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Often asked: Old Speckled Hen Beer Where To Buy?

Which brewery acquired Old Speckled Hen?

Old Speckled Hen is a premium bitter from the Morland Brewery, now owned by Greene King Brewery. Old Speckled Hen was first brewed in 1979 in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the MG car factory there on the 30 November 1979.

Are Old Speckled Hens good?

Overall a really nice English pale ale. 500ml can – nice fluffy head, smooth drinking experience with a dry bitter finish. Aroma is relatively faint but the malty flavour is definitely the best part of this beer. This is my first English pale Ale.

What kind of beer is speckled hen?

GREAT BRITAIN’S NUMBER ONE PREMIUM ALE Old Speckled Hen is popular with ale drinkers up and down the country and renowned for its unique character and consistent quality. The great British ale was first brewed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the MG car factory in Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

What percentage is speckled hen?

ABV: 0.5% Old Speckled Hen is normally around 5% ABV.

Should Old Speckled Hen be chilled?

“90% of Old Speckled Hen is enjoyed cool and carbonated, either at home, in bottle or can format or as a keg beer in the pub” says Matt Starbuck, Managing Director, Greene King Brewing & Brands. Old Speckled Hen delivers on both, as a beer that is best enjoyed cold yet packed with malty characteristics.

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What happened to Old Speckled Hen?

Greene King has given Old Speckled Hen a major rebrand to bring the traditional ale brand in line with modern tastes. It has rolled out a new look, which retains the brand’s ‘octagon’ and name, but added a “sleeker” typeface and silver edging Greene King said gave the brand “a modern twist”.

How do you pour an Old Speckled Hen?

You pop it open, hold vertically upside down and let it pour into your pint glass. The widget inside ensures the nitrogen and beer get properly mixed.

Why is it called Old Speckled Hen?

The name chosen was “ Old Speckled Hen ”, which took its name from a strange car brought to Abingdon when the factory moved. The vehicle, originally built as an experimental car in 1927, was called the “MG Featherlight Saloon” made from cellulosed fabric stretched over a wooden frame, and was black speckled with gold.

Does Old Speckled Hen contain wheat?

Gluten free versions of the brewer’s flagship beer, Greene King IPA and the UK’s number one premium ale, Old Speckled Hen will be available in 500ml bottles from February, and have been specially crafted to be free from gluten without compromising on the well-known flavour, aroma and appearance of either beer.

Is Speckled Hen a pale ale?

English pale ale ​ Old Speckled Hen’s defining characteristic of being an English pale ale has also been brought to the front of the new design and features in a larger font on the packaging. A new glass has also been designed to reflect the octagonal shape of the main branding.

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Are Old Speckled Hens vegetarian?

“I can confirm that there are no animal derived Ingredients in our beers including IPA. Old Speckled Hen is Not Vegan Friendly.

by Greene King Brewing
Address: Westgate Brewery Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP33 1QT England
Phone: +44 (0) 1284 763222
Email: [email protected]

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