social media pages, which show he has a particular fondness for classic bikes. But he isn’t content with simply showing them off at trade shows; he also likes riding in them on his motorcycle. Unfortunately, on March 16, 2018, while riding a vintage motorcycle on a Florida race track, one of the tires on which he was traveling blew up, resulting in his death. Instagram is the source of this information.

The reality star suffered multiple serious injuries as a consequence of the event, which caused his bike to crash into a wall.

He was later hospitalized to the hospital and released.

A gloomy prognosis was given: Josh had torn his rotator cuff, broken his left clavicle and shoulder blade, and virtually all of his ribs had been broken – just one rib had been saved. In addition, he perforated a lung and the skin of one of his fingers was peeled back to reveal the underlying bone.

Josh alleges the hospital discharged him too early.

The rest of the article is below the advertisement. If things weren’t terrible enough for theMoonshiner, the television personality claims that the Halifax medical center released him before all of his injuries had been properly addressed since he was not covered by a health-insurance policy. Hospital management, on the other hand, have dismissed Josh’s claim, stating that no patient at their facility has ever been denied care or received less treatment because of inability to pay for it. Instagram is the source of this information.

  • Josh claims that his left collarbone is still “sticking out” and that his left side has been “pretty much immobilized” as a result of the accident, which occurred in November.
  • After five days in the hospital, the reality TV personality said that a medical employee sat alongside him and inquired about his insurance coverage.
  • They released him from the hospital the next day, despite the fact that blisters in his throat made it impossible for the guy to swallow his own spittle.
  • He continues to feature in the most recent season of Moonshiners.
  • Instagram is the source of this information.
  • Josh appears to be doing much better now, despite the fact that his injuries were severe and led him various more problems down the road, including back problems and other mobility challenges.
  • Seen on his Instagram profile, he can be found enjoying the great outdoors with friends and family, returning to the racetracks for another season, doing smithy work, and, of course, moonshining.
  • He’s clearly a man that is difficult to keep under control.
  • He hasn’t slowed down in the least.

Josh Owens’ motorcycle slammed into a race track wall at 100 mph. Then his problems began.

A vintage motorbike driven by Josh Owens, the star of the Discovery Channel’s “Moonshiners” docudrama series, broke a tire and crashed into a wall at a Florida race track on March 16. Owens stated he is still in agony from the accident. Owens, a 40-year-old North Carolina resident, claims that a hospital in Daytona Beach discharged him too quickly after the terrible accident because he did not have health insurance at the time. a screenshot of a photo taken on Instagram A vintage motorbike driven by Josh Owens, the star of the Discovery Channel’s “Moonshiners” docudrama series, broke a tire and crashed into a wall at a Florida race track on March 16.

  1. Owens, a 40-year-old North Carolina resident, claims that a hospital in Daytona Beach discharged him too quickly after the terrible accident because he did not have health insurance at the time.
  2. “There’s no two ways about it,” says the author.
  3. During a practice drive at New Smyrna Speedway, located approximately 14 miles south of Daytona Beach, Owens’ 1919 Harley Davidson suffered a tire blowout, resulting in severe injuries that sent him to the hospital.
  4. In the incident, Owens stated he suffered a punctured lung, tore his rotator cuff, and fractured his left collar bone, shoulder blade, and all but one of his ribs.
  5. His left side is “very much immobilized,” he explained, and he continues to experience excruciating discomfort.
  6. “I was lavishing affection on everyone,” he said.
  7. a screenshot of a Facebook picture When a medical staff inquired about his insurance at his bedside, he claimed that he was still suffering from significant health difficulties.

I’ll send you a bill, and I’ll pay it,” he said he promised the employee.

Owens claims that the hospital discharged him less than a day after admitting him, despite the fact that he was still suffering from ailments such as stinging sores in his throat.

According to hospital officials, the length of time a patient spends in the hospital is determined by a variety of criteria, including the severity of the patient’s injuries and his or her age.

Owens has been living with friends in Daytona Beach, according to him.

No matter how bad his injuries are, he plans to appear in the next eighth season of “Moonshiners,” he stated.

He stated that he intends to utilize the revenues from the sale of products on his Instagram and Facebook sites to assist him in paying his medical expenses.

“As soon as he is able to throw his leg over the handlebars of a bike, he is back in action,” Owens wrote. In addition to shining again, he is recuperating at the beach.” The original version of this story was published on April 6, 2018 at 12:20 p.m.

How Do the Guys on Moonshiners Not Get Arrested? Get the Details!

A lot of people are curious as to whether or not the cast of Moonshiners is breaking any laws. In fact, many individuals have inquired as to how the men onMoonshinersnot get jailed. The Discovery Network docudrama depicts a fictionalized depiction of the lives of those who illegally brew moonshine in the United States and Canada. The series covers their efforts to produce alcoholic beverages as well as their methods of avoiding the law. However, it turns out that the show’s stars — Tim and Tickle — are also licensed distillers, as well.

“They have to really catch you doing something wrong in order to take action.

“And that’s going to literally catch you,” Tim said.

“We’re not in the same spot as we were at the time.

after the show is over.

“If there had been any criminal behavior going on, the Virginia ABC Bureau of Law Enforcement would have intervened,” spokeswoman Kathy Shaw of the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control earlier told The Associated Press in an email.

Virginia ABC did not participate in the filming and was not aware of the false depiction of moonshine manufacturing, distribution, and/or transportation that was shown.

All of this is due to the fact that the government is unable to account for its funds.

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