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Often asked: Boddingtons Beer Where To Find?

Is Boddingtons beer still available?

Boddingtons beer brands are now owned by the global brewer Anheuser–Busch InBev which acquired the Whitbread Beer Company in 2000. Production of the cask-conditioned beer moved to Hydes Brewery in Moss Side, Manchester, until it was discontinued in 2012, ending the beer’s association with the city.

Where is Boddingtons Pub Ale?

Boddingtons Bitter (Boddies) is a straw-golden bitter originally produced by Boddington & Co at their Strangeways Brewery in Manchester. It is now owned by AB-InBev and produced at their brewery in Samlesbury, Lancashire.

What beer is similar to Boddingtons?

Much like the Boddingtons, the body is medium to light with a creamy thick mouthfeel that is also dry on the palate. The carbonation is similar to Boddingtons —dry and even, although creamy. Tetley’s has more caramel flavor and less hop bitterness than Boddingtons, leaving it a bit less balanced as a whole.

Why is there no Boddingtons beer?

The 1900 English Beer Poisoning Until 1900 that is when more than 6,000 people were poisoned and over 70 people died due to arsenic entering the beer of many of the city’s breweries. Hundreds of Boddington’s barrels were poisonous due to the sugar that was used during the fermentation process.

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Is Boddingtons a nitro beer?

Full of body and quite creamy, well deserving of the title “the cream of manchester”. This nitrogenated and pasteurised beer is brewed in Samlesbury, United Kingdom. Full of body and quite creamy, well deserving of the title “the cream of manchester”.

Is Cass a beer?

Cass is a non-pasteurized lager. At 6.9% abv, Cass Red is the strongest variety currently sold. OB Golden Lager: An all malt beer made primarily from Perle hops.

What style is Boddingtons Pub Ale?

REVIEW: Boddingtons Pub Ale

Quick Characteristics
Brewery: Anheuser-Bush InBev
Location: United Kingdom
Style: English Pale Ale (Bitter)
ABV: 4.7%

What is the alcohol content of Boddingtons Pub Ale?

It has a creamy, malty and slightly sweet flavor and features a clean, pleasant aftertaste. Ingredients/Brewing: Boddingtons uses a traditional brewing process and is 4.6 percent alcohol by volume ( ABV ).

Who was the Boddingtons girl?

Melanie Sykes has resumed her most famous role as a Boddingtons girl – in a hilarious new advert for the beer company. The Mossley-born model first found fame after her starring role in a Boddies ad back in the ’90s, when it was then known as the “Cream of Manchester”.

What is the best English beer?

Best British beers

  • Magic Rock High Wire – Pale Ale, 5.5% (Huddersfield)
  • Partizan X Ale – Mild, 6.3% (London)
  • Buxton – Jacob’s Ladder – Pale Ale – 2.7% (Buxton)
  • Cloudwater Session Bitter – Bitter, 4.5% (Manchester)
  • Wiper & True Milk Shake – Milk Stout, 5% (Bristol)
  • Wild Beer Co Millionaire – milk stout, 4.7% (Shepton Mallet, Somerset)
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Is Boddingtons a beer or a lager?

Boddingtons is a medium-bodied pale ale, that is renowned for its golden color, distinctive creamy head, smooth body and easy drinking character. It has a creamy, malty and slightly sweet flavor and features a clean, smooth aftertaste. Boddingtons Draught Bitter Beer Cans.

Alcohol By Volume 3.5
Tasting Notes Smooth and creamy

How do you drink Boddingtons?


  1. In a cocktail shaker, take about 4 to 5 cubes of ice.
  2. Add the tequila, St Germain, Cherry brandy and simple syrup.
  3. Shake till its mixed properly and chilled.
  4. Strain and pour the mix in a high ball glass.
  5. Open a fresh can of Boddingtons and pour it in the glass up to the brim.

What happened Hofmeister beer?

From the 1980s to 2003, Hofmeister was a 3.2% alcohol by volume pale lager produced by Scottish & Newcastle (later Scottish Courage). In 2016, Spencer Chambers and Richard Longhurst acquired Hofmeister from Heineken. The beer relaunched in October 2016 with new branding and a revised recipe.

How does the ball in Guinness work?

A widget is a hollow, spherical piece of plastic with a tiny hole in it — it looks like a little ping pong ball. During the canning process, brewers add pressurized nitrogen to the brew, which trickles into the hole along with a little bit of beer. The entire can is then pressurized.

What is best bitter beer?

best bitter

1 Vrooden Bucké 4.5% 81
2 Luckie Ales Best Bitter Retired 4.5% 79
3 The Granite Best Bitter Special 4.5% 77
4 Liverpool Organic Best Bitter Retired 4.2% 76


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