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Where To Buy Moonshine Ingredients Rdr2?

Red Dead Online Moonshine Ingredients Locations Guide

Ingredient Location
Canned Peaches Buy from Catalogue
Currant Buy from Madam Nazar
Creek Plum · Drewberry Creek · Big Valley · South of Braithwaite Manor
Ginseng · Found in Valentine · Buy from Madam Nazar

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Where can I buy moonshine mash in rdr2?

14 Go To Madam Lazar For Herbs Madam Lazar is a one-stop-shop for all of the Moonshiner herbs. All of the herbs for sale are only one dollar each. Considering how much moonshine sells for, that is not a bad deal.

How do you make moonshine ingredients?

Base Moonshine Ingredients and Materials:

  1. 5 Gallons of Water.
  2. 8.5 Pounds of Flaked Corn Maize.
  3. 1.5 Pounds of Crushed Malted Barley.
  4. Yeast.
  5. Mash Pot.
  6. Fermentation Bucket.
  7. Heat Source.
  8. Thermometer.

How do you make moonshine in rdr2?

How to Make Moonshine

  1. Speak to Maggie upstairs to do a bootlegger mission.
  2. Talk to Marcel to brew weak, average or strong moonshine.
  3. Flavour your moonshine in the same menu from one of several recipes.
  4. Wait for Marcel to create twenty bottles of moonshine.
  5. Return to the shack to start the sale mission.

Can you buy moonshine RDR2?

Moonshine can be purchased at some Doctor’s Offices for $60 each, but could be as low as $30, depending on the player’s Honor and Fame levels. It can also be found as a loot item. When used, it refills the Dead Eye meter and no Dead Eye is consumed for 10 seconds.

Is collector worth it RDR2?

If played right, the Collector can also be the most lucrative role out of the four roles. The role also has some unique cool-looking unlocks that adorn the player with beautifully crafted pieces, making the role very worthwhile.

Where can I find blackberries in rdr2?

Blackberries can be found around West Elizabeth and the Dakota River, but be ready to explore your general vicinity. More specifically, Blackberries can be located to the west of the Dakota River.

Where can I find Wintergreen?

Wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens) is a low-growing wildflower with shiny evergreen leaves found in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. It bears small white flowers in July and August followed by bright red berries that often persist through winter.

Why was moonshine made illegal?

So why is moonshine still illegal? Because the liquor is worth more to the government than beer or wine. Uncle Sam takes an excise tax of $2.14 for each 750-milliliter bottle of 80-proof spirits, compared with 21 cents for a bottle of wine (of 14 percent alcohol or less) and 5 cents for a can of beer.

Is it illegal to make moonshine?

The production of moonshine — or really any spirit — without a license is prohibited by the U.S. government and is very much illegal. Clear whiskey in the style of moonshine might be for sale, but technically speaking, moonshine is moonshine because it’s produced illicitly.

What alcohol is moonshine?

Moonshine purists define the spirit as a homemade, unaged whiskey, marked by its clear color, corn base and high alcohol content—sometimes peaking as high as 190 proof. Traditionally, it was produced in a homemade still and bottled in a mason jar.

How many moonshine missions are there?

Moonshine entrepreneurs will help their mentor, Maggie Fike, across five story missions, and she’ll help you set up your business, too. The missions will reward you with things that will improve your own moonshine operation, and you’ll also be able to enhance it through other methods.

How much do moonshiners make rdr2?

So, roughly $200 profit in a little over an hour. It takes Cripps slightly more than 3 hours to produce $625 worth of goods as a trader. So you’re looking at similar profit for moonshining, but requiring 3 missions, and 3 (shorter, less risky) deliveries.

Red Dead Online Moonshine Ingredients Location Guide

There are various components required for each new Moonshine recipe in Red Dead Online. This Red Dead Online Moonshine Components Location Guide provides a high-level overview of where you can locate each of the ingredients needed for the various Moonshine recipes included in the most recent update. There are a variety of places where you may find the ingredients for the Moonshine recipes that you will need. Some are predetermined, while others are more random. For each of the items, we’ve included the quickest and most straightforward means of obtaining them that we’ve identified thus far.

Ingredient Name Where To Find
Apple Purchased from Catalog
Blackberry Found on bushes South West of Valentine
Canned Apricots Purchased from Catalog
Canned Peaches Purchased from Catalog
Canned Pineapples Purchased from Catalog
Canned Strawberries Purchased from Catalog
Caribbean Rum Collectible from Madam Nazars bottle maps.

Can sometimes be looted from enemies
Creek Plum Locations vary
Currant Purchased from Madam Nazar
Evergreen Huckleberry North West of Saint Denis near the Bayou
Ginseng Purchased from Madam Nazar
Golden Currant West of Van Horn Trading Post, near the Kamassa river
Peach Purchased from Catalog
Pear Purchased from Catalog
Red Raspberry Common in bushes South East of Stillwater Creek
Vanilla Flower South East of Lake Lagras near Saint Denis
Wild Mint South West of Valentine, near the river
Wintergreen Berry North of Brandywine Drop

As we travel through the game and uncover more moonshine components, we will continue to update this Red Dead Online Moonshine Ingredients Location Guide. Gaming Heroes was founded by Blaine “Captain Camper” Smith, who was also one of the initial creators. While he is now functioning under the garb of Editorial Director (purely because we believed this title was necessary for public relations purposes), he is still responsible for many of the kinds of duties that would send you to sleep at your desk if you were working in the same place.

The easiest way to contact him is through Twitter.

Red Dead Online Moonshine Ingredients Locations Guide – Where to Find

  • This Red Dead Online Moonshine Ingredients Locations Guide will take you through each and every one of the ingredient locations that you will come across in the game in depth.
  • These items are used to manufacture moonshine since each unique recipe calls for a different combination of substances that you must have on hand.
  • Despite the fact that recipes are unlocked as prizes, you are still needed to locate and get the ingredients that will be utilized to produce your own moonshine later on in the campaign.

Below you will find a list of all of the locations where you may get the materials needed to produce moonshine, as well as directions to each site.


