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FAQ: How To Say Can I Have A Beer In Spanish?

How do you order a beer in Spanish?

The Different Ways to Order a Beer in Spain

  1. Una caña. One of the most common beer orders in Spain, a caña is a small glass of beer, usually slightly smaller than the British half pint.
  2. Un doble.
  3. Un tercio.
  4. Un quinto.
  5. Una jarra.
  6. Una clara.
  7. Una cerveza sin.

What does lager mean in Spanish?


Principal Translations
Inglés Español
lager n (light beer) cerveza rubia loc nom f
cerveza lager loc nom f
When Americans say ‘beer’ they mean ‘ lager ‘.


What is alcohol called in Spanish?

[ˈælkəhɒl ] (= drink) alcohol m (also Chem) I never touch alcohol no pruebo el alcohol ⧫ soy abstemio.

Is alcohol cheap in Spain?

SPAIN sells the cheapest alcohol in the eurozone, according to research by the EU’s statistics office Eurostat. The price of alcoholic beverages in Spain was 84% of the median price across the whole EU, making it the cheapest of any country using the Euro.

How do you order alcohol in Spanish?

To order, try asking: “I want a beer” ( “Yo quiero una caña.”) To be more Spanish say: “Can you give me an espresso” (“¿me pone un café solo?”)

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How do you say alcohol in Mexico?

7 Answers. You should use “bebidas alcohólicas”.

How do you spell alcohol?

Correct spelling for the English word ” alcohol ” is [ˈalkəhˌɒl], [ˈalkəhˌɒl], [ˈa_l_k_ə_h_ˌɒ_l] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What are the 2 ways to say is in Spanish?

“Is” is a verb in English meaning “to be.” In Spanish, there are two forms of the verb “to be”: estar and ser. Where it begins to become confusing is when you realize that estar and ser are not interchangeable, despite having the same definition.

Do you eat bread in Spanish Formal?

Because ” bread ” is “pan”, not “el pan”. The first sentence, the one that was wrong, was ” Do you eat the bread?” Just remove the ‘the’ part and you should be ok. Tu is informal, usted is formal.

Is drink in Spanish feminine or masculine?

La bebida ( noun ) = drink ( feminine noun ).

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