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When Are Beer Gardens Open?

What date do beer gardens open in Wales?

Outdoor hospitality in Wales will reopen later this month and new guidance has now been published for businesses and customers. From April 26 beer gardens and outdoor areas of restaurants and cafes can open.

What time do beer gardens close England?

Guidance says that for outdoor food and drink venues, there will not be a curfew imposed on when they must open and close. Previously pubs and restaurants had to close their doors, inside and out, by 10pm across England due to Covid restrictions.

Are pub beer gardens open in Wales?

From Monday, pubs, cafes and restaurants in Wales are able to reopen to customers outdoors. Up to six people from six households are now able to meet, with social distancing and hygiene measures in place.

Will beer gardens have a curfew?

Will there be a 10pm curfew in place? No. The curfew has been removed by English Government.

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Are beer gardens open in April in Wales?

Pub beer gardens will be allowed to reopen in Wales from April 26, it has been reported. Ahead of the latest review of lockdown measures, which will be announced on Thursday, Wales Online report it’s been confirmed that from April 12: All students in Wales will return to face-to-face education.

Are pubs open in Wales 2021?

The Welsh Government has confirmed its plan that from May 17, hospitality venues can open inside. They have been allowed to reopen outside since April 26.

Can I just have a drink in a pub?

The guidelines state that hospitality venues can serve people outdoors only and this time round people can just meet for a drink. “There will be no need for customers to order a substantial meal with alcohol, and no curfew – although customers must order, eat and drink while seated,” the rules state.

How late can bars stay open UK?

Pubs can now close at their usual times, which often tends be around 11pm, depending on the respective venue’s licence.

What date do pubs open in England?

Pubs with outdoor spaces opened in England on Monday 12 April. The Rule of Six is in place, meaning you can visit with up to five other people. Pubs are table service only, and everyone must sit outside, only going indoors to use the toilet.

Can I drink outside in Wales?

It has now been confirmed that pubs, restaurants and cafes can open outside again in Wales from Monday, April 26. The Welsh Government confirmed the news and also announced changes to how many people are allowed to meet outdoors from Monday.

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When can pubs in Wales sell alcohol?

What are the new rules for pubs in Wales? From Friday at 18:00, licensed pubs, cafes and restaurants in Wales will have to stop serving alcohol on their premises. Those with an off-licence can sell alcoholic drinks to be taken away. They will have to close at 18:00 every day until further notice.

When can you drink in Wales?

People in Wales will be able to have a drink inside a pub or restaurant for the first time in more than than five months from 17 May. All tourist accommodation, indoor entertainment and attractions in Wales are also set to reopen that day, in time for the Spring bank holiday.

Can pubs open without a beer garden?

After fears were raised that some pubs without gardens would miss out, it’s now been confirmed that pubs and bars can use any outdoor area – such as a car park – as a makeshift outdoor drinking and dining areas, The Daily Star reports.

Can 2 households meet in a beer garden?

Meeting other people – Households are still not allowed to mix inside, you will be able to meet in groups of six or two households outdoors- bubbles remain unaffected. Events – large outdoor events are not yet permitted.

Can you meet in a pub garden?

Where can you meet? Government guidelines state that hospitality venues can only serve people outdoors. “Outdoors” refers to private gardens and any other outdoor space.

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