Black Berry South West of Valentine Apple ·Loot Dead Bodies·Buy from Catalogue Canned Pineapples Buy from Catalogue Canned Strawberries Buy from Catalogue Caribbean Rum Buy from Madam Nazar Canned Apricots ·Loot Dead Bodies·Buy from Catalogue Canned Peaches Buy from Catalogue Currant Buy from Madam Nazar Creek Plum ·Drewberry Creek·Big Valley·South of Braithwaite Manor Ginseng ·Found in Valentine·Buy from Madam Nazar Evergreen Huckleberry Northwest from Saint Denis Wintergreen Berry North from Brandywine Drop Vanilla Flower South East from Lagras Lake in Saint Denis Wild Mint South West from Valentine Peach Buy from Catalogue Pear Buy from Catalogue Golden Currant Kamassa River Red Raspberry South East from Stillwater Creek
  • Read our Moonshine recipes guide to learn how to make your own Moonshine from scratch once you have the supplies in hand.
  • This brings us to the end of our Ingredients Locations Guide.
  • Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Red Dead Online Moonshine Ingredients Locations Guide

Red Dead Online has added a new feature that allows users to make their own moonshine as part of the Moonshiner Frontier Pursuit, which can be found in the game. Moonshine recipes are available in a variety of tastes, and each recipe calls for a particular set of components. The essential components are all the same, and here is a quick guide to where you can get all of the Red Dead Online Moonshine Ingredients in one convenient location. Keep in mind that all of these locations are ones where you can find the specific component pretty simply as compared to looking all over the map for it.

Keep in mind that, before you begin your quest for these items, you will first require a Moonshine Shack to complete your project.

  1. Ingredient Location
    Apple Purchased from Catalogue.
  2. Can be found by looting dead bodies.
  3. Black Berry Found on the bushes south west of Valentine.
  4. Canned Apricots Purchased from Catalogue.
  5. Can be found by looting dead bodies.
  6. Canned Peaches Purchased from Catalogue.
  7. Canned Pineapples Purchased from Catalogue.
  8. Canned Strawberries Purchased from Catalogue.
  9. Caribbean Rum Collectible from Madam Nazars Bottle Maps.

    Recheck the mentioned locations to find them)

    The area surrounding Rhodes below Braithwaite Manor.

    In the plains of Dewberry Creek.

    Currant Purchased from Madam Nazar.
    Evergreen Huckleberry Northwest of Saint Denis near the Bayou
    Ginseng Purchased from Madam Nazar.

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Online – Moonshine Recipes • PopcornGamer

    1. Moonshine recipes in Red Dead Redemption 2Onlineprovide you with the chance to create your own unique whiskey, operate your own speakeasy, and earn a substantial amount of money in the process.
    2. As a new addition to the world of RDR2, Moonshine Recipes are a lot of fun, and in this post, I’ll go over all you need to know about them.
    3. If you’re new to the moonshiner industry, I recommend that you first read my Guide to Moonshining in Red Dead Redemption 2 before continuing.
    4. It is strongly recommended that you read my previous essay, Red Dead Redemption 2 – Moonshiner – How to Lower Mash Prices, to make the most of your experience.

    The recipes and ingredients that are necessary to produce the greatest moonshine will be discussed more in a subsequent post.

    Add power to your booze!

    First and foremost, you must update your distillery as quickly as possible. That will significantly boost your profit, and because the distillation process takes longer, you will have more time to do other things in the meanwhile. Yes, the expenses of upgrading are high, but the value you receive in return is well worth the effort to make the investment. The following is a breakdown of the costs associated with the upgrade:

    • The Condenser Upgrade consists of two Role Tokens plus eight hundred twenty-five dollars and the Moonshiner Rank five.
      Upgrading to Polished Copper nets you 3 Role Tokens, 875$, and Moonshiner Rank 10.

    The best booze recipe!

    1. Recipes for booze are available in three different strengths:
    • 1 star indicates weak moonshine
    • 2 stars indicate average moonshine
    • 3 stars indicate strong moonshine

    A higher price is charged for a more potent distillation. In order to manufacture a batch of more valuable moonshine, you must first upgrade your distillery and then gather all of the necessary components.

    Some recipes can only be obtained by going through the Moonshiner position in the game. Also, bear in mind that consumers come and go every two hours or so, so it’s a good idea to keep track of the components for different dishes in one place. This one had a lot of distillation to it…

    Here’s the full list of recipes available

    Moonshine with a Tropical Punch Flavor

    1. Wild Cider Moonshine is a distilled beverage made from wild cider.

    Wild Cider Moonshine is a type of alcoholic beverage made from fermented apple juice.


    1. Moonshine with Apples, Berries, and Crumbs (Bootlegger Story Progress)

    Berry Cobbler Moonshine is a berry-infused spirit (Requires Rank 2)

    Wild Creek Moonshine is a kind of moonshine produced in the United States (Requires Rank 6)

    • Spiced Island Moonshine is a type of moonshine made with spices (Requires Rank 12)

    Agarita Sunrise is a cocktail made with agarita (Complete Bootlegger story)

    Time is money

    Some of these substances may be obtained through harvesting herbs in the gameworld’s environment. Others, on the other hand, are canned fruits or liqueurs, which may be more difficult to come by. Pro tip: Many of the ingredients for recipes may be purchased through the Wheeler Rawson Catalogue. Instead of considering them a fee, think of them as an investment of…time, because you won’t have to go searching for them in the gameworld. These will help you to produce higher-quality moonshine that will sell for far more money, more than compensating for their greater initial cost.

    1. Always maintain a good supply of fruits, herbs, and liqueurs on hand for when the unexpected occurs.

    To begin, purchase batches of up to 30 cans of fruit and deliver them to the Post Office, then attempt to collect the few remaining ingredients from throughout the gameworld.

    Rise and ‘Shine

    Make a point of choosing the more expensive beverages. Wherever feasible, the Wild Creek Moonshine, the Spiced Island Moonshine, and the Agarita Sunrise should be ordered. Keep the following list close at hand:

    • Wild Creek Moonshine (wild mint, vanilla flower, creek plum)
    • Spiced Island Moonshine (Caribbean rum, golden currant, canned apricots)
    • Wild Creek Moonshine (wild mint, vanilla flower, creek plum)
    • Drinking an Agarita Sunrise, which includes agrita, canned strawberries, and evergreen huckleberries.
    • Keep in mind that some of the things in the Wheeler Rawson Catalogue may be purchased.
    • Moonshine Shack in LemoyneAgain, keep in mind that some of the items in the Wheeler Rawson Catalogue can be purchased.
    • I strongly advise you to utilize the Onlineversion of theCatalogue, since it allows you to rapidly discover your components by utilizing the search capability.
    • The following items can be found in the Wheeler Rawson Catalogue:
    • Canned Apricots ($0.75$), Canned Strawberries ($1.20$), Canned Peaches ($1.00$), Orchard Apples ($0.40$), Canned Berries ($1.20$), Canned Pineapples ($1.50$), Bartlett Pears ($0.65$)
    • Canned Apricots ($0.75$)
    • Canned Strawberries ($1.20$)
    • Canned Peaches ($1.00$)
    • Canned Pe

    You will also be able to purchase the following items from Madam Nazar’s shop:

    • Currant, Ginseng, and Caribbean Rum (as found on a collector’s map).

