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How Much Is A Beer In Turkey?

How much is a beer in Turkey 2020?

A bottle of beer from a known brand: 2.10 USD (18 TRY) A sausage or cold cuts (1 kg): 5.40 USD (46 TRY) A mid-range wine (one bottle): 5.90 USD (50 TRY)

Is alcohol expensive in Turkey?

It depends where you are going to in Turkey. Generally local beer (Efes) is cheap, wine is fairly expensive and imported brands like Jack Daniels are very expensive.

Is Turkey expensive for food and drink?

Restaurants are much cheaper than their European and North American counterparts. If you eat at a restaurant on the cheaper side, expect to pay around 20-25 liras. If you are eating a three-course-meal at a mid-range restaurant, the price goes up to 60 to 120 liras. A McDonald’s meal would cost you about 20-25 liras.

How much is an Efes beer in Turkey?

Local beer such as Efes or Tuborg is the cheapest and costs around £2 at the supermarket but the price is higher on the beach or in Bar Street. On Longbeach in Marmaris, a bottle of local beer is about £2.30 and a glass is about £1.50.

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How much spending money will I need for a week in Turkey?

A vacation to Turkey for one week usually costs around TRY2,339 for one person. So, a trip to Turkey for two people costs around TRY4,678 for one week. A trip for two weeks for two people costs TRY9,357 in Turkey.

What is the best currency to take to Turkey?

Re: What is the best currency to take to Turkey? The best currency to use is lira but you will usually get a better rate over there so I would say take sterling and exchange for lira when you get there. Don’t bother with euros or you will lose out.

Are clothes expensive in Turkey?

Prices for clothes might vary greatly depending on where you shop. It is kind of expensive for Turks.. not because they can’t afford, but because they can find similar stuff at much lower prices). If you pay a visit to the so-called ‘fabrica’ (factories) or outlets, you will buy clothes at ridiculously cheap prices.

Why is alcohol so expensive in Turkey?

Turkey’s stiff alcohol taxes have led to rapidly rising prices for beer and the popular anise-flavored brandy raki. “I do this mostly for economic reasons,” Vuslat says, explaining that alcohol has become expensive in Turkey under rising taxes in recent years.

Can I buy alcohol in Turkey?

Welcome to Turkey. Alcohol can be bought at most supermarkets, markets or special tobacco shops that sell alcohol, non alcoholic beverages and cigarettes. You have to be 18 to purchase alcohol.

How much money should I bring to Turkey?

You’ll need to budget for £40 per person per day in Turkey or £280 per week to include meals and excursions. Budget slightly more if you plan daily excursions. Or try an all inclusive deal.

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How much is a Coke in Turkey?

Cost of Living in Turkey

Restaurants Edit
Coke /Pepsi (12 oz small bottle) 4.69TL
Water (12 oz small bottle) 1.76TL
Markets Edit
Milk (regular), (1 gallon) 22.67TL


How much is a cup of coffee in Turkey?

Other kinds of coffee served in Turkey You can get a cup of instant coffee in Istanbul for around 36p. At Starbucks in Turkey coffee is between 6 and 15 lira (72p – £1.80) depending on the kind of coffee you order. Coffee in Marmaris costs £1.20 and £1.45 at the Marina, a Cappuccino is £1.45-£1.70.

Is Turkey cheaper than Pakistan?

Turkey is 84.2% more expensive than Pakistan.

Is Marmaris expensive 2020?

Marmaris can be both expensive and cheap depending on the places you choose to eat out and entertain. For the Turkish Marmaris is overpriced in general terms. Expect about 15euros or 10 GBP per person in a decent place to eat, and drinks are about 5euros or 3 GBP in the nightclubs.

Is 2000 Turkish lira enough for a week?

2000 Turkish Lira is about 300 euro. İt will not be enough for one month holiday in Turkey as anywhere, if you know some Turkish or other friends living in Turkey and you can live with them, if you know where, when, how, with whom you make your holiday, in case with your tent it might be enough.

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