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When Must You Clean Beer Lines?

When should you clean beer lines?

If you are using your tap beer lines regularly, we advised cleaning your beer lines every two weeks. At a minimum you should clean your tap lines once every six weeks. Our recommendation is to clean and sanitize your tap lines between each keg you serve on your draft system to make life easier.

How long can you leave beer line cleaner in the lines?

To be safe and not run the risk of damaging your beer lines through over exposure to the cleaning fluid, you should leave them in soak to a maximum of 45 minutes.

What happens if you don’t clean beer lines?

Bacteria and wild yeast growing in the beer line will spoil the aroma and flavour of the beer. You wouldn’t serve a customer food on a plate that hadn’t been cleaned for two weeks, so why would you serve them beer through lines that had not been cleaned for two weeks.

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How often should lager lines be cleaned?

How often should beer lines be cleaned after re-opening? Beer lines should be cleaned every seven days as a minimum, using a good quality line cleaning solution.

What is the best beer line cleaner?

As for the cleaner you choose, OxiClean works well as long as you don’t allow the lines to sit empty between kegs. If you plan to tap a new keg right after emptying the old one, then flushing with OxiClean and rinsing with hot water is probably sufficient.

Do you need to clean new beer lines?

It is recommended that you clean your draft lines with caustic beer line cleaning solution a minimum every two weeks or, at least, every time you change kegs.

Can you get sick from dirty beer lines?

Bacteria, yeast, mold, and beer stone will build up and quickly degrade the quality of draft beer. Having bacteria in the beer lines can send you running for the toilet. Although you are not likely to get salmonella poisoning or the Hantavirus by drinking beer served through dirty lines, it is still nasty business.

Can I clean beer lines with bleach?

Chlorine bleach is ok to use as long as it does not have any added scents. The main thing to remember is to rinse, rinse, rinse. Any traces of bleach will end up contaminating your brews.

How do you deep clean beer lines?

Cleaning the Beer Lines

  1. Open the taps and remove the used beer line cleaner, replacing with fresh, once more, check the FOB detectors are still full and leave for one final soak – More Tea!
  2. Rinse out the cleaning vessel thoroughly with clean cold water and fill it to the full mark with water.
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Does beer line cleaner kill bacteria?

Components of Clean Beer Lines Frequency of beer line cleans – weekly. Chemicals used – Bracton DP1 and DP2 provide superior results, a superior bacteria kill rate, and sanitation over single part cleaners. Weekly beer line cleaning ensures a consistent clean across all beer types.

How do I know if my beer lines are dirty?

Unfortunately, all of these chemicals make the beer taste stale or sour. Often enough, it is easy to detect a dirty beer line simply by looking at it. Moldy faucets, cloudy lines, and old beer residue and mold on underbar couplers are sure signs that the equipment is not clean.

Is it bad to leave water in beer lines?

If beer dispensers are not in use it is better to leave them in water. Water left in beer lines for extended periods will be become contaminated with bacteria, causing the water to develop sulphur type smells and even tainting the beer pipe permanently.

How much does beer line cleaning cost?

An average total cost (long draws and short) to clean one draft beer line is between $6 and $12 dollars. Several reasons exist for not cleaning draft beer lines as mandated by Brewers Association.

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