    The following components are quite easy to come by:

    • Red Raspberry– south-east of Stillwater Creek
    • Vanilla Flower– south-east of Lake Lagras
    • Wild Mint– south-west of Valentine, along the river
    • Wintergreen Berry– north of Brandywine Drop
    • Golden Currant– west of Van Horn, near the Kamassa River
    • It is recommended that you use JeanRopke’s RDOMap in order to locate these objects more quickly.

    The elusive Poison Poppy recipe

    There’s one additional dish that I purposefully left out of this post for the sake of readability. The cause is straightforward: it is difficult to comprehend how to prepare it and to locate the necessary elements. I’ll make an attempt to provide some clarification on this subject: It is necessary to brew a vial of Poison Poppy in order to complete one of the Moonshine Story tasks. The recipe for this cocktail, on the other hand, is not yours to keep.

    To be able to access the Poison Poppy recipe, you must first locate a recipe leaflet with the recipe.

    Look up a tiny moonshine operating camp in one of these areas and try your luck.

    • It is possible to find a recipe for poison poppy in the town of Lemoyne
    • A recipe for poison poppy in the Cumberland Forest
    • A poison poppy recipe in the town of Rhodes
    • And a poison poppy recipe in the town of Grizzlies.
    1. Image courtesy of Fun2, Tez See if you can find the recipe in the camp’s chest.
    2. Once you have finished reading the leaflet (which should be in your bag), acquire the following supplies:

    If you return to your Moonshine Shack, it should now be ready for use. This recipe is more difficult to come by, yet it is worth 247 dollars, just as the most desirable ones. If you’re having problems, have a look at GTAO W’s video tutorial. Do not forget to improve your moonshine company by following the suggestions in my previous post – Red Dead Redemption 2 – Moonshiner – How to decrease mash pricing – for more information. Please let me know in the comments area if you found this article to be helpful!

    Red Dead Online Moonshine Ingredients Locations

    You will be able to manage a moonshine distillery in the game. You distill moonshine and sell it in order to make a lot of cash. We’ve already spoken about the Moonshine Recipes guide in the past. This time, we’ll talk about the Moonshine Ingredients Locations in Red Dead Online, which you can find here. For one batch of moonshine, a recipe calls for three components. First and foremost, you must gather the necessary components. As a result, this website will provide you with information on where to obtain the moonshine components.

    • When opposed to looking for the item all across the map, you can save some money by purchasing it.
    Ingredient Location
    Apple Purchased from Catalogue. Can be found by looting dead bodies.
    Black Berry Found on the bushes south west of Valentine.
    Canned Apricots Purchased from Catalogue. Can be found by looting dead bodies.
    Canned Peaches Purchased from Catalogue.
    Canned Pineapples Purchased from Catalogue.
    Canned Strawberries Purchased from Catalogue.
    Caribbean Rum Collectible from Madam Nazars Bottle Maps.

    Recheck the mentioned locations to find them)

    The area surrounding Rhodes below Braithwaite Manor.

    • In the plains of Dewberry Creek.
    Currant Purchased from Madam Nazar.
  10. Evergreen Huckleberry Northwest of Saint-Denis near the Bayou
    Ginseng Purchased from Madam Nazar.

    We would like to remind you to first get the Moonshine Shack before searching for the items listed above. As a result, there are Moonshine ingredients places for Red Dead Online. If you have any more tips for this game, please leave a comment below and spread the word about this page.

    Steam Community :: Guide :: All Moonshine Recipes (and How to Craft ’em)

    LoginStoreCommunitySupport View the desktop webpage in a different language Red Dead Redemption 2 is an action-adventure game. There aren’t enough ratings. All of the Moonshine Recipes (as well as instructions on how to make them) A complete list of all moonshine recipes is available. Intro I couldn’t locate a comprehensive internet resource that included all of the recipes, and returning to the hut to look them all up was not enjoyable. As a result, I decided to create this tutorial for myself and other people.

    1. The Agarita Sunrise Moonshine is made using Canned Strawberries, Evergreen Huckleberry, and Agarita.

    Spiced Island Moonshine (also known as “Spiced Island Moonshine”) Canning Apricots, Golden Currants, and Caribbean Rum are all delicious.

    Evergreen Moonshine (Evergreen Huckleberry – Wintergreen Berry – Ginseng) is made from the following ingredients: Strawberry-Blackberry-Wild Mint Moonshine made using canned strawberries, blackberries, and wild mint Moonshine with Canned Pineapples, Pears, and Vanilla Flower – Tropical Punch Moonshine made from wild cider Fruits: apple, ginseng, and currant (the easiest to produce because you can get everything from Nazar/Catalogue)Additional information: only for large deliveries: $206.25 |

    • $226.
    • 87 |

    It may be found in the wild or looted from other players.

    It is possible to obtain them by robbing moonshiners or collecting them in the wild.

    • Use a catalog to stock up on other products such as tin cans, apples and pears, and other produce.

    Red Dead Online: Where to Find Tropical Punch Moonshine Ingredients

    When you acquire your Moonshine Shack, you have the opportunity to carry out your Moonshiner company to completion. Moonshiner Business is similar to other trades in that it allows you to put resources into it in order to gain money. The resources you’ll need to put in may vary depending on the sort of moonshine you make. Tropical Punch Moonshine is made by combining 1 can of Canned Pineapples, 1 can of Pears, and 1 can of Vanilla Flower in a mash pot. Using this tutorial, you’ll be able to locate the components for Tropical Punch Moonshine.

    Where to Find Canned Pineapples?

    Canned Pineapples are the first ingredient I’ll teach you where to find, and how to prepare it. Because this is packaged in a can, it is available for purchase at a retail location. Simply browse through your smartphone catalogue or visit your local General Store and pick it up from the Canned Food section. Each can of pineapples will set you back $1.50 at the store.

