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Often asked: Where To Buy Russian River Beer Online?

Can you buy Russian River beer online?

Russian River Brewing Company Beers – Buy Online | Drizly. Beer, wine and liquor delivered to your doorstep.

Who distributes Russian River beer?

If you live in California and are interested in having beer shipped directly to your door, click here to visit our Online Store! Distributor: Self-distribution, Russian River Brewing Co. Distributor: Matagrano Inc. Distributor: Matagrano Inc.

Can I get Pliny the Elder shipped?

Pliny The Elder — The World’s Most Sought After Double IPA — Is Now Available Through The Mail. You can find me at the confluence of food, beverage and travel.

Can I buy Pliny the Younger online?

Pliny the Younger Bottles Available for Purchase Online ONLY!

How do I ship beer to a friend?

How to Mail Beer Across the Country Like a Pro

  1. Line Your Box with a Garbage Bag.
  2. Line the Sides of Your Box with Bubble Wrap.
  3. Wrap Individual Bottles with Bubble Wrap or Newspaper.
  4. Keep It Tight.
  5. Tape Every Part of the Box.
  6. Don’t Mail Beer in the Summer.
  7. Know the Rules.
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Why is Pliny the Elder so hard to find?

While all Russian River beers were hard to come by due to the small area of distribution, Pliny the Elder was the hardest Russian River beer to find due to the reputation it holds. He said it was a beer everyone knew about, but just could not get their hands on due to the high demand and small distribution.

Where does Russian River distribute?

I WOULD LIKE TO CARRY YOUR BEER IN MY STORE, BAR, OR RESTAURANT. DO I HAVE TO GO THROUGH A WHOLESALER, OR CAN I BUY IT DIRECTLY FROM THE BREWERY? We self- distribute in Sonoma, Napa, and Marin Counties along with San Francisco and much of the East Bay.

Where can I buy Russian River beer in Los Angeles?

The 15 Best Places for Russian River Beer in Los Angeles

  • Father’s Office. 3229 Helms Ave (at Venice Blvd), Los Angeles, CA.
  • Cap N’ Cork Junior Market. 1674 Hillhurst Ave (at Prospect Ave), Los Angeles, CA.
  • Verdugo Bar. 3408 Verdugo Rd (at Avenue 34), Los Angeles, CA.
  • The Library Alehouse.
  • Mohawk Bend.
  • Mistral.
  • Bel Air Bay Club.
  • Barrique.

Does Russian River sell kegs?

We distribute kegs to select RRBC accounts, some of whom may change from year to year. Younger will also be brewed and released at our new Windsor brewery starting in 2019!

Do they bottle Pliny the Younger?

2021 will be the second time we have ever bottled Pliny the Younger and a first for shipping direct to consumer! Pliny the Younger 510ml bottles will be available for pre-sale in a non-customizable 12- bottle mixed case through our website store starting January 28th at 11AM PST.

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Does Whole Foods sell Pliny the Elder?

Pliny The Elder 16.9fz, 17.25 fl oz, Russian River Brewing | Whole Foods Market.

What is the alcohol content of Pliny the Elder?

So, you don’t end up with an overly bitter beer. Instead, you have a perfect combination and only about 7.2 percent alcohol by volume —so it’s a bit high in booze, but it doesn’t take away from the greatness of this brew.

How fast did Pliny the Younger sell out?

In first ever online release, Russian River’s Pliny the Younger sells out in 5 minutes.

How do you pronounce Pliny the Younger?

Pronunciation rules would say it was “plee-nee”, short for Plinius (plee-nee-ooss).

What’s the difference between Pliny the Elder and Younger?

Although it’s less potent, Pliny the Elder comes across as sweeter than the Younger; it’s something it shares with some of the better ‘special’ IPAs out there (e.g. Tröegs Nugget Nectar, Bell’s Hopslam), although it can certainly be said to have set the standard for them.

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