    Where to Find Pears?

    • Pears may be purchased at any general shop or through the Fresh Food website’s mobile catalogue, much as canned pineapples can be purchased through the Fresh Food page.
    • One Pear will cost you $0.
    • 65, which is a very reasonable price.

    Where to Find Vanilla Flower?

    You will only need to collect Vanilla Flower in the wild if you want to make Tropical Punch because it is the only one of the three ingredients required. In order to locate Vanilla Flower, you must travel to the location depicted on the map above. Vanilla Flower may be found in abundance in the Bluewater Marsh region. Although this plant is classified as a flower, it really grows on the trunks of trees instead than on the leaves (not in the ground). To locate them, use your Eagle Eye to scan for the golden shimmer that emanates from the trunks of trees.

    How to Make the Tropical Punch Moonshine?

    The Tropical Punch Moonshine recipe may be made in a jug if all of the components listed above have been collected in at least 1x quantity. Enter your Moonshine Shack and proceed to the basement in order to accomplish this. Entering the room with the Still, walk up to the table and interact with it in order to begin the Moonshiner Business venture. If you don’t choose a flavoring, the Tropical Punch Moonshine will be clear. Please choose it to have Marcel prepare it for you. It is available for purchase for $75.00 and provides you with Moonshiner XP.

    Thoughts on our where to find Tropical Punch Moonshine ingredients guide? Drop a comment in The Pit below.

    • GTA Online’s wild west counterpart, Red Dead Online, is a great game.
    • It is 1898, and industrial progress is about to achieve its pinnacle.
    • Players are immersed in a gorgeous, bustling environment packed with bustle.
    • Because there are no automobiles on the roads, outlaws ride around the mountains and river valleys, enthralled by a bygone era.
    • Rockstar has introduced many new characters to Red Dead Online, including The Trader, The Collector, The Bounty Hunter, and, most recently, The Moonshiner (shown above).

    The Moonshiner is an intriguing character since he is the only one who has a specific set of storymissions.

    The traits of a successful Moonshiner include developing the correct plan, selecting the appropriate upgrades, waiting for the ideal consumer, and maximizing profit.

    • Payton Lott made the following update on August 10, 2021: Even when players have mastered the Moonshiner position in RDO, they may still make a good living from it.

    This revised article offers five more suggestions that will be beneficial to people who are new to the position.

    Make use of the extra suggestions provided below to obtain rich processing spirits in RDO.

    15Don’t Change Flavors

    1. While their moonshine is being distilled, players may give it a flavor by putting a flavoring in it.
    2. If the ingredients are accessible, people will, without a doubt, pick the taste that will provide the greatest profit.
    3. Moonshine, on the other hand, does not come in a variety of tastes.
    4. By selecting a different taste, the original flavor that was selected will be replaced.
    5. If the new flavor is completely useless, players will lose out on a significant amount of money when they sell the entire batch of the flavor.

    Once a taste has been chosen, it is recommended to remain with it throughout the day.

    14Go To Madam Lazar For Herbs

    Madam Lazar is a one-stop shop for all of the Moonshiner plants, and she specializes in them. All of the herbs available for purchase are one dollar apiece. That is not a terrible price when you consider how much moonshine goes for on the black market. While roaming the landscape, players will want to collect as many free herbs as they can, but Madam Lazar will always be there in case they need assistance. It is frequently worthwhile to pay the extra money to avoid having to travel quickly, ride to the site of the herb, and then look for it.

    13Stronger Is Better

    1. In both life and RDO, more and better is preferable.
    2. The more potent the brew, the more money players will make on each and every sale.
    3. Those that advance in the profession will have the ability to brew stronger batches more quickly, thanks to the Master Distiller talent, as they advance in the role.
    4. Stronger moonshine takes longer to distill, but it pays much more in the end.
    5. Weak moonshine, on the other hand, is more efficient and provides more experience points.
    6. After achieving level 15, there is no longer any purpose to brew the inferior ingredients.

    12Best Shack Locations

    It is critical to select an appropriate site for the shack since moonshine might be destroyed during transportation. Grizzlies National Park has too many bumps and winds on the roadways, and the merchandise will be harmed as it travels through these areas. With the flattest roads in the game, Tall Trees and The Heartlands are the best places to make deliveries. Bayou Nwa is also a fantastic site, despite the fact that the foggy bayou is not exactly the most aesthetically beautiful area in RDO.

    11Play Moonshiner Solo

    When you’re playing with pals, the Moonshiner business is far less profitable. Anybody who assists with the Moonshiner will only earn a 20 percent cut of the revenue from a sale. Additionally, when performing deliveries or distilling, players will only gain half of the experience they would otherwise receive. Several roles in the game are more suited for co-op play than they are for competitive play. While the RDO job is more enjoyable when played with a group, the RDR2 Moonshiner role is a solitary endeavor.

    10Become Familiar With The Trader Role

    1. The function of the RDO Moonshiner is fairly similar to the position of the Trader.
    2. One of the requirements for becoming a Moonshiner is to first establish one’s credentials as a Traderfirst.
    3. In order to begin Moonshining, the player must reach Trader Level 5, or complete a sale task, in order to be granted the ability.
    4. Being familiar with the Trader function can be a beneficial hint for becoming a successful Moonshiner, as there aren’t many changes between the two roles.
    5. In a similar way to trade, the player gathers components and makes investments in resources in order to produce various commodities.

    Some people believe that moonshining is less difficult than trading.

    9Become Familiar With The Location

    Delivering your product and securing a sale are critical aspects of moonshining. In order to make a sale, the player must drive a delicate wagon that will lose its contents if it is damaged. Driving safely and making quick decisions are essential, but Revenue Agent Checkpoints and difficult terrain are important roadblocks in the process of closing a transaction. If the player is fortunate, the Checkpoints will allow them to pass without having to engage in a collateral exchange of gunshots. The terrain would still be difficult, though, and in order to go quickly without causing damage to the wagon, a competent Moonshiner must be familiar with the shortcuts and the best routes to travel on the terrain.

    8Don’t Purchase Mash for Full Price

    1. No Trader would ever acquire materials for less than twenty dollars.
    2. He misses out on the opportunity to get experience points and wastes money on something he might have done for free.
    3. The same regulation applies to moonshiners as it does to everyone else.
    4. It costs $50 to make Moonshine, but it might be as low as $10 if the ingredients are sourced locally.
    5. By completing Bootlegger Missions and Moonshiner Story Missions, the player can reduce the original price of the mash by $20 for each mission they successfully complete.

    Not only does this enhance the income from the transaction, but it also gives experience points.

    7Upgrade The Condensers

    Condenser upgrades dramatically enhance the amount of money that can be made. The improvements enable for the development of stronger mashes while maintaining the same mash cost. It will always be the same price for weak, moderate, and powerful mashes alike. The only difference between them is the amount of time it takes to make them, which is 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and an hour, depending on which one you choose. Once you achieve Moonshiner Level 15, the amount of time required to complete the quest is lowered.

    1. A Moonshiner might quickly recoup the money he and his friends spent on Condenser Upgrades by selling around 10 gallons of Strong and Flavored Moonshine in a single day.

    6Purchase The Bar Extension Early On

    Even beyond the mechanics of fruit delivery, there are many parallels between Trader and Moonshiner. When purchasing a Bar Extension, Moonshiners have the same option as they have when purchasing the Stew Pot in the Trader’s camp. Purchasing it will cost the Moonshiner $850 in addition to two tokens, which will allow them to indulge in their home-brewed Moonshine, almonds, and a cup of coffee. According to the power and flavor of the shine they make, this grants them Gold Health, Stamina, and Deadeye, which are all beneficial.

    The Band, on the other hand, must be ordered individually.

    5Make a Habit of Picking Herbs

    1. If a player is on a quest, exploring, or seeking for treasure boxes, he or she will very certainly come across herb-filled locations.
    2. During their trips, a good Moonshiner would take the time to collect herbs for use in their recipes.
    3. Even when performing other duties, such as hunting animals for Trading or collecting artifacts for Madam Nazar, a successful Moonshiner would have the patience to kill two birds with one stone by picking up herbs in the vicinity of the target.
    4. Vanilla Flowers, Wild Mints, Currants, Ginseng, Berries, Creek Plum, and Agarita Flowers are just a few of the herbs that are required for Moonshine production.

    These are important elements for seasoning, and they are an add-on that boosts the sale price greatly.

    4Loot As Much Food as Possible

    Additionally, booze, fruits, and canned items are required for flavoring. In the same way that a competent Moonshiner searches for plants outside, he should also look for ingredients indoors and on people, if possible. It’s important to loot every cabinet, drawer, and corpse in a hideaway once you’ve cleared out all of the enemy. Moonshiners will find the catalogue to be a valuable resource as well. People can use it to purchase any of the products that aren’t available in an organic form at the time.

    1. Ideally, a player should be on the lookout for canned food, various fruits, and liquor bottles, all of which may be easily obtained after a raid, looted from NPCs, and hidden in horses’ saddlebags, among other places.

    3Always Add Flavor

    Good Moonshiners will always add taste to their Moonshine, no matter what. The addition of flavoring raises the retail price by a considerable amount. There is always the option of visiting the nearby General Store to get some much-needed ingredients if there is no accessible flavoring to manufacture owing to a shortage of available ingredients. An excursion into town is absolutely necessary when a three-star recipe calls for canned strawberries. Because canned fruit is not prohibitively expensive, the earnings made by selling Flavored Moonshine will always be worth the additional work.

    2Take Advantage of Rockstar Role Events

    The game developer would frequently launch special limited-time events that would give select roles with massive XP bonuses. When this occurs, a player might go from role Rank 1 to role Rank 20 in less than two days, depending on their skill level. Because these occurrences are not uncommon, it is a good idea to stay up to date on the newest Rockstar News. Extensive discounts on upgrades, role-specific tools, apparel and other items are available in conjunction with the XP bonuses. As a Moonshiner, you should keep an eye out for Moonshiner Events and take advantage of the discounts available on upgrades and expansions.

    1Play the Other Roles as Well

    • The most lucrative way to play Red Dead Online roles is to play them in concert with one another.
    • While the mash is still being produced, it is possible to prioritize other roles in order to maximize profit margins.
    • While waiting for the buyer’s reset timer to count down, or during the production hour, there is plenty that may be accomplished.
    • Among the options available are searching for collectibles in their immediate vicinity, capturing bounties as a Bounty Hunter, hunting deer for Cripps, and even looking for treasure.

    RELATED: Things Arthur Morgan Can Do That John Marston Can’t in Red Dead Redemption 2 (Part 2) Here’s What Skyrim Looks Like With 1,300 Mods Running at 8KAlthough The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is ten years old at this time, it is still visually appealing, however it could always be more visually appealing, as seen in one YouTube video.

    Moonshiner (Red Dead Online)

    One of the five SpecialistRoles in Red Dead Online is Promo Art Moonshiner, who is also known as the Moonshiner.


    1. In order to make money, moonshiners operate underground enterprises that illicitly distill, advertise, and distribute alcoholic beverages.


    Maggie FikeatEmerald Ranch is where the player must first meet her, and she will offer them the option to purchase a moonshining cabin for 25 gold bars. The player can pick from one of five distinct shacks, each of which is located in a different state.


    What better way to make your money than to work as a Moonshiner on the black market? This new Specialist Role allows you to start your own bootlegging business, making it an excellent choice for players going along the Trader path or anybody looking for a piece of real estate to call their own. Make the purchase of a modest Moonshining Shack, with the main level serving as a front and containing all the elements of a typical farmhouse. It is in the basement, on the other hand, that you will eventually get down to business.

    Moonshiner Skills

      • Bar Expansion: Construct a bar in your Moonshine Property to serve your customers.
      • Moonshiners may only obtain the Levens Gun Belt, which is a one-of-a-kind weapon belt.
      • Learn how to recognize Moonshine Hideouts and how to sabotage them.
      • Band Expansion: Engage the services of a musical ensemble to provide entertainment for your customers.
      • Even if you haven’t upgraded yet, you can still improve the strength of your moonshine.
      • Flammable moonshine is a highly strong alcoholic beverage that may be poured and ignited with a match.

      Sawed-Off Shotgun Version: This is a visual variant of the Sawed-Off Shotgun that is designed for Moonshiners and is available for purchase.

      In the case of the Nevin Hipflask, it is an elaborate hipflask that is firmly secured to the Gun Belt.

      • Recipes: Recipes for making a number of different kinds of moonshine
      • Poison Bottle Booklet: A recipe for Toxic Moonshine that may be found in a pamphlet format.

      Moonshiner Recipes

      There are a total of 10 recipes, with the first seven being released. The first three levels of the Moonshiner role are unlocked after completing the first three stages of the role. The last one requires the discovery of a secret recipe in order to be accomplished. Marcelis is the moonshine shack’s cook, and he will be in charge of the moonshine’s manufacturing and distribution. Through his interaction in the shack’s basement, the player may select recipes and learn how to create moonshine.

      Name Ingredients
      Agarita Sunrise Moonshine 1x Canned Strawberries, 1xEvergreen Huckleberry, 1x Agarita
      Apple Berry Crumb Moonshine 1xApple, 1xBlackberry, 1xVanilla Flower
      * Berry Cobbler Moonshine 1x Canned Peaches, 1xRaspberry, 1x Peach
      Berry Mint Moonshine 1x Canned Strawberries, 1xBlackberry, 1xWild Mint
      Evergreen Moonshine 1xEvergreen Huckleberry, 1xWintergreen Berry, 1x Ginseng
      Poison Poppy’s Moonshine 1xPrairie Poppy+ 1xOleander Sage+ 1xAbsinthe
      * Spiced Island Moonshine 1x Canned Apricots, 1x Currant, Caribbean Rum
      Tropical Punch Moonshine 1x Canned Pineapples, 1x Pear, 1xVanilla Flower
      Wild Cider Moonshine 1xApple, 1x Ginseng, 1x Currant
      * Wild Creek Moonshine 1xWild Mint, 1xVanilla Flower, 1x Creek Plum
      1. *: This feature is only available after achieving rank 1, rank 10, and rank 5.
      2. (In that particular sequence)

      Video Walkthrough

      Introducing the Moonshiners, the first mission in Red Dead Online (Rescue Cook and Get Equipment)


      • For the “Poison Poppy’s Moonshine” Recipe to be unlocked, the player must first discover the recipe pamphlet in a chest during a random occurrence.


      It has been suggested that you collect ingredients and create moonshine for your newly founded company in the most recent update to Red Dead Online. Each moonshine recipe has a certain set of components that must be employed in order for it to be successful. Our Red Dead Online Moonshine Recipes Guide will walk you through all of the moonshine recipes you’ll need to make in the game to assist you with all of this. Before we get started, it’s important to understand that some recipes require you to raise your level in order to be unlocked.

      1. Apple Berry Crumb Apple Blackberry Vanilla Flower
        Agarita Sunrise Canned Strawberries Evergreen Huckleberry Agarita
        Berry Cobbler Canned Peaches Red Raspberry Peach
        Berry Mint Canned Strawberries Blackberry Mint
        Evergreen Evergreen Huckleberry Wintergreen Berry Ginseng
        Spice Island Canned Apricots Golden Currant Caribbean Rum
        Tropical Punch Canned Pineapples Pear Vanilla Flower
        Wild Cider Apple Ginseng Currant
        Wild Creek Wild Mint Vanilla Flower Creek Plum

      It goes without saying that there should be more recipes available. In the next days, we’ll continue to add new recipes to the guide to keep it current.

      Red Dead Online: Best Moonshine Farming Location

      In Red Dead Online, there are a plethora of options on how to become an outlaw. There are many ways to live outside the law, including shooting, killing, and robbing your way onto a wanted poster, but there are also many more ways to live outside the law. Some methods, like as brewing up moonshine, can even be significantly more profitable than taking a more aggressive approach with guns blazing.

      However, in order to truly optimize your income, you’ll need to have a strategic mind when it comes to setting up your moonshine company.

      How And Where To Buy Your Moonshine Stack

      1. The process of distilling moonshine is not something you want to do just anyplace.
      2. You’ll need a beautiful, hidden location to start up your operation, away from the prying eyes of the authorities.
      3. In this situation, a moonshine shack comes in handy.
      4. For starters, you’ll need to reach trader level five or complete one trader sale task before you can even consider becoming involved in this profitable company.
      5. As soon as you’ve completed one or both of these prerequisites, you may speak with Maggie at Emerald Ranch about purchasing your very own moonshine house for yourself.

      It is possible to build your shack in one of five different regions: Tall Trees, Heartlands, Hennigan’s Stead, Grizzlies, or Bayou Nwa.

      Tall Trees is, in our opinion, the greatest of the bunch, but each has its own set of characteristics to consider.

      • It is not far from Blackwater, which you will need to visit on a regular basis for mail and deliveries, and the Manzanita post rapid travel station is ideally located for you.

      Hennigan’s Stead is the shack that is the furthest away from society out of all of the shacks.

      Although the Grizzlies hut is only a short distance from Wallace Station, transporting your delivery down the steep, winding terrain is a challenge.

      1. After that, there’s Bayou Nwa, which is a solid choice as the second best option after Tall Trees, especially if you don’t mind the marshy setting.

      Denis and Rhodes, making deliveries and doing errands in the city a breeze.

      We’re fortunate in that the location you choose for your cottage isn’t set in stone.

      • Following that, American University will offer a history course based on Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2.

      Continue reading this article a little bit about the author Jesse Lennox is an American singer and songwriter (555 Articles Published) Jesse Lennox enjoys writing, playing video games, and whining about not having enough time to write and play video games.

      On any given day of the week, you can find him defending the storyline of Kingdom Hearts and geeking out over incredible combo footage in character action games.

      Red Dead Online Moonshine Shack Locations

      • As far as computer games go, Red Dead Online is unquestionably the greatest portrayal of the American West that we have right now, and it has been that way for quite some time, since since Rockstar Games releasedRed Dead Redemption in 2010.
      • The online component is useful in that it allows players to experience all of the events that occurred before toRed Dead Redemption 2, which is OK with us because we didn’t want RDR2 to come to an end!
      • There’s no sense in living vicariously through a game if you can’t indulge in activities that are at least a little bit dirty, so here are the locations of the Moonshine Shacks in Red Dead Online: Wild West Edition.

      Finally, you want to get the most bang for your money while also finding the greatest location away from bothersome varmints and other outlaws!

      There are five sites dispersed around West Elizabeth, and they are as follows:— Bayou NWA— Grizzlies— Grizzlies— Grizzlies – The Heartland Long, slender trees line Hennigan’s Stead.

      Which is the best location?

      1. Image courtesy of Red Dead News.
      2. Because it is so close to Saint Denis, this place is quite popular with tourists.
      3. Players also grow familiar with it since there are opposing Moonshine gangs in the area that are participating in some of the online tasks, so you may have previously encountered this particular group.
      4. On a qualitative level, it is, however, just mediocre, yet it is still an excellent alternative for those who want to live close to a large metropolis!
      5. Taking use of locally sourced products (Creek Plum, Mint, and Vanilla) is simple and straightforward.

      — There are missions in the surrounding area.

      If you are also a butcher, this is not the greatest spot for hunting.


      • Image courtesy of Red Dead News.
      • This location could be considered more specialized due to the fact that the terrain is significantly rougher than other locations, making delivery more difficult.
      • Despite the fact that it is technically in the middle of nowhere, security is paramount!
      • (It’s a form of) Advantages— Because there are so few people around, deliveries are uncomplicated when it comes to other players.
      • Cons— Because the paths are not the most accessible, getting to your destination might be difficult.

      Points of interest and towns are located considerably more distant.


      Image courtesy of Red Dead News. This is without a doubt one of the most well-known sites. In addition to being aesthetically appealing due to the beautiful environment surrounding it, it is also a convenient location for getting to other locations. Several advantages include: a level terrain that makes delivery simple, proximity to Emerald Ranch, surrounding camping opportunities, an abundance of moonshine components, and a site that meets all of the requirements for hunting animals.

      Cons— Because it is so close to Emerald Ranch and Valentine, it may be targeted by other players as a result of its location.

      Hennigan’s Stead

      • Image courtesy of Red Dead News.
      • Bless it, but the Stead is also a little awkward in terms of its location within the building.
      • Its placement is similar to that of the Grizzlies in that it is not the most convenient, but it does provide a sense of security.
      • Pros— You don’t have to travel far to make deliveries— Because there aren’t many players in the region, it’s calm and less vulnerable to assault.
      • Cons— There are few and far between good spots nearby— Because of the terrain’s unfavourable camber, your product will suffer as a result.

      Tall Trees

      Image courtesy of Red Dead News. In addition to Tall Trees, which seems like a lovely sleepaway camp, the Moonshine community enjoys visiting this location for a variety of reasons. It is close to the Manzanita Post fast travel station, which makes traveling quickly to the Great Plains/Big Valley spawn lots a breeze. — Because the ground is smooth, you are less likely to misplace your goods. — There are several good camping areas nearby. Negatives— Bear assaults are becoming increasingly prevalent!

      Those are the Moonshine production sites, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

      • Are you looking for more Red Dead content?

      Blackberry, Wild Mint, Canned Strawberry Locations

      Berry mint moonshine is one of the many different varieties of moonshine that you may make in Red Dead Online, and it is one of the most popular. There are various things you’ll need for this recipe, including tinned strawberries, blackberries, and wild mint. Some of these are quite simple to locate, while others might be more difficult. If you’re having difficulties locating the ingredients, this guide will show you where to get blackberries, wild mint, and canned strawberries to aid you in your berry mint moonshine brewing endeavors RDR2 Online.

      Blackberry locations

      Blackberries are found on tall bushes, and their dark purple berries make them easy to identify in the landscape. The Tall Trees, which is the region west of Blackwater, is where the most of them may be found. The southernmost half of this region has the greatest concentration of them. We discovered two bushes directly next to each other on top of the first letter E in the word Trees, which was a pleasant surprise.

      Wild Mint locations

      • Wild Mint is characterized by its sharp green leaves and light purple blooms, which all grow from a single central stalk.
      • They grow to a height that makes them easy to notice in the grass, and they generally thrive near rivers.
      • You’ll find a number of them in the area near the Lower Montana River, in particular.
      • Also along the Kamassa River are a number of productive areas, including those north of Annesburg, downstream from the Elysian Pond, and at the mouth.
      • The most advantageous location we discovered has four nodes adjacent to each other.

      Canned Strawberry locations

      The canned strawberries are the most straightforward of the three options. You can buy them for a pittance at any ordinary shop, and they are readily available. Due to the fact that cans of strawberries do not grow naturally in the wild, you will have to fork out some serious dollars to obtain this component. If that’s not something you’re comfortable with, you could always try a recipe that doesn’t include canned ingredients, such as theEvergreen Moonshine. Alternatively, if you find yourself stuck at another point, you might want to look at some of the other tutorials we have available.

      Besides that, we provide instructional manuals that demonstrate how to steal establishments without drawing a bounty or where to sell jewels and gold bars online.

      1. Finally, if you don’t want to spend the time exploring the map yourself, you may consult our instructions to the locations of Watson’s Cabin and Catfish Jackson’s Homestead.

      Featured Videos

      A new job in Red Dead Online, the Moonshiner, allows players to make and sell their own illicit booze while protecting their supply from opponents. The Moonshiner is the most significant recent addition to the game by Rockstar. We’ll walk you through the process of becoming a Moonshiner, including what occurs when you’re in the job, how to generate money, and what you can unlock along the road. Being a Moonshiner is identical to being a Trader, with the exception that there is a greater emphasis on fighting and a story campaign associated with the position.

      We’ve previously covered how to become a Moonshiner and how much it will cost you in this book, and now we’ll go through the business setup and procedure that will help you become a legitimate alcohol tycoon in this section.

      Best Location to Put Your Moonshiner Shack

      1. The first thing you’ll need to do is choose a site for your hut from one of the five suggested places below:
      • Bayou Nwa, Grizzlies, Hennigan’s Stead, Heartlands, Tall Trees
      • These are just a few of the things you’ll find.

      Also worth highlighting is that once you’ve chosen a location for your shack, you may move it at any time by selecting it from the same menu. However, doing so will incur a $250 fee. Aside from that, you can only have one shack at a time, so if you’re thinking about launching a franchise, think twice. The most advantageous location for your hut is, to some part, a question of personal preference, based on what you find most useful. Considering that this structure will serve as a hub for most of your business, there are various considerations to consider before establishing a permanent residence.

      |Image courtesy of Joel Franey/USgamer and Rockstar North/Rockstar Games

        • The fact that it is close to town.
        • Apart from the fact that having a town close by is advantageous, having a general shop nearby may be quite beneficial to a moonshiner, as it allows you to purchase the fruits and herbs with which you can flavor your product.
        • The proximity of the location to a Fast Travel Post.
        • Wildlife.
        • Because you can move quickly to your shack but not away from it, being adjacent to a site with a post is practically on par with being next to a town in terms of convenience.

      Furthermore, you want the correct type of animals, so that you may watch deer jumping spryly across the horizon rather than walking into the open maw of a wolf

    • Player traffic.

      With all of this in mind, we would recommend either Tall Trees or Bayou Nwa as your first two choices if you’re willing to put up with a high volume of player traffic. They are the greatest sites in every other way, and they are conveniently positioned for the majority of fundamental necessities. It is particularly difficult to get around in the Heartlands since it is so far away from anything, requiring a lengthy horseback ride every time you want to accomplish anything.

      Setting Up Your Moonshine Business

      • After deciding on a place, pay a visit to that spot to chat with Maggie Fike, a bootlegging veteran who will assist you in starting your operation.
      • She’ll assign you two tasks to finish the job: one to steal a distillery still, and another to rescue Marcel, Maggie’s cook, from robbers, in order to put it all together.
      • They’re both rather straightforward missions, with the first being a wagon heist and the second involving a basic NPC rescue/escort.
      • Bring a lot of ammunition, though, because the adversaries in any Moonshiner-related stuff are notoriously difficult to kill.

      How to Make Moonshine

      Now that you’ve acquired the necessary equipment and an experienced guide, it’s time to start making moonshine. Make your way downstairs in your hut to meet with Marcel and make decisions regarding the type of Moonshine he’ll be making. The procedure is divided into the following stages:”. Prepare forty-three coffins.” |Image courtesy of Joel Franey/USgamer and Rockstar North/Rockstar Games

      • Speak with Maggie upstairs if you’re interested in going on a bootlegger assignment. Short and random tasks that allow you to minimize the prices of manufacturing moonshine are available in this section. The use of these methods does not make brewing booze cheaper or more lucrative in any way, but we recommend doing at least one of them before every cook. When the price has decreased as much as it possibly can, the game will notify you. Speak with Marcel if you want to make weak, moderate, or powerful moonshine.

        • While it takes longer to make stronger liquor, it also sells for a higher price.

        In the same menu, you may choose from a variety of recipes to flavor your moonshine.

        Certain flavors of moonshines will be sought after by various purchasers, who will be willing to pay a higher price for them.

        1. According on the intensity of the moonshine, this will take anything from thirty minutes to an hour of actual time to complete.

        Don’t be concerned if you’re gone on missions since the game will notify you when Marcel has completed cooking.

        We’ll go into more depth about this later, but after Marcel is completed, simply return to him and chat with him about who you want to sell it to.

      • It’s time to get ready to ship out your flavoured whiskey once you’ve manufactured enough for a wagonload of people.
      • |Joel Franey/USgamer, Rockstar North/Rockstar Games

      How to Sell Moonshine and Choose a Buyer

      If you flavor your booze, it will always command a higher price, albeit some customers will pay more for specific flavors than others. When browsing at flavor alternatives, you may find these under “today’s demands,” which are requests from specific purchasers who want particular booze. You can make whatever flavor you like, but it’s ideal if you choose one that someone has specifically requested. When Marcel is finished, pay him another visit and pick the customer who is willing to pay the maximum money for your batch of goods.

      If you’re selling booze, you should be familiar with your market.

      • Rockstar North/Rockstar Games, Rockstar Games, Joel Franey/USgamer Important to remember when participating in Moonshine Selling missions is that you are not only defending yourself, but also the bottles of Moonshine on the wagon, which are quite vulnerable.

      The health of your supply is shown by a blue indicator at the top of the screen, and when you lose enough health, the bottles begin to break down.

      There’s no assurance that you won’t have to deal with the Internal Revenue Service.

      1. A roadblock up ahead, and they urge you to halt, almost always means that you’re going to get into a shootout, and there’s your opportunity to either make a wild rush past their checkpoint or blast off as many bowler-hatted heads as you possibly can.

      Even while it isn’t flawless (you could run over a pebble or accidentally hit an unprepared NPC), it works 95 percent of the time, so as long as you don’t zone out, it can handle the vast bulk of your tasks.

      |Joel Franey/USgamer, Rockstar North/Rockstar Games

      How to Upgrade Your Moonshine Distillery Still and Moonshine Shack

      1. As you complete more Moonshine missions and sales, your ranking will rise to the point where you may purchase equipment improvements to produce stronger moonshine.
      2. These upgrades are available at levels 5 and 10, and each one costs close to a thousand dollars.
      3. In addition to many other goods and aesthetic improvements to your shack – including a bar – you may purchase them from Fike upstairs in the “Equipment Upgrades” section of the game’s menu.

      Building a Bar Expansion

      The bar expansion is exactly what it sounds like: an addition to your shack that transforms the structure into a pub for your customers. A band may also be hired to perform, which will offer ambient, cheerful music, and you can have a party at the clubhouse, where you and your friends can drink endless moonshine and socialize with other players. Maggie has everything you’ll need for your hut, as well as a few items you can definitely go without. |Joel Franey/USgamer, Rockstar North/Rockstar Games, Rockstar North/Rockstar Games

      Can You Make Money With the Moonshiner Bar Expansion?

      You’d assume so, but it’s not true; the structure is just decorative, no matter how many NPCs you see drinking in it. Many have proposed that the building may create some form of passive revenue at that moment, especially given the bar’s $950.00 purchase price, however as of the time of writing, there is no such feature in place. Those that purchase the bar are acquiring the clubhouse part of the business, and that is about it.

      Is Buying the Moonshiner Role Worth It?

      • We’d answer yes if you already have the gold in your possession.
      • With a backstory conveyed through tasks you accept from Maggie Fike, this is a meatier and more detailed part than any of the ones you’ve played thus far.
      • The game’s most expensive role – and certainly its most expensive role – is nonetheless enjoyable, combining features from all of the other jobs to create something that stands out as a high point of the game’s content.
      • *Hic* Cheers to that!
      • | Rockstar North/Rockstar Games, Rockstar Games, Joel Franey/USgamer If you found this article useful, we have a comparable instruction on how to play as a Trader, which you will already be if you have unlocked this position, available right here.

      Joel FraneyAssistance to Writers Joel enjoys reading, playing video games, reading comic books, and drinking beverages that make him feel like he’s been kicked in the head by a mule.

      It is entirely incorrect to assume he is three children dressed in a large coat, so please refrain from asking.

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